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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. No need to insult. Keep this forum clean and happy.
  3. Ooh, I hadn't seen one. That would suggest they work in some form through the Spiritual Realm perhaps? Or just that Cognitive Connection can be instantaneous. Either way, interesting possibilities (though not necessarily tied to the speed of light or aiding in finding it).
  4. Are they instantaneous, though? We don't really know for sure. It's likely and entirely possible there's a delay, which simply wouldn't matter to the user. In fact, there's always a delay before the other person starts writing, though of course we can usually attribute that to them reading and maybe changing a sheet of paper.
  5. More specifically, it's possible Odium didn't intentionally create the Unmade. My personal head-canon is that the Unmade are at least part of what is trapping Odium; that he somehow got stuck in the Roshar system long enough some of his power splintered off through a mechanism he couldn't control and became the Unmade. They may have had some direction from him once he realized what was happening, and of course there's some amount of his Intent that drives them (they're all related to hatred, Odium, in some way, though somewhat tangentially in some cases), but he possibly didn't intend for them to exist in the first place.
  6. That was awesome! I think we could have won a round earlier if I hadn't dropped the ball early in the game (Night 2 I think) and failed to submit my Return order. Still, I'm proud of our team, and though I don't remember who was saying what in the doc, I got very good instructions along the way when I couldn't keep up and we pretty much just slammed through our win condition once I got into the swing of it. Despite our wincon depending entirely on my actions, we won specifically because of the other members of the team. I just did what I was told mostly.
  7. Can't pass this one up. I'll do my level best to remain consistently active! No player name yet, because, well, anonymous. Don't care if people know I'm playing, but no promises about whether you'll be able to identify me from my posts or not.
  8. I’ve got a few minutes to defend myself, but not much to go on. It looks like the main points are my activity level (which is what it is, but I don’t think would have made my a good conversion target), and my somewhat opposition to Araris? Umm, ok. I was mostly following Aman’s lead there. I don’t have strong legitimate suspicion, but who would the Seer have wanted to convert? Obviously strong roles if they could, but I’m guessing they didn’t know many roles if any. So I’d have expected them to go after the strongest players who didn’t already have suspicion on them. I don’t have time to run that list, but someone look at it from that perspective please.
  9. I always support inactivity filters, my own low activity level notwithstanding.
  10. I know I've had a lot going on, and I leave tomorrow morning for a trip during which I'll have very low if any activity. There's always less to say at night anyways, and the holidays are likely taking a big toll.
  11. I suspect my activity level is a pretty poor fit for someone who would have been converted, and I'm obviously not the Seer. Maybe you should rethink that part... I'm going to side with Aman on the Araris lynch this cycle. Sorry, I don't have much to add to the reasoning, but I'm trusting his logic in this case. Plus it's Christmas and my brain is fried.
  12. Mailliw has now tried to trick me into revealing if I have a role via PM by pretending to know what it was and asking who I used it on, despite me never even mentioning having a role. That’s striking me as very suspicious. I’ll be keeping my vote for sure.