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  1. Ok, I can’t read every post, my mind is melting, but I got the gist. What I don’t see are any legit suspects. Most people voting are going on RNG, gut reads, or disagreements on tactics, which I don’t like because I’ve always ended up going after villagers when we do that. Anyone have a suggestion where I should vote for D1 that isn’t fruitless? I know we need an exe, missing that deprives us of info, but I really never like D1 because there’s so little to go on. I won’t be roleclaiming, btw, and would generally advise no one should unless they’ll be exe’d otherwise. Zelda, that includes you unless we’re down to just a few Yigas and you have info on one or more.
  2. Woah, that’s a lot of posts I need to catch up on. I’ll…uh, do that, and get back to ya’ll. I do exist, though. Currently trying to figure out all the talk about Beedle and Zelda and that from the first page.
  3. Hey, nice to see you around! I decided to add a name at least in case I decide to RP. Randomly generated, my character’s name is Cimu.
  4. I’ll join. Not a Zelda player, not sure if I’ll try to RP, but it looks fun!
  5. Sorry for not jumping back in earlier, just got caught up in IRL stuffs. I appreciate the neutral reads on me. I can’t say I have much in the way of reads yet, but I’m going to get on the computer later and try to get a better feel (it’s tough when I’m mostly on mobile.
  6. Myra scribbled in her notepad. “Juno wants to walk back to Elendel. Mad, but daring. Probably a setup to make it easier to kill people. Possibly not.” Who agreed with Juno’s plan. No one, really. Dannex had spoken up against it, and others had chimed in. Really didn’t matter, most anyone who thought about the plan knew it was daft. Elendel was way to far to walk if they knew some of their companions were trying to kill them. They’d have to make camp multiple times along the way, with supplies they didn’t really have, and with people totally untrained for it… “It’s mad, really.” She spoke, not to anyone in particular, just taking out loud. “It’s suicide. But so is just sitting here. Maybe we need to arrest the most suspicious people and lock them up. Yes, that makes sense. No need to get carried away, but look for anyone that doesn’t seem to fit in. Not Juno, they wouldn’t be careless enough to suggest something so daft in public, but someone…” She glanced around the room. Philico was staring at her suspiciously, so she hurriedly glanced away. He didn’t seem preoccupied with her, since he wasn’t still staring when she glanced back, but it concerned her all the same. Was he looking for targets? Or doing the same as her and seeing who was suspicious? Just to clarify, this is all RP and not game analysis.
  7. Lol. Mad respect. Dannex
  8. I’ll post some RP later, but for now I just wanted to weigh in (as I battle my autocorrect) with some minor game talk. We have 19 players, of which I’d assume up to four will be Elims (more would be a huge team, but less feels somewhat tough unless they have roles that would assist them, which they very likely do, so it could only be 3). I don’t remember if this was stated to be role madness, but I think it is, and as such I expect everyone to have something they can do. No, I’m not going to give recommendations, but just noting to please make sure to utilize whatever role abilities you have, as most or all of us could have a major influence on the game just based on whether we use what we have or not. I’ll randomly poke vote Dannex simply because they haven’t posted yet (to be removed unless I don’t like what they say). @Dannex, care to join in?
  9. Figure out how to swallow pills fast. It took me forever too. Try tipping your head forward slightly, and just swallowing a big gulp of water.
  10. I don’t remember getting my wisdom teeth out, the actual process that is. They started the gas then next thing I know I’m being led to my car (I obviously wasn’t driving). Hopefully it goes just as smoothly for you, @StrikerEZ!
  11. Lol, nice. Sometimes it’s really that simple.
  12. It was just one prior in the alphabet, then two forward, then three prior, then four forward, etc. Fairly simple, but I don’t know if there’s a name for that.
  13. Totally not stealing from Szeth’s character, but Myra is an independent reporter with a column in an unorthodox rag that she pays to be published each week. She’s not very good at it, but as long as they get their money they’ll print it.
  14. Wow, that’s a complex game. I can’t promise much, but I’ll join. New character for this one. How about I be female? Myra will join as my first female character. She’s not witty or even particularly bright, but she’s honest.