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  1. Do twins share the same weakness as well as powers or no?
  2. She goes to New York. David helps her change. Though she was once 'crazy', she is no longer. But she could can become crazy again.
  3. This is what I thought, it is not actually about David but someone else, maybe even Megan.
  4. Szeth, main guy from the last airbender Parshendi, Orcs from Lord of the rings but tamer/nicer looking and red Adolin, Arthas from Warcraft(precorruption) Pattern, an imp from Warcraft expect looking all black/inky Syl, A blue neverland fairy or a nymph Dalinar, Ulysses S Grant
  5. Ah, I knew he blew up some, but did not know which. Hawii might be the nicest state to live in now. Only one High Epic and they are waterlocked? Does not seem too bad.
  6. Without death point, we would have never discovered Steelheart's weakness. So how is he not important?
  7. I thought he blew up Houston?
  8. Loved it.
  9. Could easily drown someone.
  10. How about absorbing their powers also absorbs their weakness? Does not seem so strong now eh?
  11. Brown eyes here. I do remember during Kaladin's eyes was talked about being lighter than the king's/etc was.
  12. Shallan talking about riding 'horses' not understanding how she would get sore, and it turned out that she has only rid ponies in circles and not horses.
  13. I always thought he wished for him to forget about his love for Navani or something like that.
  14. I finished the book today myself.
  15. What have I done???