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  1. So, it's been almost nine years since I read MB for the first time ... and now, it's time for a reread. MB was among my favourite fantasy series from the very beginning and Kelsier was really keeping up with my favourite fantasy character of all time. Now I'm SO excited to return to this world! I forgot so much it's almost as if I've never read the books before, I actually recognize almost no single character except Vin, Kelsier and Dox. (Some didn't show up yet like Marsh and Sazed.) Also, I haven't read era 2 yet, which means I have SIX BOOKS (and Secret History) waiting for me to (re)discover. I wonder how long it's gonna take me to get through all these. Will I be done when eastern comes around? Or sooner? I read all three Stormlight books within three weeks lately, but that was an exception ... I'll try to read at least one book each ten days! Now let me just sit here a bit and scream how much I love Kelsier. K E L S I E R !
  2. I was browsing the fantasy section of my bookstore (funny thing: I now work in said bookshop ) in 2010 and saw Mistborn 1 standing there ... looking rather generic with its German titel and German cover, but I was intrigued, bought it and didn't regret it.
  3. I don't know how I'd feel as an author when people were chatting about "but what if they die before they can finish the series". A bit uncomfortable maybe? I'm not really worried about Stormlight and the Cosmere in general. Sanderson is fairly young and throwing books at us faster than many of us can read them. He got this. I have several series (books, movies, manga) that I'm following and that aren't finished, and if I were to worry about every single author, actor or mangaka I'd never start anything new at all and couldn't enjoy any story. I do get cautious if I had bad experiences with an author before, and I'm not going to touch another A Song of Ice and Fire book unless GRRM actually sits down and writes the rest of the series.
  4. Do you always talk like that about people with clinical depression? Because that's what Kaladin has. Maybe his depression wouldn't be as bad at times without all the crem he's been through, but it would still be there, just as it was already there when he was twelve years old. Besides, he not only lost his brother, he had his whole squad killed in front of him by a person he served and trusted, he has been a slave for more than year (living through that and still be the same as before? I don't think so) and then was thrown into Bridge Four, which is one of the worst things than can happen to you in the Cosmere. So yeah, Kaladin has absolutely no reason to be who he is. (That last sentence was sarcasm btw.)
  5. I would have loved to, but between work and social life I needed to squeeze reading time in. It's different from last november when I read one Stormlight book a week
  6. I'm completely with you on this one. There was a very particular scene in which the Inquisitor threw one of the empty cages at Kelsier and Kell jumped in, holding himself in place within it so he wouldn't be smashed against its bars. At that moment I thought "man would I love to see this visualized". Brandon has a thing for scenes like these ... Anyway, I'm through with TFE. Tomorrow ot's time to move to book 2. I want to finish this within the month so I can get to HoA and then finally read era 2. I'm getting hyped good for that. And: Remember to smile!
  7. I just read the part where Kelsier fights the Inquisitor and then meets the Lord Ruler. During my break at work and I have to wait a few hours until I get home and can read the rest. I mean, I already read the book and I knew what was coming, but I still didn't like it.
  8. I'd love to have the trilogy in the leatherbound editions, but that's something I just can't afford They look so beautiful!
  9. I'd love most to unread the spoilers concerning era 2 and Kelsier I accidentally stumbled across, both on this site and on Tumblr. I'm nearing the end of TFE. Will definitely finish it tonight. Had to stop reading and go to sleep last night. Right in the middle of Kell's fight with the Inquisitor. D:
  10. Granted. It's a huge troll and only takes the forms of spiders and bats. I want to be able to eat as many sweets as I want without gaining weight.
  11. ... is right after reading Oathbringer and rediscovering just how much of a useless mess Vivenna was in WB. It's a surreal experience, WB-Vivenna and "Azure" are so, so different. I find myself constantly yelling at her in WB because the she acts is just so stupid. Even though it's not really her fault that she doesn't know crem about the real world beyond Idris. Also, I had totally forgotten just how sweet Siri and Susebron are when they get to know each other and start communicating. *-* And, well, Lightsong is still as delightful as I remember him being. And I'm not even halfway through yet!
