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  1. This is exactly what I'm going to do right now. After three nights of 5-6 hours of sleep I had real trouble concentrating on work today and even cancelled my Japanese lesson this evening. G'night y'all.
  2. I sure hope so. Chances aren't bad as he seems to growing into a full Radiant by the end of OB. We at least might see more of him. He has a special place in my heart as he is the reason why I found my way back to Stormlight and Sanderson. I'm bisexual, and in early 2017 I stumbled over this really ancient post from Brandon from I believe 2007 regarding his views of homosexuality and let's say I didn't take it well. I swore to myself to never touch a book of his again, I even gave away my copies of Mistborn, Elantris and Warbreaker. I couldn't give away Stormlight though, and for the following 1,5 years I felt devastated, looking at my bookshelf, thinking about how I was never going to read the rest of the series. Than, not even four weeks back, I learned about Drehy being gay (practically by sheer coincidence) and that Brandon's views seemed to have changed quite a lot. I broke down crying, ordered Oathbringer and started a reread of books one and two as I had forgotten too much. Now I'm here, and all because of Drehy. So as far as I'm concerned, he can have his own book.
  3. Considerin Brandon's previous books (and Szeth's heel-face-turn) as far as I know them, that might be possible. But I don't WANT this. I really really do not want to have to forgive him *stubbornspren appear*
  4. I now have the image of Lift and Adolin in my head, Slicking through the halls of Urithiru trying to determine who's faster. Bridge Four cheers for Adolin and Lift steals some chouta out of Lopen's hands to up her awesomeness.
  5. Ah, thanks, didn't know that. That'd be awesome, imagine Lift and Adolin competing about who is more awesome.
  6. No worries I guess both fit, though as I said before, I believe Kaladin to be more of a Hufflepuff by default, but society and other circumstances forced him to become more Gryffindor-ish.
  7. Currently, my biggest fear is that it's going to be Moash, pitted against Kaladin as Dalinar's champion. Also, regarding Moash's view on humans ("they are beyond salvation and need to go"), it would fit. Beyond that, I have no real idea. I can't imagine Kaladin changing sides and be OC. I can imagine it's going to be Adolin. I also see the point on those who say the champion's contest won't happen as intended, as Dalinar kinda spoiled that for Odium already.
  8. Granted, but in turn, you'll have to work eight hours a day for the next forty-some years to earn money. I don't want to have to deal with my pain after reading Oathbringer and now having to wait for book 4 anymore.
  9. Not really a "typo", but I did find it rather inconsistent that Lift's "Slicking" had always been capitalized during WoR and Edgedancer, but no longer in Oathbringer.
  10. I'm not sure whether I got it right, so I decided to drop this here. I haven't found a similar thread, but should one already exist, I'm sorry. Obviously, the fact that Rysn's larkin Chiri-Chiri doesn't only feast of Stormlight, but is also capable of sucking in "Voidlight" is going to be important. Question: Does this actually kill the Fused by taking their power, or does it merely kill the host and the Fused will still be reborn? I personally would like the first, because it'd be very handy, but I'm not really sure I can believe that. Thoughts on that?
  11. 50 % Edgedancer 38 % Willshaper 37 % Lightweaver 31 % Truthwatcher 18 % Dustbringer 13 % Stoneward 0% For the rest I'd like to Slick myself up real good, so that's cool, but honestly, I'm a little bummed I'm zero Windrunner. I wanna fly! D:
  12. Granted, but you get these wishes 50 years from now. I want winter season to be over.
  13. Adolin somehow revives Mayalaran completely and bonds her. I'd like that. As for the order, I don't mind much.
  14. This is exactly what I did. It's 9:30 am here and I again had less than six hours of sleep because I insisted on reading part five in one go. I mean, how could I possibly have stopped? I will try to summarize my thoughts: - The Receance happened because of WHAT - HUMANS ARE THE REAL VOIDBRINGERS? - I really, really should have thought of that. I mean. Dawnsingers. Humans very apparently do not really fit into Roshar's biology. Shinovar. HORSES AND "CHICKEN". - Taravangian NO - LEAVE ADOLIN ALONE (I was really, really worried for a time here) - Kaladin being saved instead of saving everyone else: BLISS - Ten spears go to battle, and nine shatter - TEFT - I might be gay for Jasnah Kholin (I'm always gay, but for her, I'm extra gay) - ROCK PULLING THE SHARDBOW - Shallan calling Adolin and DALINAR "boys" - Renarin is autistic, right? I'm pretty sure he is. Also, he is a precious and he needs to be protected - Adolin and Maya are so, so sweet - Dalinar and Lift are a gift from the heavens - So are Lift, Szeth and Nightblood - Lift needs more time - The fact that Chiri-Chiri can drink the Fused's Voidlight is going to be important I bet - DID SZETH JUST CHANGE SIDES WHAT I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS - YES Dalinar, Taravangian DID team up with the enemy. So maybe you should just throw him off the tower in Urithiru - Moash, don't be He Who Quiets, be HE WHO IS QUIETENED (by being killed) - Did Wit just bond a Cryptic? - Dalinar may be the biggest badass in the world ("Yeah, Imma walk into battle with a book!") - WAIT IS ZAHEL VASHER? I CAN'T REALLY REMEMBER WARBREAKER I'LL HAVE TO REREAD IT NEXT - How am I supposed to survive until book 4 comes out? - Drehy and Skar are my heroes - Lopen casually recruiting for Bridge Four while even more casually swearing the Second Ideal - I'm preeetty sure by now that "unite them" doesn't only mean "unite all humans" but "unite humans and listeners" So. I'm a mess right now. Or rather, I feel like a little nascend Radiant, having overdone it with Stormlight before speaking at least the Second Ideal and being utterly exhausted.
  15. I'll gladly continue sharing and entertaining Though I might to a late-night reading session tonight and finish it. Wouldn't be particularly smart, but who cares.