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  1. Awesome, thanks for posting!
  2. I believe it was on twitter. Yeah, here:
  3. 27% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to the reddit update he announced a few days ago!
  4. I'm excited for Rock and The Lopen! Didn't read 6th of Dusk yet. Don't care much about Rysn. I didn't like her in her books 1+2 interludes and I'm not over that yet.
  5. Damnation, and I wasn't the first one to point it out this time Woot woot!
  6. Don't forget the Vorin Radiant ideal: Oaths before making out, so we would need at least 20k of wedding preparations. Also it's at 19% now. IDK what that man is doing, but it must involve black magic.
  7. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh that sounds awesome! 10/10 would read that too. Poor Dru though.
  8. 120k would maybe make a good Stormlight novella on how Drehy and Skar made it out of Kholinar
  9. 1200 would make a 120 000 book. That would be very short for a Stormlight novel. I'd be disappointed by that.
  10. I believe it's about 4000 words? Given the book will be around 400 000, which is rather likely.
  11. I'll throw a party at 20%! I believe january 2020 was his optimistic guess when he might finish it ... so I don't believe it likely to be done sooner.
  12. Sooo, has anyone seen it yet? I saw it last saturday and I was completely blown away, both by how awesome the movie was and how stupid I find the "professional" critics. Critics say the movie focused too much on the fighting and not enough on the human characters and that the plot was too shallow ... and I keep asking myself, why is any of that a bad thing? It's a storming monster movie, it's supposed to focus on fighting monsters! That's what made it so good! I am 100 % not interested in human drama and I basically already forgot about ... everything humans did in this movie (except for Serizawa. Never forget Dr Serizawa!). All I wanted was: - big monsters - big monsters roaring - big monsters fighting bigger monsters - big monsters flying - big monsters not being evil but just … big - big monsters with flashy laserbeam attacks - big monsters in gloomy light Lemme tell you, this movie gave me everything I ever wanted and more. I love love love this version of Godzilla. I almost cried during the middle part! I can't wait for the DVD to come out and see it again. Not every movie needs a deep plot (or any plot at all), I could watch Godzilla roaring and using hyperbeam for hours! Definitely my favourite non-MCU movie of the past years and even better than the previous movie from 2014!
  13. I finally finished my reread of The Well of Ascension this morning. Took me over four months cause I got distracted after the first 100 or so pages (by FMA:B lol) and didn't find my way back to it ... but I made it through eventually and I'm very determined on finishing The Hero of Ages this month so I can finally start with Mistborn era 2 which I haven't read at all yet.
  14. ketek

    Okay, this one wins, period: I am. In shock.
  15. 18 %