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  1. From what I understood, Ruin/Preservation only put so much power into the their power systems, so as more people are being born, more people are developing powers than before but weaker, more diluted.
  2. I don't think Rayse had a huge plan, he seemed like he wanted to just somehow win in the duel. But Taravangian? He's going to have a plan. I think what he is going to do is make it a tie, the rules don't stipulate what happens in a tie. We had a whole Hoid chapter about how he won an unwinnable game by making it a tie, I think that is some foreshadowing. I would like Dalinar to not be his own champion, idk, it would just feel wierd if he chose himself. I would like him to pick Adolin, it would show that he thinks Adolin is good, and better than him. We have seen through this whole series how good of a duelist Adolin is. It would be good for it to come full circle and have him duel.
  3. I don't see Odium about severing connections, that is thinking too black and white. I see Odium more about retaliation, but with internal emotion built into it. Odium didn't like that Elantris spoils , Honor and Cultivation broke a supposed pact(which I believe was they agreed that they would not put the shards back together, which being on the same world isn't really doing that, but it is why some could see it as so). But this gives reason/strength for Odium to go after them, it allows the shard and Rayse to try to splinter them. I believe this is why he could easily splinter D&D and Honor and why splintering Ambition was much harder, Odium's intent didn't match to splinter Ambition like it did the others. It was something that Rayse wanted, not the shard. On the Honor part, even Honor(I am guessing Tanavast in this case) didn't even teach the spren to do so. So you are somewhat right on that count.
  4. I actually agree with you, Voidspren do exist. I think people are forgetting about this. Some people could argue that they are not spren and Rosharan's are bad at names, I disagree.
  5. Fabrial and Hemalurgy. DIY 'radiant'.
  6. I kind of have a bet that this could could be Ambition based, so I hope this is true. It could try to tell us the history of Ambition fighting Odium and what happened there, which then lead Odium to going to Roshar(potentially damaged). That is why having a bit of stormlight knowledge helps(besides just there being Sigzil as the MC).
  7. Was 'events on Alethkar' a typo? Do they now call Roshar(planet) now Alehkar?
  8. Maybe where Ambition was splintered, that is tangentially related to Stormlight.
  9. Don't they worship some god called the 'One'? I also have a feeling that the cup will end up being magical, ancient old artifact is definitely a cliche that should come up with this kind of story. We also see a cup in the book cover.
  10. Do we know that Brandon has decided/knows what the last shard is?
  11. Yeah, I think Brandon is trying to ignore the wierd sexual characteristics of the whole body swap story. Though honestly, I kind of enjoy those kind of things, it can make people see the world differently.
  12. I have a feeling that both of their magic systems could be using using their identity. Talks of losing oneself, talking something from themselves, feeling tired, and going unconscious. We also see painter getting cold after using his magic, needing 'warmth'. Generally, the characters that have felt warmth means that they were closer to the spiritual realm, so this could mean that he is farther away from it than normal. My idea is they could be somewhat similar to Feruchemy, where they use a piece of themselves to fuel their art, instead of Stormlight or etc.
  13. Yumi's people are called Torish.
  14. What do they call the clothes Yumi was wearing again? I didn't catch it, not sure if it was inworld or not.
  15. What if he is telling the story to the Ire? Out of anyone, they would understand the references the most, maybe.