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  1. Peter? Just wanted to ping you so this didn't disappear and get consumed by the mountains of other stuff on your plate. Thanks Ookla
  2. So Ed... how much do I need to pledge to get a better rate than $20/set? I'm serious by the way. I am willing to go significantly higher than the 5 sets / $100 I am at now, I believe in this project, but not at MSRP+$5
  3. So Ed... any thoughts on these posts? James Mathews 30 minutes agoJust to update my previous comment, I'm not necessarily looking for more dice, just some love for the non-retailers who are really pushing this forward. Maybe at $60 and above you also get .pdf's of the supplements to the game? Or how about a kickstarter exclusive if you spend $100+ you can get 1 set made that have inverted colors (silver dice, black symbols), or different colors (black/red)? Thank you!! James Mathews about 1 hour ago Is there going to be a discount for buying multiple sets of dice? As it stands now if I buy 5 sets of dice for $100 I would be receiving 8 sets less than a retailer. By the math you have laid out (~$5 set pays shipping) I am paying ~$25 S&H. Could you add levels for non-retailers such as maybe 4/$60 ($15/set) and 10/$100 ($10/set)? Retailers are getting $8.33/set.... Thank you.
  4. So I made the pledge ($40) that broke $8k (copper), then upped it to $100 to break $24k (gold and Atium). Now we're over $25k. It will be interesting to see where this ends up. Additionally on December 17th Crafty said: Crafty Games on December 17 Alvron, if we get to $24,000 then we'll be able to add retail packaging. in response to: Daniel Braunstein on December 16 It would be GREAT if they came in a vial, even a plastic one. Alvron on December 16 Do the dice come with a pouch or something similar? So it will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  5. 447 codes unlocked 3 to go until the next unlock.
  6. 445 codes unlocked 5 to go until the next unlock.
  7. 2) 6 5 NEW Shardhunt codes so that we can finally unlock the Alloy of Law Annotations 2
  8. Can I be added to the White Sands \ Aether of Night PM as well? Thank you
  9. Hey KChan, welcome back, your absence was noticed and your input was missed.
  10. Look at these posts: AoN and WS are historically available from Brandon. Asking how to get AoN & WS My reply to the above post There is one known copy of DragonSteel in existence. It is Brandon's master's thesis, and kept at the BYU library. Supposedly you are able to inter-library loan it, but I have not been able to. (I have heard rumors of digital copies of it, but the people that supposedly have them won't share, and I have not actually seen copies)
  11. Ummmmm... none of those objects are magnetic, so you flip on your electromagnet and ...... nothing happens. try again...
  12. Chapter 17 is now up.
  13. Technically neither of them are windrunners, Kaladin is on the path to becoming one, and Szeth has the same "power set" as a Windrunner, but is not one. See quote.
  14. I didn't, sorry, I'm in Florida and Brandon never comes down here

  15. Hey Catalyst- was it you that had a recording of the Release Q&A? Is there a way you could get it to me for transcription?