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  1. But does Kaladin even know what the Windrunners symbol looks like? I mean there is all this talk about the Knights Radiant as a whole, but it certainly seems that most of the characters were ignorant about most of the information pertaining to the orders. So IF, and yes this is a big IF, Kaladin didn't know the symbol what outside "thing" controlled which symbols get displayed when? I can't remember, in Dalinar's visions, when the pair of radiants help save the family from the smokie opponents, did Those radiants create poooofs of stormlight that formed symbols or just simply landing in a "puff"?
  2. I sort of agree with that, so what I would like to know is why they were separated, or showed up piecemeal rather than as a combined symbol?
  3. Well darn here I was supposing that the authors would have input on inflection, nuance, pronunciations, etc. Now I am going to have to hunt for an answer to this. I HAVE read where Patrick Rothfuss got his narrators to pronounce the name correctly.
  4. Ummmm, folks..... I don't read the physical books. I listen to the audiobooks, you might try listening to some of the free samples available on sites like Audible.com Whenever I write out Kaladin I am constantly trying to add an "h" to it because to my ears that is how the narrators pronounce his name. I am fairly certain that Kelsier is pronounced in the audiobooks with an r ("errr") sound at the end This also helps IMMENSELY with Patrick Rothfuss's protagonist's name (NO I am not going to try to spell it)
  5. Yah, right there with you Slowswift. That (to me) looks like when Kaladin is landing out on the plains when Brandon had Adolin think the image appeared like a sword. I am more interested in what image was crated immediately after the 3rd ideal, when Kaladin was still in the hallway with Moeash And the different interpretation of thr same Windrunners symbols still goes back to my comments about kaladin not actively thinking about making pretty pretty frost imagaes, so why would they be different?
  6. I know glyphs can be written many different ways, but why in the space of what 10-30 minutes would Kaladin's magic stormlight flatulence create two different patterns? Because in both instances I seriously doubt that Kaladin is actively thinking about pretty ways to depict Windrunners symbols, so there is something else deciding which image to produce. So Moogle, you are suggesting that both times the pattern/image is produced, it is simply the Windrunners symbol and Brandon simply chose to write it out as being perceived differently by two different people? (Moeash and Adolin)
  7. I was re-reading Wor and thought up some more questions about this. From some of the interludes, especially Taln's, it sounds like the Herald's all show up at different places "the others should be arriving soon". Maybe since Taln's blade is the only one not left in the circle when the other heralds abandoned the pact, and thus (guess) it has been with Taln wherever he's been being tortured, maybe the blades gain some extra spiffy powers (i.e. get recharged) while their herald's are being tortured and one of the heralds who stayed behind found a dazed and confused Taln and stole his recharged Honor Blade,but didn't want him left defenseless, and so left him a different (unbonded) shardblade? Also on a related note, since Storm Father said he would not become a simple blade for Dalinar, I bet Dalinar ends up bonding the windrunner honor blade and thus gains only one additional surge, since Bondsmiths already share one surge with Windrunners.
  8. What two different glyphs/symbols are displayed behind/under Kaladin after he says the words of the Third Ideal? The first looks like a pair of wings (while he is in the hallway), and the second (after he drops down) looks like a sword . I am guessing one is the Knights Radiant.... the wings? And the sword is the Windrunners from the 10 orders illustration on Brandon's site. I am mostly curious about the winged sigil/glyph/symbol. I have the audiobooks, so if there is a Web link to an image, I would really appreciate it.
  9. Well, at the end of WoR, when Dalinar is fighting Szeth Adolin says/thinks "Bless the man [Dalinar] for listening to reason and bonding that madman’s Blade." I can sort of get behind the, it isn't Taln theory, except for Wit/Hoid's presence at "Taln's" arrival. I tend towards Kurkistan's comments about Something else having happened. Like Odium sucked all the magic Herald juice out of Taln, and thus Taln has the knowledge/longevity of a Herald, but not the powers...... or something like that. Otherwise I just see Hoid spitting out a different wise quip, about how he only THINKS he's Taln, or "my poor confused space traveling alien......" ..... You know? And yah the discrepancies about the blade appearances bother's me as well, especially given Adolin's thoughts at the end of WoR.
  10. Nah, I bet Elhokar pulls another stupid/harebrained antic and makes Amaram Highprince, or the other Highprinces insist on Amaram taking Sadeas's place. Either that or Sebarial takes over all the empty spots and we get some extended humor out of him =)
  11. Has anybody else noticed a correspondence between the meaning/attribute of Aon's and some of the names of people in the Cosmere? Like Dalinar and Kaladin. I can't remember off the top of my head what Shallon had to say about letters that could represent others in order to make a name symmetrical, but perhaps this could be another aspect to the whole thing?
  12. Ok in the Prelude to TWoK Talenel (Taln, Talenelat, Talenel'Elin) dies and his honorblade vanishes, so that there are only 9 left in the circle. In Words of Radiance, doesn't Dalinar bond Talenel'Elin's honorblade? And if Dalinar DID bond the honorblade, as WoR mentions in multiple places that Dalinar had bonded "that madman's blade". Why, at the end of WoR, does the blade that Dalinar has bonded start screaming inside his head after Dalinar swears his second oath, and The Stormfather refer to the blade as a "monstrosity"?? Especially if Szeth had an honorblade, and it did not scream in Kaladin's mind.