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  1. Summary below the multiquote. Nothing to say here on your thoughts, DeTess, but just wanted to say hi - it has been too long. Emphasis mine. You wanted to know why I voted on you - pretty sure this was what threw my gut off. Why "probably" @Straw? Can anyone with more experience playing with Coda tell me if this sort of platitude is typical of them? It strikes me as a bare faced attempt to appear village. @Coda, why bother with that comment? What did you mean by a sign for future constables, @Karnage? Useful but entirely NAI post from Xino. I'm always a little wary of people trying to hide behind this sort of post. @xinoehp512, plenty more has now been said in thread. Thoughts on any players? Particularly interested in your thoughts on Straw, Coda, and Pyro. Strong village read from Emi's in thread posts. @The Young Pyromancer, this has been addressed, but my philosophy is that as villager the most important thing to do is to generate useable information about your alignment and your views on other people. Inactivity both reduces information about your alignment, but also reduces our observations about your interactions with others. @Straw, do you genuinely believe Matrim was actually trying to get a lynch train on you with a post like that? Quoting this mostly because I missed it prior to voting on Straw, in my rushed skim of the thread. @Matrim's_Dice, fancy moving your vote back onto Straw so we generate further information? Your present poke vote is highly unlikely to do anything. Strong gut read against Pyro based on this post. Promised summary: Village: Emi Concerned about: Xino, Coda Very concerned about: Straw, Pyro Also, I was hoping some of you might have missed me enough to actually PM me...
  2. Gut, partly, but mostly because a three vote lunch is much harder to shift than a two vote lynch, and I'm curious to see what happens to this one.
  3. A longer post to follow once I've had a chance to read and digest the rules and thread properly, but for now, very happy to add some pressure to Straw.
  4. Locke Tekiel woke in the early evening, his head pounding and his vision clouded. He was in an alley, mud splattered over his cloak, and with his purse, belt buckle, and clasp all conspicuously absent. As Locke struggled upright, he clutched his side, noting with surprise a shiv implanted therein. At this realisation, a sharp pain began, clearing his fogged mind. He could now vaguely recall his attacker; a skaa agitator, no doubt, desperate to prevent him from reaching the appeal. Highly competent though his legal team were, with a purity of ancestry unrivalled in Elendel's less costly chambers, The Lord Tekiel had no doubt that his absence would cause them considerable consternation, and jeopardise this most critical of hearings. Removing the blade with practised ease, Locke lurched out of the alley into a wider street, slowly regaining his posture, grace, and measured gait. Pleased to be feeling more like himself, he stopped a well dressed gentleman passing by, to enquire as to the time, date, and status of the appeal; it had dominated the headlines of late, and surely would be known about by those worth talking to within the city. To his great distress, it was not the 29th Doxil 68, nor even Doxil, and the poor young man he was addressing clearly had no idea about this case, nor any other of note. Locke sighed, frustrated at his apparent demise on the eve of such an important event, but he hadn't often survived such wounds, and it has been optimistic of him to assume that this time would be any different. Removing a coin purse from a hidden pocket within his cloak, Locke resolved to find a decent meeting house; if he had arrived in this time and place, something interesting must be about to occur. ~~~~~ I shall sign up as Locke Tekiel.
  5. I'd like to join, but have an essay due on Tuesday, which I'll need to prioritise. I'll leave it to Fifth's good judgement on whether he'd like me to play or to pinch hit.
  6. For the sake of clarity, the Spiked thing wasn't what gave away Fura, Bard and Jondesu to me. Fura was, as she's identified, trying too hard with too little output. Jondesu similarly, in my recollection, hadn't committed to enough, whilst still being semi-active and experienced. Bard was much more gut than either of the other two.
  7. In case I die tonight, I'd very much like to see Jondesu lynched tomorrow. If we have any living lurchers left, they really should protect Nohadon. @xinoehp512, @Araris Valerian, @Rathmaskal, @Coop772, @Shqueeves, @Aonar Faileas, @A Joe in the Bush, @Nohadon Could our seeker, should they exist, please scan Bard tonight? I'm pretty firm in my belief that Jondesu and Furamironind are both evil, with Fura being an eliminator thug. That said, I'm pretty confident that they have both a soother and a tineye, so there has to be one other eliminator. At present, Bard is my best guess. I'd also suggest they come clean with the list of all their scans tomorrow - being able to clear villagers will make the end game much easier.
  8. @Rathmaskal, could you switch to voting on Gancho? At the moment, if someone soothed Araris there would be no lynch.
