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  1. That's what I thought too. Many Fantasy movies look like crem in terms of CGI and SA has so much of it! But I don't actually need TV movies/adaptations of these books. I'd be fine if The Black Piper would just make an album for every book. ^^
  2. The biggest problem with a TV adaptation I see is aging actors and the looooong time we still have to go before all ten books are out. So right now I'd probably vote for an animated show. TBH I'm a passionate manga read and anime watcher and Stormlight is absolute fantastic anime stuff. Magical Girl transformations included.
  3. ketek

    Happy World Poetry Day! Windrunners, ever struggling, will arise, will struggle, ever running winds.
  4. I was tonight and it was amaaaziiing! I was never truly hyped for this movie even though I tried to be open-minded about it. I just always have a hard time to give new faces in an established fandom a chance. It was not only much better than I anticipated, it was an awesome movie! I liked Carol well enough, Fury was a delight, there was a great twist to the whole story and I'll never look at my cat the same way ever again.
  5. He's mine and I'm not giving him away
  6. The story is about the human-listener relations. The people in the girl's village believe that the wall is there to keep something out. When the girl climbs the wall and looks at the other side and sees the stairs she learns that the wall is designed to keep something in. So the people in the village who believe themselves to be the potential victims of whatever's living on the other side are actually the dangerous beings that need to be kept away from the other side. I believe the "wall" is a metaphor for the mountains separating Shinovar from the rest of Roshar. So, the village people are the people from Ashyn, supposed to remain on the Shin side of the mountains who shield the listeners from human invasion. I see it as foreshadowing to the big "humans are the true Voidbringers but have no idea" revelation in OB.
  7. Me too! If I had the chance to ask Brandon one thing I'd probably ask him about Gavinor and Oroden in the books of the second half!
  8. Let's bring Oroden to Urithiru too. A baby brother of Kaladin? B4 would go wild.
  9. I'm not sure whether B4 will be willing to give Gavinor back. I mean, with Drehy and Skar rescuing him from Kholinar he's practically B4's adopted son. Like ... 30 and a half men.
  10. After losing patience with the German publisher of Akatsuki no Yona (we're stuck at vol. 15 since october 2018) I caved in and read the whole manga online within four days. It's one of the best I ever read and I'm now impatiently waiting for the next chapters to come out.
  11. We do have confirmation that Nightblood will be the book that (in part) bridges the gap between Warbreaker and V2's and Nightblood's travel to Roshar. The Warbreaker sequel will have absolutely no problem with filling a whole book with plot. I don't quite see Roshar destroyed ... it would kinda be lame. Humans stormed up Ashyn, now it's Roshar's turn? No one did learn a thing from Ashyn's apocalypse, so let's blow up another world? Thank you, but no.
  12. My mother bought this amethyst years ago and left it here when she moved out: Should I leave it out in the next thunderstorm?
  13. She's hunting Vasher (Zahel, the grumpy ardent we met in Words of Radiance is Vasher!) and Nightblood (who is with Szeth obviously). I don't know for sure but I believe it's been several hundred years since the events of Warbreaker. It indeed seems like Vivenna has become quite the Awakener. There will one day be a sequel to Warbreaker (called Nightblood) which will bridge part of the gap between Warbreaker and Stormlight.
  14. You are one evil person.
  15. Kaladin will swear his fourth Oath when he fights and ultimately kills Tien aka Odium: "I will let go of those I cannot save."
  16. On a more serious note than my first post, some ideas about the second half: Odium will be dealt with, one way or another. During the gap, some rebuilding takes place, like trying to make peace between humans and listeners. Maybe the Fused won't be gone completely, but without Odium, they won't pose as much a threat as before. In book 6, we will have a still shaky truce between humans and listeners, constantly being strained by the Fused. A solution for dealing with the Fused, maybe enabling them to move on the Beyond, is the ultimate goal for the characters, as well as a way to release the Heralds from the Oathpact for good. (Hence Ash's and Taln's books.) Also, Aimia will play a bigger role.
  17. I will never accept any other theory ever again. Have an upvote!
  18. I say everything will be fine with the ending of book five and the back five are just the main characters chilling, recovering from the first five, getting enough sleep for once and meeting famous worldhoppers.
  19. I believe it was also stated somewhere in OB that the listeners knew about Surges before humans came, but bonding spren and using the Surges was forbidden?
  20. Granted. Everyone else feels the urge to tell you stupid beard puns. I wish for customers in retail to just ... be less stupid.
  21. vs. So, what now? You're starting to contradict yourself here. I believe neither. Both are possible, though I hope it's ging to be something entirely different. He could even die in book 4 and rock book 5 as a cognitive shadow! Also, since when has Sanderson been an author whose books are easy to predict?
  22. So you're saying you know and understand better than Sanderson himself and the dozen or so people here on the forums? Also, if you believe "simple" is the answer to go when talking about SA then I'm starting to ask whether you actually read the books. Yeah, it's very likely that Lift will live in book 6, that doesn't mean she'll live through it and still be around in 7. It's also possible that all of the main five of books 6-10 live through book 5 and then die in arc 2 before their flashback book comes around. Renarin could die in book 6 and then be the flashback character in 7. "Kaladin will be important" is 1. a very old WoB and 2. Eshonai is dead too and she's still important. No one is safe. No one is doomed.
  23. Do you understand that there is a difference between "he might die" and "I do believe he WILL die"?
  24. I believe, from the screenshots you posted from Reddit, that English is not your first language. So maybe it could be a fundamental misunderstanding of what a sepcific sentence can mean and what it does mean. Because for me (and obviously almost everyone else on this site) it's very clear that there was no confirmation - be it intentional or not - on anyone's survival. Do I believe Lift will be alive in book six? Damnation yes, I do. Do I take every WoB, no matter how old, word by word? Certainly not.