  12. "The goats are dead, but I'll see what I can do."
  13. He will be introduced as Hoid, so it's kinda hard to miss him
  14. I love The Dragon Prince and I'm very excited about the announcement of s2 in february! Due to some funny comparisons between Stormlight Archive and Fullmetal Alchemist on Tumblr, I restarted (watched the first three episodes months ago) FMAB yesterday and watched the first four episodes. I guess I'm in for the rest. Episode four stormed me up real good. Y'know, the one with the sweet girl and the really nice dog. Haha. (End me.)
  15. I'm 27 (born 1991). I started reading SA in 2011 when I was 19 (what the hell how can it already be that long).
  16. I firmly believe that if Lift can be an Edgedancer, then Adolin can too. Not every member of one order is exactly the same. We have four spren-bonded Windrunners so far: Kaladin, Teft, Lopen and (presumably as he said the second Ideal at the end of OB) Drehy. They are different enough ... Adolin currently is arguably the best duelist in Alethkar, maybe on Roshar, having trained swordfighting (any maybe other weapons, I'm not sure) from a very young age. Being that good requires a lot of control over your own body and very good coordination, both of which enable a person to move very smoothly. If that's not enough to count Adolin as "graceful" in at least the physical aspect, I don't know what does.
  17. I voted for Kelsier, just because. I'm not sure about whether I really think that way though, but back when I first read Mistborn I definitely did. I'm kinda more critical now when it comes to him and his behaviour. But I still love him.
  18. I guess I'll start with era 2 then ^^ I'm nearing the end of TFE and Im shocked how much I forgot. I have NOW memory of Yeden getting the army killed off. Zero. Not even while I was reading it did any of it sound familiar. And I can remember WoA and HoA even less! It's as if I'm reading a trilogy I've never read before but have been spoilered about who will die.
  19. I had to go check the homepage in the middle of the night to see it with my own two eyes. Woot woot!
  20. So, are there any arguments here as to why Adolin is the Antiedgedancer or only sarcasm? Because I'm speaking Sarcasm 80% of the time I open my mouth, but it doesn't really strengthen your point in a discussion.
  21. Curiously that's what I thought in the beginning as well when I heard Maya was an Edgedancer's blade, but the more I think about it, the more I believe he'd be perfect Edgedancer material. I don't have much info about them at hand, but from what I can remember they're the most graceful of the Orders - and that's an attribute Adolin definitely has. Healing is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about him, but neither was it with Lift in her first chapter in WoR. But: Adolin playes a part in healing/helping heal Shallan and Kaladin. Remember how much Kaladin hated lighteyes? Adolin (as well as Shallan) played a huge part in changing that. Also, their Oaths are about remembering the forgotten and listening to those who are ignored. The remembering part fits his family's background - where Dalinar forgot about Evi for a long time, Adolin always remembered her. He kept carrying her necklace as a good luck charm. And the listening part: Adolin was the first one to actually believe Kaladin about Amaram. (The first lighteyes, that is.) I think that somehow fits.
  22. I guess that's a personal thing here which is perfectly valid (I too have things that are practically dealbreakers in a story for me). But maybe that's just the thing? We kinda know that Ashyn was destroyed "by Surgebinding". What if the danger of that going to happen relates to the number of Surgebinders? If that's the case, magic wouldn't really solve more problems than creating. Other thought: Let's have everyone be a Radiant and Stormlight running low because resources can't be recharged as fast as they're used up. Uiiiih.
  23. Granted. It's cold. I wish for pizza.
  24. TBH I'd really enjoy giving Pippin a staff and telling him "Yer a wizard now Pip!" and see where it goes.
  25. Well, as things are, they need a lot more Radiants to stand a chance against Odium and his army. Things are only going to become harder and despite all their powers it wasn't exactly easy to turn things around in OB. I personally don't care much about most POV characters being Radiants. Things like that rarely bother me, and the books are about Radiants and magic and stuff after all. Kinda ^^