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  1. Ruining someone's breath, as well as a few ties was most of SpaghAti's motivation.
  2. After digesting the book for the past 24 hours, I can safely say it was awesome. But disturbing. Was nobody else deeply disturbed by Odium Passion? I expected some conniving, backstabbing SOB, who would twist your words and destroy worlds. Instead, he actually seemed to care. Every time Dalinar said "Choose your fighter! One duel for all of Roshar!" Odium would back away, and ask "Are you sure? Do you understand what you are asking?" I don't think that's just how Shards are. Ruin or Autonomy would probably have capitalized on those words, and immediately overpowered Dalinar. Moreover, the parsh have it rough. We were promised Voidbringers, and instead got people. Angry people. Angry and right people. Humanity invaded their world, spat on the kindness the Singers offered, and stole their Gods. Then, humans engaged in bloody wars, eventually removed a fundamental part of their existence, made them idiots, and enslaved them. I'm probably in the minority, but Moash was right. Humans don't deserve Roshar anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love them good guys. The Knights Radiant were amazing here, and the Battle of Thaylen Field was phenomenal, but I have to side with Passion. Rayse's quest to kill the Shards makes sense now; all they do is meddle and interfere. Without the Shard's, the Cosmere would probably be a lot more peaceful, and more prosperous too. Elantris is proof of this. Even with both Shards dead, their world is the most advanced, and while divided, it seems like they've united since we last were on Sel. Maybe I need to reread Oathbringer, but I think we're seeing the perspective of the bad guys. Guess I understand the Recreance now.
  3. While doing my warm-up reread of the Cosmere, I noticed that the chapter "Whitespine Uncaged" has a double Chana portrait at the beginning. This chapter marking the beginning of the super awesome duel got me thinking, maybe Chana is in this chapter. Then, I noticed the judge, who is a woman for starters, was acting strange. She seemed to be hellbent on keeping this duel a thing, and Dalinar began to suspect she was bribed. When confronting her, she says While I'll admit we don't know much about the Dustbringers, they seem to be the most violent of the orders, as Kalak witnesses in the prelude, Considering they share a Surge with the Skybreakers, they probably also stick to some sort of code as well, bordering more on the "Rules of War" or something. While nothing is concrete here, I think the judge of the duel, named Istow, is the most likely fit for Chana. This is my first theory in a while, and I'm not entirely sure if anyone has done this before, but what do you guys think?
  4. When you are reading the climax of Words of Radiance during a thunderstorm, and get the incredibly stupid idea of reading through it in the rain. Don't get me wrong, it was the greatest reading experience I've ever had, but my hardcover copy is missing its hardcover.
  5. The descriptions do match up pretty well. Maybe we're taking the phrase 'godmetal' a bit too seriously as well. We've only seen them on Scadrial AFAIK. Perhaps since the planet's focus is metal, they manifest as metal there? Sel's focus is topography(earth/stone), and that might explain why a god-solid would manifest as a stone there. Do we have a WOB on godmetals being godmetal when made on worlds besides Scadrial?
  6. Considering they're stormin Mistborn, yeah, I'd recommend them. Alloy of Law does come a bit strong on worldbuilding, but Shadows of Self is just as good as Hero of Ages, and Bands of Mourning is a mix between Indiana Jones and Friends, that totally works.
  7. I guess its kind of dependent on your personality who you like more. Wax and Wayne are generally happier, and they have a lot more direction in their lives. "Find bad guys. Shoot em." Vin and Elend are much more complex and muddied. The first book is "How are we going to overthrow a god???" and you already know its extreme. By book two, you expect things to be lighter, but instead, the crew is juggling around all of their problems like madmen, Vin is emotionally confused because of grief and whatnot(only explanation for Zane), and Elend can't handle being hard on his people due to his morals. And if that wasn't an emotional marathon, HoA hits. Everytime I read HoA, I manage to convince myself quite thoroughly that this time, Vin and Elend don't die, and save the day. Instead, I get hit by what I describe as literary vodka. First time around, I didn't even expect anyone to die. But then Elend has an axe in his storming neck, and Vin is Preservation, and I made myself sad thinking about it... Vin and Elend are more popular because we got to know them at their worst and best. We got to see them grow up, and they died in an extremely painful way. Naturally, we like them more. I do believe that if we'd gotten to see Wax and Wayne as they learnt who they were, and became the Lawmen we know now, I believe they'd be much more popular. Not to say they're unpopular, just that when compared the the Imperial Pair, they can't hold a candle yet.
  8. Does anyone know a word stronger than wow? If so, that's how I feel about this. Seriously, this might be one of the best paintings on the gallery, and that is saying something.
  9. In SoS, we learned that Hemalurgic Spikes, when coated in blood, don't lose their charge. I know this is because Hemalurgy only works when it's touching blood, but that poses a question. Does the blood donor gain the Hemalurgic Trait? Say I were to find a Coinshot, and spiked him for his steel. I want to save the spike, and prevent it from losing charge, so I coat it in blood. But, I find the Coinshots blood gross, and instead decide to cut my arm, and use blood from there. After coating the spike, I decide to eat a fork(made of steel). Would I be able to burn the fork for Allomantic power, even though I wasn't spiked? I ask this because the only situations where a spike won't lose charge are when its in a body, or when its coated in blood, which makes the spike think its in a body. It seems to me like the charge is being applied somewhere, and it would potentially allow for a new method of spiking people, where instead of changing their entire body structure(Inquisitors, Koloss, etc...) to accommodate the metal, a much more painless and invisible method could be used. What do you guys think?
  10. So what you're telling me is that Brandon is going to be blowing peoples minds in theaters too? I am kind of worried about the people producing it, but if Brandon trusts them, I'll trust him. Thanks for bringing this to the Shard!
  11. After seeing suggestions in the Mistborn Casting thread, Kelsier will forever remain Nathan Fillion as Malcolm. He's just a Kelsier who lost instead of went martyrical.
  12. Hurt First of the Sun, Heal Roshar 3. First of the Sun--32 5. Roshar--23
  13. So... we have pseudo-confirmation that Adolnalsiums intent was to create sentience? Nice job on that at least, and you managed to shed some light on the way investiture works. Seriously this is more information than I've seen in awhile. Great work!
  14. Holy moly, that looks awesome so far. I think it's gonna be spectacular just based off of that image. Hope to someday see it!
  15. My favorite book used to be LotR, but then I read Mistborn. While Two Towers will always hold a special place in my heart, I can't get over the slow pacing compared to WoA. I know what you're going through, but if you ease yourself in with gradually less and less Sanderson-esque books, you'll get there. As for your second point, I have developed a system that has hooked every person I've gotten to enter it. You recommend Mistborn, then as they slowly lose their minds, you drop a few seedlings to encourage reading between the lines. By the time they're at HoA, they'll start to notice a few strange things, which is awesome. After that, you get them to read Stormlight, then AoL Era, then Elantris, Warbreaker, and the short stories. Finally, introduce them to Reckoners and Legion, but make sure they understand that its not Cosmere. Then boom, you have your own personal Sharder minion who you can rant to about the cuteness of Syl and the awesomeness of Vin.