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  1. I will most likely have the day off and drive to Stuttgart rather early, so a coffee would be nice!
  2. What, don't you think "Krieger des Feuers" was a great title for The Well of Ascension? (It means "warrior of fire" and. Dear German publisher. I have questions.) I don't know whether I can stand listening to a German reading and hear the word "sprengsel" out loud.
  3. You sure about that? I was at a signing of Peter V. Brett at the same bookstore in Stuttgart last year and I believe Brett did the reading of the original version.
  4. I saw the news today on Brandon's FB page and I am SO EXCITED because I am only an hour train ride away from Stuttgart. It's the same bookshop where I got to see Peter V. Brett last year. Seems like a good one for fantasy (I work in a bookshop myself but unfortunately, there are very few fantasy authors coming. Except Pat Rothfuss a few years back.) You can meet me here:
  5. Was there actually a king before Gavilar? I though there was none before the Kholin brothers went off to (forcefully) unite Alethkar? Anyway, even if Elhokar's success as a king is ... questionable, I believe Jasnah won't have any of this "puppet" thing.
  6. Let's suggest to Kaladin that he remain behind while others go on a trip to Hearthstone. Good luck with that. Anyway, another point to make: Kaladin most likely's going to befriend at least two (2) people from each side in the conflict and then have a not-so-minor breakdown later on due to this.
  7. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh amazing! I want more! Moooore! I'm starved for new content so I'll surely read everything available as soon as possible
  8. I'd say 0%. Brandon talked about the writing process of a Stormlight book several times and if I remember correctly, the writing alone takes about a year and a half if all goes well. So book 4 won't be finished until, say, early summer 2020 if all goes well. Then comes the editing process, proofreading, etc., I believe he does this 4-5 times? Plus getting it into printing form (I don't know the English words here, sorry), formatting, cover art, additional art, actual printing etc. If we get the book in late 2020 that's going to be a new record. Early 2021 would still be good. Remember, between TWoK and WoR we had to wait four and a half years. WoR to OB was three and a half years. Also, I believe book 4 and 5 will be very closely intertwined, so a lot of work on 5 needs to be done while planning out 4, thus the outlining process for both 4&5 happening now. I'd even say I'd prefer a longer break between 3 and 4 if we could get 5 a little earlier. After all, OB had much more closure than TWoK and WoR (imo at least). Right now, we know the (temporary?) title "The Rhythm of War". Brandon said he might change it later on, but for the moment that's what the book is called. Cover art most likely will come a few months pre-release. My guess is summer 2020 if all goes to plan.
  9. Aaaaaaaand we have a bar for SA 4 rough draft! Yeeeeeeeet!
  10. That's what I thought too. Many Fantasy movies look like crem in terms of CGI and SA has so much of it! But I don't actually need TV movies/adaptations of these books. I'd be fine if The Black Piper would just make an album for every book. ^^
  11. The biggest problem with a TV adaptation I see is aging actors and the looooong time we still have to go before all ten books are out. So right now I'd probably vote for an animated show. TBH I'm a passionate manga read and anime watcher and Stormlight is absolute fantastic anime stuff. Magical Girl transformations included.
  12. ketek

    Happy World Poetry Day! Windrunners, ever struggling, will arise, will struggle, ever running winds.
  13. I was tonight and it was amaaaziiing! I was never truly hyped for this movie even though I tried to be open-minded about it. I just always have a hard time to give new faces in an established fandom a chance. It was not only much better than I anticipated, it was an awesome movie! I liked Carol well enough, Fury was a delight, there was a great twist to the whole story and I'll never look at my cat the same way ever again.
  14. He's mine and I'm not giving him away