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  1. Awesome, thanks for posting!
  2. I believe it was on twitter. Yeah, here:
  3. 27% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to the reddit update he announced a few days ago!
  4. I'm excited for Rock and The Lopen! Didn't read 6th of Dusk yet. Don't care much about Rysn. I didn't like her in her books 1+2 interludes and I'm not over that yet.
  5. Damnation, and I wasn't the first one to point it out this time Woot woot!
  6. Don't forget the Vorin Radiant ideal: Oaths before making out, so we would need at least 20k of wedding preparations. Also it's at 19% now. IDK what that man is doing, but it must involve black magic.
  7. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh that sounds awesome! 10/10 would read that too. Poor Dru though.
  8. 120k would maybe make a good Stormlight novella on how Drehy and Skar made it out of Kholinar
  9. 1200 would make a 120 000 book. That would be very short for a Stormlight novel. I'd be disappointed by that.
  10. I believe it's about 4000 words? Given the book will be around 400 000, which is rather likely.
  11. I'll throw a party at 20%! I believe january 2020 was his optimistic guess when he might finish it ... so I don't believe it likely to be done sooner.
  12. Sooo, has anyone seen it yet? I saw it last saturday and I was completely blown away, both by how awesome the movie was and how stupid I find the "professional" critics. Critics say the movie focused too much on the fighting and not enough on the human characters and that the plot was too shallow ... and I keep asking myself, why is any of that a bad thing? It's a storming monster movie, it's supposed to focus on fighting monsters! That's what made it so good! I am 100 % not interested in human drama and I basically already forgot about ... everything humans did in this movie (except for Serizawa. Never forget Dr Serizawa!). All I wanted was: - big monsters - big monsters roaring - big monsters fighting bigger monsters - big monsters flying - big monsters not being evil but just … big - big monsters with flashy laserbeam attacks - big monsters in gloomy light Lemme tell you, this movie gave me everything I ever wanted and more. I love love love this version of Godzilla. I almost cried during the middle part! I can't wait for the DVD to come out and see it again. Not every movie needs a deep plot (or any plot at all), I could watch Godzilla roaring and using hyperbeam for hours! Definitely my favourite non-MCU movie of the past years and even better than the previous movie from 2014!
  13. I finally finished my reread of The Well of Ascension this morning. Took me over four months cause I got distracted after the first 100 or so pages (by FMA:B lol) and didn't find my way back to it ... but I made it through eventually and I'm very determined on finishing The Hero of Ages this month so I can finally start with Mistborn era 2 which I haven't read at all yet.
  14. ketek

    Okay, this one wins, period: I am. In shock.
  15. 18 %
  16. It went up to 17 % in the last hour or so! (I know this 'cause I already checked 2 or 3 times today already XD)
  17. Godzilla (the 2014 one). I watched King of the Monsters two days ago and I love this version of Godzilla so so much. He is great!
  18. ketek

    I played around quite a bit this week: Hearts of ours are? Within beating Drums Beating within Are our hearts. ... Listener themed, it seems. Inside myself Found my will To live! Will I find Myself inside? Doomed I am living Pain Alive Am I doomed? And a fun one: My hunger For food persists Life persisting To feed Hungry me
  19. Rough draft at 16%!!!
  20. I don't know if that has been discussed before, I searched but didn't find a thread specifically on this or a WoB. Ever since I reread SA last fall I've been thinking about ch. 46 of WoK. There, Kaladin is referred to by Stormfather as "Child of Honor, Child of Tanavast". That's the only time in all three books anyone is called "Child of Tanavast", where I remember several times that different characters are referred to as "Child of Honor". So was it mere coincidence that the Stormfather used "Tanavast" this one time, or is there more to it? What I keep asking myself is, did Tanavast father children? Are there living descendants of the human/Shardholder Tanavast on Roshar? Like Kaladin? Concerning Honor and the "bigger" Cosmere and Adonalsium-related stuff, Dalinar has been the centre of attention. (That's why, to me, Dalinar is closer to being the "main protagonist" despite having much a much smaller word count than Kaladin. It's really just this one time Stormfather called Kaladin "Child of Tanavast" that made me think about this. Is there more to it? Or is it a coincidence and I'm just too paranoid because I don't believe in coincidences in the Cosmere anymore?
  21. I go with Kaladin/Adolin. They have the best dynamic. But I'd also take Shakadolin
  22. Now that's interesting. Tanavast likely would never have slept with another woman so ... maybe that means that Kaladin is not a literal descendant of his? Because I believe there was never any indication whatsoever that Kaladin might have anything to do with Cultivation?
  23. I vote for Humor as a shard! Can't be all heavy and meaningful and serious now, can it?
  24. I haven't watched more than season one of the show (and read books 1-3) but I'm pretty up to date on the show thanks to willingly spoiling myself. But this had me chuckling: Eternal God King? Westeros is Tukar, confirmed.
  25. ... I did cry. A lot. Obviously spoilers for Cosmere works: Elantris: - When Raoden turned Hoed and was brought to the pond by Galladon and Karata. Warbreaker: - When Lightsong died. The whole scene was so upsetting and emotional Mistborn (era 1) - Kelsier's death. That was a hard hit. I didn't expect that to happen in book one! - Marsh's story. I can barely remember much about it, but it crushed my heart. (I'm rereading era 1 right now) - The ending. Obviously. Stormlight - Kaladin at the honor chasm - Teft, when Kaladin is unconscious - Kaladin speaking the second ideal - Dalinar freeing the bridgemen - Kaladin, when he temporarily loses Syl - Kaladin speaking the third ideal - Kaladin returning home to Hearthstone and meeting his parents - ELHOKAR - Jasnah and Renarin in the end - "You cannot have my pain" - "Perhaps it's time for someone to save you" - Bridge Four saving Kaladin from Amaram ... And probably a lot more times I can't remember right now.