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  1. After our previous experience in this thread I want to say that zhis is how forum discussions should be. Good job
  2. Though I believe that if Jasnah has such incredibly negative feelings towards someone that she can't have a conversation with them without throwing insults at them, there is a reason behind it. Whatever it is that happened between them, it was bad. Otherwise, Jasnah would be much more in control than she was during that scene in OB.
  3. I'm on the exact opposite side of the scale here. I am always in for a crappy joke in a bad situation and Lopen and Lift are 100% my cup of tea. Lopen flipping off the Stormfather with his spren? I love that. Lift commenting on Dalinar's butt? Majestic. (She might very well run for top 5 of my favourite SA characters.) I will not be fighting you on the fact that "no mating" Pattern is the peak of SA humor though
  4. I like Jar Jar
  5. Kaladin is a very good example as well. First we see it by the end of Way of Kings. Before he swears the first Ideal, he gets utterly exhausted after using Stormligh for "minor" Lashings. During the battle at the tower he swears the first and second Ideal and gets notably stronger and when he levels up at the end of Words of Radiance with the Third Ideal his powers become much stronger. I don't know which book exactly it's in, but at one point he explicitly mentions that he needs less Stormlight and uses it up slower in a fight than before.
  6. Storms I'm starting to have flashbacks on certain forum discussions earlier this year. I'm going to leave this one now with one last advice: Don't feed the troll.
  7. Imma go and say it will be neither Ash, Taln, Ishar nor Nale. Ash and Taln seem to be set up to become major players during the back five (though Brandon did say it's possible that characters have a flashback book when they're already dead). Ishar will likely be a villain later on and give the United Forces a lot of trouble, while Nale is too close to being on Odium's side, they won't want him dead right now. Could be any single one from the others though.
  8. Absolutely I do. I don't even get why you believe their storylines are so similar at all.
  9. That is not their story, it is part of their characterization. It's the case for Shallan, Kaladin and Renarin, also Dalinar and likely a lot of other Radiants. Shallan has a kind of dissociative personality disorder (I think that's what it's called) as part of major PTSD. Kaladin has depression/seasonal affective disorder that have been negatively affected through the major trauma he went through, but they were there before, ever since he was a kid. Renarin is autistic, and has been so since he was born, because people don't become autistic, they either are, or they aren't. I also believe that autism is not classified as a mental illness like the first two are. Renarin is not overshadowed, he simply isn't a major character yet. He will be. It's only natural that he has much less screentime now than Shallan has.
  10. By this argument, Kaladin's plot changing from slave who tries to save a few people to revenge-seeking soldier to leader and conflicted soldier from Wok to OB would be bad writing as well. As the story develops, the characters and their role in said story will also develop and change. Also I would really like to know what exactly you think has been "stolen" from anyone?
  11. Well, if the series contains so little that you like, you are always free to not continue reading. There are a lot of books I dropped or series I left after the first book or two. Some of them I found badly written, some of them just weren't my cup of tea. No shame in that.
  12. I did skim through some of Shallan's chapters in WoK during the middle part, namely her long conversations with Kabsal. I didn't when I reread the book almost eight years later and I was surprised because they didn't even seem so long to me this second time. I wouldn't skip entire chapters when I read a book the first time. Especially not in a series as complex as SA. But when I reread a book I sometimes skip entire sections, like a subplot I fond boring etc. But only when I already know what's in it.
  13. What exactly got stolen? Of course Renarin didn't have as much screentime yet but that's because Brandon likely has bigger plans for him in the back five. We know he will have one flashback book and probably will be a major player from book 6 on, on a level Kaladin or Shallan have now. His storyline is very different from Shallan's.
  14. OK wow. I knew she wasn't the favourite of many people (she wasn't mine during WoK) but that's pretty strong. What's there to hate so much that one would drop the whole series over her?
  15. I can only repeat what other, smarter people than me have already said: These books are wild. They are WILD.