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  1. I guess I should clarify that Shardplate cannot flex. I forgot that Shardblades seem to have no problem with it. Which... is weird. Shards are weird. The fact that Plates and Blades do not share physical properties is weird. Anyway, thank you for the correction!
  2. This is actually really making me wonder though, because Shards are completely rigid. I'm pretty sure that that makes them really bad at some things, which is kinda funny for what's supposed to be the ultimate material. A Shardbat, for example, would actually just be the biggest letdown, since a lot of the force you can hit a baseball with comes from the bat's ability to deform, then quickly snap back to its original shape.
  3. I was referring to one of the diagram excerpts in the WoR epigraphs: "Q: For what essential must we strive? A: The essential of preservation, to shelter a seed of humanity through the coming storm. Q: What cost must we bear? A: The cost is irrelevant. Mankind must survive. Our burden is that of the species, and all other considerations are but dust by comparison."
  4. It's a fun concept. At the very least, it's going to lead to some entertaining headcanons where the fate of the planet is decided by a couple of people drawing straws. More seriously, I'm not sure that Honor's champion is something that can just be "appointed." It seems likely that the champion needs to have a strong Connection to Honor (not that it isn't possible for someone like that to exist in Kharbranth, but we haven't met them. Taravangian is better Connected to Preservation, if I remember correctly).
  5. There's a lot I don't get about the Diagram, too. With that said, I think I can answer at least one or two of these... First point: Yeah, the Diagram was made by a complete sociopath. There's not much else I can say here, really. Second point: Sorry, but we actually know from the epigraphs that Taravangian was aiming for "the essential of Preservation." He couldn't think up a future where Odium was defeated, so he fell back on making sure humanity as a whole didn't go extinct. If that decision frustrates you, good. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to. Third point: I wonder the same thing. The nightwatcher definitely seems like the type to have an angle here; I'd love to see a moment when Taravangian realizes that his empathy was more important. We'll see, though, trying to guess at the future of a Branderson novel can be trickier than interpreting the Diagram. Fourth point: ...yeah, I got nothing. Odium specifically says that Taravangian wrote that without any ability to see the future, too. In a theoretical sense, there's nothing wrong with the idea that enough intelligence could deduce things like that. We talk about "randomness," but that's just an illusion. Every natural process is just a matter of cause and effect. A thorough enough understanding of the system you're studying lets you travel up and down that cause and effect chain at will. However, it's also established that Taravangian doesn't understand people's motivations well when he's intelligent, because of his lack of empathy. It seems like that would be a huge block on his ability to make these predictions or inferences, but that's just me.
  6. This is true. However, it seems like Odium has some amount of control over how and where it does the most damage. If he wanted to destroy Shinovar, the Everstorm could probably get it done, I think.
  7. Well, not necessarily. The contours of Niagara Falls have changed dramatically in just the past century (it didn't always look like a horseshoe), and an argument could be made that the Everstorm will actually cause changes faster than Niagara has. That's not continent-sized change in one lifetime or anything, but I don't think we're talking millions of years either.
  8. I love trying theories like this out. With that said, bear in mind that one of her truths which advanced her bond with Pattern was that she had killed her father. It is unlikely that Pattern would have let her get away with that if Lin Davar had not been her real father. So now, we have to work in that she was, what? The product of an affair between Lin and another woman who we quite possibly haven't met yet? Seems untenable.
  9. Ah, congratulations. Yes, the cytonic hyperdrive does seem to be the FTL engine. The only question now is if Doomslug is capable of operating it, or if Branderson is just throwing us another red herring. On a side note, who's your favorite non-M-Bot side character?
  10. Gotcha. I will remind you that you are currently on the spoiler board, though I'm trying my best not to give you any more than my original post might have had.
  11. Yes, I think that's confirmed... Have you finished the book?
  12. Defending Elysium spoilers ahead.
  13. I'd 100% just go by Killjoy. It's, uh, it's actually the name that me and my sisters came up with when we were picking "agent" names. Which we still call each other by on occasion. The others are Agent C (agency) and Agent Sunshine. I have a strange family, and I fit right in.
  14. [Insert obligatory You Say Run joke here] Are we including the second series here? If so,
  15. Bear in mind, when Kell interacted with insane (broken) people in secret history, they could kind of hear him, but not see him. And Vin did, on some level, hear what he said. Brandon put in several instances where Vin's thoughts in HoA echo what Kell was saying to her according to SH. Most notably, I suppose, is when he warned her against visiting Hoid (Drifter), but his monologue as she takes Preservation for herself is practically word for word what the narration in HoA says as well.