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  1. Apologies for not posting earlier this cycle Firstly- very glad kas ended up being villager after straight up asking me to drop a vote on him in pms. Secondly- thoughts on Kas' mega post in case striker happens to be evil. Which, I admit is becoming a legitimate concern of mine given that if he's villager, its game( - village would have had 4 of their own nominated, leaving elims with a max of 3 of their own on the team). It really really bothers me that there's only one vote not on him. Perhaps the elims got unlucky and are full of inactives, but i suspect otherwise. If strikers good, then yay! woo! Celebrations! But if not. Then there be problem. would be very telling though! But then its also like, if striker was evil, why no hammer on his direction? Probably because the elims were probably either asleep, or had already voted. Additionally, Kas being nominated wouldn't be a huge loss to the elims since he a good chatty player. So kas was super suspicious of fifth. I admit after talking to kas in pms, I was quite suspicious too. If striker is evil, that'll shed good light on fifth, but I feel like regardless there'll still be a lot of uncertainty around them. I do acknowledge though that confirmed good doesn't mean confirmed right so we could've very well been very wrong about fifth, i guess time will tell? Given the arguing between fifth and striker, i get the impression that they are definitely highly likely not evil together so there's that. So yeah. not many thoughts but thoughts never the less. Looks like strikers the one being nominated unless something drastic happens in the next hour heh. but yeah. Im worried that strikers going up too easy. waaay too easy. This game is also weird in that theres what. 11 players left? But it's like there's only 6.
  2. Vote Tally: Striker (3): Bard, Kas, Straw Kas (1): Wonko, Wonko (1): Fifth -------- So, if i'm honest, i'm more than happy with a striker nomination. My current thoughts- The corrupted either need to get one of their own nominated this cycle, or ensure they all become trusted enough peoples that they can guarantee they can get one of their own in each cycle for the rest of this game. My thought process: If striker is village, then primarily fifth, and secondarily now Wonko, are the players who are directing attention elsewhere with votes atm. Which has a suspicious feel to it. Now that being said, if striker flips evil i'd probably be a little more inclined to trust them both considerably more. And again, all that being said, I'm cautious about Wonko, but both striker and Kas I personally trust. And if a striker nomination is going to net us info, my head goes "well how can we maximize the amount of info we gain?" and for some reason, the answer was "lets make it a closer match and see what happens!" soooo yeah. Kas
  3. Okay weekend of chaos done, now to try to actually analyse stuff! Okay so I've been tracking peoples votes just as an ease of access thing, so figured i'd share that: Player | Who they have voted for (in chronological order) (colours to show the alignments we currently know) Rath: Aman Aman: Aman, Aman, Rath Burnt: Bard, Pejidot Kas: Wibble, Xino, Stink, Fifth, Aman, Fifth, Straw, Bard Fifth: Striker, Burnt, Rath, Burnt Striker: Striker, Aman, Aman, Rath, Aman, Kas Wonko:Kas, Bard, Rath, Fifth Bard: Bard, Stink, Wibble, Aman, Striker Coda: Bard, Kas, Bard, Fifth Pejidot: Aman GoWibble: Stink Straw: El, El, El At this point I'd be content with either Kas fifth or Striker being nominated tbh. To be decided later though. I am exhausted and need sleep >> Again apologies for my major drop in activity over the last two cycles- I should have a bit more time to try focus on the game from here on out now the assignments are out of the way.
  4. Sorry for not resoonding fifth, im currently a little overwhelmed with getting final assessment stuff done which is all due shortly after this cycle ends so, tad busy >> im fairly certain i dont have time to do much analysis until after thats done but if i find a moment where i can afford to procrastinate a little ill try but i may not get to posting again this cycle. Ill try but yeahhh....
  5. Well then. Hey, At least it was only one this time and not three >> welp. but hey, information is gained! Now we can vote in more informed manners! siiigh okay well that makes bard a tad suspicious considering that last minute vote then. blarh im tired and don't want to think through all the implications this means >> ill comment tomorrow >>
  6. Vote tally: Aman(2): Rath, Striker Kas (2): Wonko, Coda{2} Stink (2): GoWibble, Kas{3} Burnt (1): Fifth{2} Elbereth(1): Straw Pejidot (1): Burnt{2} Bard (0): Burnt{1}, Coda{1} gowibble(0): Kas{1} Striker (0): Fifth{1} Xino(0): Kas{2} Post counts! Kas: 5 Aman: 4 Bard: 4 GoWibble: 3 Striker:2 Fifth: 2 Coda: 2 Burnt: 2 Straw: 1 Wonko: 1 Rath: 1 Stink: 1 No posters: @xinoehp512, @Pejidot, @Aragorn --- Okay thoughts: current concern is that the two current candidates for being put inot the fellowship? They talky players. In fairness, talking is what helps us get to trust people but. There's a concern yknow that getting rid of talky people thiiis early? ehhhh thats dangerous. Also Bard. I'm trying to decide what i want my vote doing. Admitably i'm very very tempted to roll a dice and choose someone entirely random which may be a terrible idea but, eh. EH. EEH! Or just someones whos not spoken at all hmm. Cause are there people i trust ish right now? Yeah! But I don't want to 'kill' off those trusts right now its a problem. Hm. Yeah lets go with.... Pejidot! I'd love to hear if you have any thoughts about this game and if theres anyone you trust so far or if theres anyone that makes your eyes narrow a smidge in suspicion
  7. Alrighty then, round 2, here we go! With the changes, i think it'll still be quite important that we all do our best to vote in ways that don't allow for any hammering. At least the soothe isn't going to interfere now but yeah. I think it would be good to see nominations with perhaps 3+ votes on them so that when they go through, theres more information. Idk lets just see how it all goes heh --- This was a task of great importance. Tinuial would happily give her aide to the success of the mission, but they had been requested to nominate others. She did not yet know those around her, so her eyes were drawn to another Elf who stood amongst the gathering of people. The messenger representing the Mirkwood Elves "Myself I am no great fighter. Yet It is my wish that amongst those that take upon themselves this quest, there is a mix of all races in attendance. As such, I propose that Phellom, a fellow elf, may be granted a place with those travelling as the representative of our kind. They have done well to travel here on there own, and so I have faith that they would do well on this journey as well."