  9. This cycle I propose we lynch Gancho Libre/Callsign: Leviathan. I'll praise Araris again. I haven't yet had time to look at Xinoehp, which I'll aim to do tomorrow.
  10. I was hoping the Tineye would claim, as I think it would guarantee us an eliminator. I've suspected an eliminator tineye for a while - the first message left by the other Tineye at the end of N1 felt contrived - almost like they planned to use the tineye claim at a later point in the game. Given the content of the message, I've done a ctrl-f search of the thread, and have found that only the following living players have used the term "Spiked": Young Bard Furamirionind Callsign: Leviathan/Gancho Libre Jondesu Interestingly, this overlaps to a not-inconsiderable degree with my suspicions. Regarding Furamironind, who has used the term "Spiked" overwhelmingly more often than any other player, I remain in two minds. Much of what they've done in my doc is explainable by being a new player, but there are appeals for advice that ring ever so slightly off. Last cycle, they raised that they thought there might be an eliminator tineye, which I need to think much further on - in light of today's tineye post, it seems strange timing. If our scanner is at all active, I think at this point in the game it might well be worth their claiming. They ought to have five scan results in by now, and assuming even three of those remain alive, being able to clear potentially a further four people (themselves included) would take this from a three known with c. three eliminators in ten remaining game, to a three eliminators in what is possibly as few as six remaining game. Apologies if my thoughts are a little incoherent. It's 3am, and I'm in the middle of an essay in the library.
  11. I think in light of the tineye advertisement, it's imperative that the tineye who posted it claims. @xinoehp512, @Jondesu, @Araris Valerian, @Young Bard, @Callsign: Leviathan, @Rathmaskal, @Coop772, @Shqueeves, @Furamirionind, @Aonar Faileas, @A Joe in the Bush, @Nohadon.
  12. xinoehp512 - Eviterces, a person of unknown quality. Why would they hide themselves like this? Jondesu - Quintus, an old hat at situations like this. Makes you wonder how he lived through them to tell the tale... Araris Valerian - Ookla the Curmudgeonly, an old man with a stern face. Perhaps evil is concealed within that stony visage. Young Bard - Jendred, eighth son, and thus unimportant. You can probably ignore him. Gancho Libre - George R.D. Mackleberry. Never trust a man with two middle initials. Orlok Tsubodai - Locke Tekiel, named for a ruler of Fadrex City, beloved by all. This character is different in two regards. Rathmaskal - Lord Flamingo, flamboyant and fond of hopping. Coop772 - Burrsir, too cool for school. Shqueeves - Ookla That Watches, definitely a Tineye. Furamirionid - Furamirionid Yuln'Broael, Fura to his friends (if he has any). Aonar Faileas - Tomir Izenry, only here for the money. A Joe in the Bush - Sabine Seidel, of questionable sanity. Nohadon - Severance Greed, greedy by name, greedy by repeated examples of taking more than his fair share throughout his life. Looking back at the D3 lynch, and re-evaluating I'm increasingly unconvinced that Rathmaskal is actually evil. The confusion at the end of the cycle seems too natural, and the sort of thing that would have been resolved in the elim doc. Of the players left, I have gut suspicions of Gancho Libre, Jondesu, and Furamirionid, who is in my doc, and who feels ever so slightly "off". Another option is that Araris himself was trying to bus MetaTerminal from the beginning of the game, but I'm not terribly sure of how likely that is. @xinoehp512, @Young Bard, @Coop772, @Shqueeves, @Aonar Faileas, @A Joe in the Bush, @Nohadon, if any of you are around in the next hour, I'd be keen to see any of the three I listed above either scanned or coinshot. I have an essay due on Tuesday, which is going to have to be my priority, but will see if I can do any further analysis on my train home this evening.
  13. Rathmaskal, Araris. Rathmaskal's attempts to cast doubt on me this cycle "..almost too clean", primarily, read as insincere and an indirect attack to me.
  14. I doubt I'll be able to address either of your two concerns. Steel's death is coincidence. Clearly, I can't prove anything, but could point to the rushed nature of my post last turn as indicative of how little time I've had. I'd also suggest that I'd have to be mad to kill Steel the same turn as a claim, if I were evil, and certainly hope that I'm not mad. On confidence, I think I was entirely justified in my confidence, and that my post last night cycle set out why.
  15. There was an implicit qualification that it was contingent on Meta being evil, but I was very confident in that being the case.