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  1. LMAO You're right. I hate Moash as much as the next one but he causes a whole lot more damage than people give him credit for, which ultimately might come back to bite them in the bums.
  2. Well I did have to put down the book for a moment bcause I was crying hysterically if that counts :| The description of the bond breaking and the emptiness ... at that point I honestly didn't have a doubt of the outcome anymore anyways.
  3. Kaladin going "I'm sorry Navani I have no clue about technology how do I use this weird fabrial thingy" Also I have to admit the reactions of the honorspren at Maya's glorious moment during the trial had me rolling. These blue stuck-ups played themselves so hard.
  4. for fun

    I can't remember whether I made any predictions (kinda took a break from the Cosmere for a year before RoW release *cough*) but I did "call it" about Testament. Early on in the book I thought "what if Shallan's dirty secret is that she broke a bond before" and the moment Adolin met the deadeye in the market and the inkspren who took care of the deadeye said he found them "ten years ago" I was like "that's Shallan's first spren" and yay I made one correct connection *praise me* Also does it count that I very literally said "Navani PLEASE do not create nuclear weapons under the eyes of the enemy" because that's lowkey exactly what happened. Another thing I suspected very early on was that the spren willingly broke the bonds with the Radiants of ye olden days. I felt it had to be some kind of a mutual understanding. I don't think, if the old Radiants were in any way similar to the new ones, that they could have just killed their own spren without their consent. Maybe the spren even were the driving force here.
  5. I really loved it when the Pursuer finally caught up to Kaladin and proposed to him because he has been Pursuing him romantically all the time.
  6. Honestly I'd be thrilled to read a SA book that spans just ten days. I've read 400-pages books that span 3 days so it's totally possible! Also, maybe, just maybe Branderson manages to actually write a SA book that's not longer than the book before. That'd probably be the biggest surprise of all. Make it 1000 pages instead of almost 1300, with all the different POVs etc. I think it could work.
  7. Jasnah confirmed as ace was one of the best things that happened this year ngl. I'm ace (and kinda bromantic I guess) myself so having her as representation? Damnation yes!
  8. Sexy! I thought my Kaladin x Leshwi feeling were weird but apparently they're not so - i don't think I have weird ships, actually. Navani/Raboniel has been named as well. Is it ok to ship Notum with a Radiant bond? Because I'll bet my gemheart that he's going to make a new Windrunner soon.
  9. Maybe it's less all-encompassing than the former ideals. I'm thinking about Kaladin single-handedly (kinda) founding proper mental health care on Roshar. I could totally see the 5th Ideal somewhere around that? As in "I choose my purpose" or something ... idk. Also do we know what kind of power-up a 5th Ideal would bring? Blade, Plate - and then? More power?
  10. He worked as a great villain for Kaladin and their final battle was rather amusing (well, except for the Teft thing happening right at the same time) but I'm glad he won't come back because I mostly found him annoying x)
  11. I've always liked the idea of Adolin becoming a Radiant and by now I'd almost be disappointed if it didn't happen tbh. "Token normal guy" isn't a trope I particularly enjoy. I 100% can NOT see him ever bond a spren that isn't Maya. They already DO have a bond after all and I'd think it extremely OOC if he decided to take another spren. Not gonna happen. And Edgedancer fits him perfectly imo. (If only because their abilities basically make them figure skaters and Adolin would LOVE fancy figure skater costumes but uhm not the point)
  12. This applies to both Shallan & Kaladin
  13. "You. Cannot. Have. My. SACRIFICE!"
  14. Can we talk about her? Because her character was easily one of the most amazing things in the entire book. I can't say I like her, as in I like Kaladin, or Adolin or any of my favourite characters. But she was an example of how to make a character you don't necessarily like, or whose opinions you share, but who's still a great character. I found her unnerving, terrifying, but fascinating and so very complicated. Her relationship with Navani was so well written, and in parts I found it ... predictable where this would lead to (I expected a Rosharan equivalent to the atomic bomb and I guess the potential for that is still there) but the journey to that point, all the small discoveries, the experiments, the talks, Raboniel's hope, her motivation, her grief and her end - that could probably be one of my favourite arcs of the entire book, the series even. Also her lies and "betrayals" ... it all made sense. Had the positions be reversed Navani would have done the same thing, and she did kill her in the end, after all. This character and all she stands for is so telling for the grander conflict - that's not merely between good and evil with humans and singers/Fused as good and evil, but much more complicated. I'm almost sad she died, because that was so good. So good.
  15. I have to admit I did resent Lirin in the middle of the book but I came around in the end, just as he did (kinda). I mean. There's others I can project all my hatred onto (and I do with PASSIONlol)