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  1. Completely agree. I hate "break-ups" when everyone is scattered across the winds and does their own thing. That was also the main reason why I didn't like part one in OB too much: because Kaladin was all on his own and the rest of the crew back in Urithiru. I love different POVs on different characters. Initially, I was very disappointed when I opened up Oathbringer and looked through the five parts and who was going to get POVs and saw that Kaladin didn't have any in part 2. This was pretty much made up for by the Bridge Four POVs, which were great in their own right and provided some great looks on Kaladin from the different members. So. Keep the band together or at least keep certain groups together.
  2. I liked Adolin from the start. Meaning, during WoK, I saw no reason to dislike him, and then he grew on me Before I (re)joined this community I had no idea there was so much conflict revolving around him and frankly, I wouldn't have believed there is had I not seen it with my own eyes. In every story I read or see, there are characters I like, some I like a lot, characters I feel neutral for, characters I actively dislike, some I hate deeply and usually a fery few I Would Die For And Die Internally If They Die In The Story. Right now, SA is like this: Would die for: Kaladin. More than any character in any story I ever knew before. The only (realistic, as in could happen) reason why I would ever drop SA would be if he died. Like a lot: Renarin (he could make it up on top with Kaladin in later books), Jasnah, Lift, Adolin. The latter climbed up from "like" to "like a lot" during OB. Like: Dalinar, Shallan, the whole Bridge Four, Hoid and several others, like Venli. Most of them have every potential to step up (Shallan already made it up here from "dislike" since WoK). Elhokar was on his way there. *sniff* For the sake of this topic, I'll stop here and focus on Adolin. I already said it before in another thread: one of the reasons why I like him is that he balances things out. Plotlines like Shallan's, Dalinar's and Kaladin's are pretty heavy and while I would read ten books solely about Kaladin in an instant, Adolin chapters and interactions with him provide me a very much appreciated "relief". Like an "emotional relief" character. But he also acts as this for some other characters. He helped Kaladin change his opinion about lighteyes in general by believing him and showing him support. He also provided Kaladin support during the aftermath of Kholinar, when Kal was mostly non-functional. Adolin got him out of the palace, Adolin stayed with him during the first part of their journey to Shadesmar and tried his best to keep him from dissociating. That's a hill I'm willing to die on. One of the main reasons why I like Adolin so much is because he has become quite a friend to Kaladin who really needs friends who won't look at him like some kind of deity as most of B4 does. When Adolin killed Sadeas, I partly wanted to cheer him on because Sadeas made top of my "hate list" at that point (now it's Moash and Mr. T). Another part of me wanted to scream at him to stop because Nothing Good Can Come From This. By the end of OB, Shallan and Dalinar knew about this. Not the public. I don't know what I expect to come from this in the next book. Frankly I'd be okay if the answer was "nothing" because Palona was right: Sadeas being dead was one problem solved. As for Adolin potentially becoming Radiant, I wouldn't mind if he did. First, in-world it makes sense. Anyone could potentially become a Radiant. Anyone who's broken in some way, and anyone can become broken; so even if Adolin isn't yet, there's plenty of ways that could happen. Like "learning your father whom you love and admire burned down a whole city full of innocent people out of rage and killed your beloved mother in the process". I think that might count, especially as I believe that the Radiants we know best (Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar) have some above-average trauma that kinda over-qualified them for the job. If something makes sense in-world, all tropes can go to Damnation, and the "we need one token human in our group of superhumans" trope is ... not my favourite, plain and simple. I don't expect and wish it to be easy. Why would it be easy? Sanderson is not exactly known for giving his characters an easy way out. So if Adolin becomes an Edgedancer by reviving Maya, I expect him to go through Damnation before it happening and having to work very, very hard. As most others, I wouldn't want him to just "get Maya to be alive again and bond him". What I do believe is that Adolin As Edgedancer would be entertaining. For now I'm going to make a stop here. There's a lot more to say about him and Shallan, but I don't care that much about Shadolin, and whether or not their relationship will last is not my main concern in the story by far. I just don't want it to take up too much time in the books. I'm not reading SA for the romance. So. That's it. Stormfather help me so I have the strength to don't get into arguments on this again.
  3. You probably ruined the books now for me since I'm never going to be staisfied with everything ever again should this not really happen. Maybe I need a fanfiction where Kaladin runs around randomly rescuing people from minor inconveniences like doing the dishes, yelling "I AM PROTECTION" all the way.
  4. We do have confirmation via WoB that Maya would likely want to bond Adolin where she alive ... (I have no link to this, I just very frequently see it fly by on Tumblr and I believe I once saw it in another thread). Be it Maya or not, I really hope we will see a revived spren once.
  5. I'm sorry, but no. The duel was a huge turning point in their relationship. When was Adolin ever condescending after that? (Aside from the fact that I can't really remember Adolin being condescending towards Kaladin much before. He didn't like him, but he always acknowledged his fighting skills and usefulness.) He was grateful and impressed enough with what Kaladin did in the arena that he locked himself in prison for two weeks (or however long they were in there) and remember, Adolin was the first lighteyed person to fully believe Kaladin about Amaram and told him so. Dalinar took Kaladin's claims seriously and investigated, yes, but Adolin was the first one to just say "I believe you". That meant a lot to Kaladin, who at that point still believed Dalinar had dismissed all accusations against Amaram. Honestly Renarin and Adolin have the most beautiful brother dynamic I ever read about in a book. They trust each other 100% and it's fairly obvious that Adolin has always, ever since Renarin was born did everything to protect his little brother.
  6. ♥ My valentine will you become, love, becoming! you are valentine mine ♥
  7. - Please no more love triangle/romantic drama. I hate this stuff. (Only exception is when it ends up as polyamory, but I don't see that happen here.) - No bad things shall happen to Kaladin. Like, really. The guy has been through enough these last three books. Give him a break. (Also, don't kill him. PLEASE.)
  8. This has been covered in a lot of threads already, but I'm still all for it. (Thank Honor I don't hate anyone strongly enough to put down the best books I ever read because of a single character who's not even among the main protagonists. Wow.)
  9. Venli's interaction with Timbre was also the main reason why I came to like her
  10. As the Oathpact is a horrible thing in itself I strongly vote for "end it for good and make something entirely different". The Oathpact is basically "let's throw these ten people under the bus greatshell so we can life on in blessed ignorance". Not cool.
  11. I find most of this very cool and would like a lot of what happens there, though I think I'd hate part one and two for not having Kaladin POVs, but that's my personal obsession with him.
  12. It was a big revelation for me when I learned about this WoB. I had pictured the Alethi more Arab looking before because of the Tan and didn't get at all what "the Shin have weirdly big eyes" actually implied.
  13. I like the title very much and wouldn't mind if it stays. I'm also excited about more listener culture and more Venli. I like her more than I liked Eshonai. Eshonai started off likeable and more "typical" for a fantasy protagonist, but she wasn't special in any way, at least I didn't get any such vibes during WoR. I didn't like Venli at all in WoR, but in OB, she quickly grew on me and now I'm looking forward to see more of her and Timbre and her role in the coming books.
  14. I agree with this. You can't possibly tell me that no Shardbearer in mortal danger ever was like "OMG why can't this come faster than within ten heartbeats pl-" and then be cut down by their enemy at the seventh heartbeat or so. Mortal danger alone is not enough.
  15. That's a question we'll have to wait for book 4 to be answered. I'd say the summoning time didn't revert back to ten beats.