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  1. OK, Matrim is 100% evil. Will stake my rep on it. Very clear that I haven't been well, and haven't been paying nearly as much attention to this game as normal. Opportunism from Matrim here, which implicates Pyro as well.
  2. On skimming the thread, it does appear that Matrim and Pyro are at least two of the members of the elim team.
  3. Forgive me, Araris. My involvement with the game was pretty minimal due to some serious issues in my personal life.
  4. Xino. May as well join in on this - I haven't had the time or energy to look at the thread in more detail.
  5. Quite the opposite often - PMs allow communication without village scrutiny. Indeed, they offer a fantastic opportunity for manipulation or pocketing. I'm content to leave my vote be for now, but shall note that I am staying in the Study.
  6. MysticLotus. I'm also in the Study, and the two of you have exchanged very little by way of communication, as I'm sure @TJ Shadewill verify. I'm not sure what to make of it, but your above feels well like it may well be pocketing to me. Please explain how you think what you've said in that PM makes you think he's a villager.
  7. Life has been really difficult recently. As such, I've struggled to engage with much at all. I will be endeavouring to get back into this tonight. I'm going to go to the Study.
  8. Straw correctly identifies I should have posted this here.
  9. Apologies, all. The last 72 hours have been really difficult for me. I'm going to try to get back into the game, but am afraid I'm giving up on doing so as locke the tormented. I just can't bring myself to make the effort to do so at present.
  10. soz all. locke spent all of yesterday in pubs celebrating their reopening. investigations reveal at least four of my locals still serve good pints have decided im going to do this game entirely on gut. just not fun trying to analyse and write as locke. as such, ventyl. reasonably strong gut village read on tj shade. havent thought enough about gears.
  11. Lol @Elbereth so evil.
  12. el powerwolfing. want to see her analysis of me. used to be a tell of hers that shed ignore me.
  13. will get to analysis in c. 30 mins. as said before, key to ventyl lynch is whether we think their assumption re most players being kr is genuine. cant understand how they would arrive at this conclusion @Ventyl (cant uncapitalise mentions ) as squiring mechanic demonstrates need for large number of non-kr in game.
  14. feeling very tempted to throw in the towel and concede this challenge to wilson. v tough to engage as i normally would, and not enjoying this so much. that said, gut reads alone is that tj shade not elim but need to iso their posts and reread later. not too attached to gears lynch. based on game balance unsure re ventyl. key here for me is their assumption that most people are radiant. would imagine less than half are, based on recollection of lg13. as elim team lg13 we had two radiants and three vanillas, i think. if hes elim, would know this, and not make such a claim. will reevaluate game later, possibly after drink or three. makes this torture slightly more bearable and less foreign and unnatural.
  15. hardly. making sure you dont squire obvs diagrammatist.