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  1. I think I'm going to try and show up. I went to JordanCon a few years ago and had a lot of fun!
  2. So I missed the window for the Nioh demo. It looks really fun, is there anyone who played it as well as Dark Souls/ Bloodborne? How does it compare to the From Software games?
  3. I suppose I'm sometimes eager to meet new people!
  4. It honestly depends on who I'm with. If I'm with a group of people that I know really well, I talk a decent amount and tell what I consider to be jokes. If I'm around people I'm unfamiliar with, I rarely talk unless I'm prompted to or someone asks me a question. I tend to hang out with people I'm familiar with, I don't really go out of my way to meet new people. My humor ranges from extreme sarcasm to dark humor to stupid puns, and I probably curse way more often than I should. Sometimes I unintentionally repeat myself in conversations, and I'm working on not doing that anymore. I like going out and doing stuff, but I'd die before I went to any kind of party. Sometimes I'll go and hang out at a friend's house and won't get home until one in the morning, sometimes I'd prefer to stay at home and read and play video games.
  5. I think you mean dogphins.
  6. Hurt Nicrosil, Heal Atium 1. Tin--5 2. Pewter--3 3. Iron--8 4. Steel--15 6. Bronze--6 12. Nicrosil--4 15. Cadmium--8 16. Bendalloy--15 17. Atium--21 18. Lerasium--10
  7. I'm so relieved to find someone with the same mindset! I thought the moment was very funny and provided some much needed humor after everything else that had been going on, but all of this "Bring back the stick" and "Stick equals best character" have been blown out of proportion. It was funny at first, but from my eyes the joke has gone stale. Maybe it's just not my kind of humor.
  8. Brandon: He went after Ambition first, but didn’t find Ambition until after going after Devotion and Dominion. But Ambition was number one on his hit list. This strikes me as somewhat interesting. I think it would be reasonable to assume Odium would go after Ambition first, but Ambition must have been smart enough to hide for a little while. I wonder how going after Devotion and Dominion helped Odium find Ambition? Maybe the vessel for Ambition cared for Aona or Skai, and Odium attacked them in order to draw Ambition out? Also, this may be a dumb question, or have been answered before, but if a Shard is splintered, do we know that means the Shard or the vessel is dead?
  9. 64 characters is fine by me. I'd also rather wait until Oathbringer, even though that may delay the start of the tournament.
  10. Having been eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy 15 since the first trailer dropped, all the back to the dawn of man, I told myself that I would get it day one. It feels weird that the game I've been waiting forever for is out, but unfortunately I am so incredibly busy with school and life that I am unable to pick it up lest it become a distraction. The reviews I've seen have been favorable, has anyone here played it and can give a quick spoiler-free review?
  11. So after taking a brief hiatus from the Shard, I'd just like some quick input on how we should do this next year. I do have a few ideas: We wait and start the third tournament a few weeks after Stormlight Three releases. That way many of the characters who will be in the tournament might have new powers and further development. All battles involving information pertaining to the Oathbringer with obviously be laden with spoilers, and should be tagged as such. We start the tournament around the same time as normal, sometime in September or October. My only problem with this is that the AU might be the only book we get until that point, and besides Lift, many characters may not get any development. What do you guys think?
  12. This is a friendly reminder not to mess with pharmaceutical drugs, or any for that matter. A guy I used to know as a kid accidentally overdosed recently after he mixed Xanax and Heroin. Nothing good can come from stuff like that, just stay away from it.
  13. *notes abundance of Johan*

    *whispers* You have good taste.

  14. One thing that came to my mind was that in the Letter, Hoid states that "One need only look at the aftermath of his (Rayse's) brief visit to Sel to see proof of what I say." If Bavadin had been involved in splintering Devotion and Dominion, I find it unlikely that he was actually present at Sel when it happened, or else Hoid would have said "One need only look at their brief visit to Sel." He could have still been involved, but I don't think he was involved in the splintering process itself.