  8. Well that was an interesting and unexpected cycle. Enjoyed the time i had with that team, and i'm looking forward to what this means for round 2! Definitely still playing and since Tinuial didn't actually do any evil stuff herself i'll be keeping her as my character. Also many thanks to kas for the rp times in the pms- really enjoyed that. Sad to see you go but its understandable given your workload and the sheer amount of effort you were needing to dedicate to this. Tinuial wishes Kavan all the best
  9. A mottled gathering of wanderers, gathered from near and far. Gathered together around a small piece of metal with a power and weight greater than the dwarven army combined. Decisions to be made, a journey to attain. From humble hobbits and wanderers to dwarves and elfs. A strange bunch to be candidates to take this ring of power to be destroyed. Tinuiel pulled her journal out of her satchel and opened it up to a new page. In it she began to write her thoughts surrounding those who spoke. Beren - a bold man. First to speak, first to nominate himself. A leader in nature perhaps. Evidently a fighter. There will certainly be times in this journey where such a thing will be needed. But men lust for power, who can say a creature like himself would not fight to take the ring for his own. Scar - Hobbit. A strange creature. Drunk. Violent. Unpredictable. Current bearer of the ring. Concerning. Questionable motives. Has the ring already taken effect or is this their usual state? Kavan - A brave man wishing aide for his home. He possesses wisdom that is born from experience. His priorities lie with his King and his homeland which may be problematic however his reluctance to participate make speak well for his ability to resist the draw of the ring. Coda - They have an admirable enthusiasm although may be a bit too eager. Their passion could be good for keeping up the moral of the group. Skill with stealth may also prove useful. Dronlir - Attendant of the large dwarf. His strength may prove useful and his willingness to help someone else as an attendant may be a positive indicator of his nature Bombur - The entirely too large dwarf. Would be a poor edition to the party. No horse should have to deal with carrying him, and being able to ration food on a long journey is crucial for survival. Is proving to have a nature of greed, at least when it comes to food so may be a risk to have near the ring. However, is the first of us to nominate a name other than their own which is quite admirable The Sane one - the first to begin inquiring into the genuineness of those around them Striker - A honest sounding man. Amnesiac- may be a boon or a bane. We shall have to see. Tinuiel realized that no other soul had spoken than those she had listed so far. Only half. She was sure that the others would speak soon though. Perhaps she should speak herself. But no. For now she wanted to observe so her decisions may be informed ones.
  10. Oh yeah, my character btw: Cosmetic role: Clandestine Attendee Tinuial is a Elven woman of a solitary nature. She is never seen without her note book, in which she keeps her thoughts, both reflective and creative. I may or may not have plans to try write parodies for once in a long time. We'll see if that actually happens or just poetry. We'll see
  11. Hellooo I be joining! I'll be rping but still have to decide on a character so that'll come later
  12. Elbereth was the handler. Elbereth. Wilson being spy, okay sure- good job btw and all that. But el was the handler? Wait what??? O_o that. Huh. Okay. Well then. Well that was a great game, thanks hael and kas for running this. I had a lot of fun being evil, got to be evil with alv for longer than one cycle, which is a record! Now just need to be evil together again and both survive past cycle 2! Also love that we all forgot that we only had to outnumber village and were planning for the scenario where they all needed to be killed >> definitely read the rules i swear >> Definitely love the assasination round. Giving village the opportunity to have a cycle where they can be trolls is awesome Love love loved the writeups and the rp that came out of this game. Even though being a qf doing a lot of rp was a bit challenging, this game as a whole and the people in it and all the rp kinda felt like being back at home in the eaarly days. Though also it blew my mind at one point when i realised Elandera had never played with Wilson before and that people existed who hadn't played with the players i played with when i was still a kid in school and now im like. Woah. Im an old player. And old player still terrified of voting in thread and being vocal Anyways i need sleep as usual so if i remember thouhts theyll come but yeah Twas a fun week. I wanna go again can we have a part c lol
  13. Oh my appologies! Striker ------ On a serious note, I will be going with Stink because i don't have any better ideas
  14. To be fair wilson, if you call this cycle 6, then you've participated in 3 cycles, which is half the game. Quick games are very quick! If this were a midrange or long game, I'd have wanted you to survive a lot longer than 2 cycles for sure. And even though you were only alive two cycles, you did an amazing job of reading whos evil and whos not and was really refreshing to see you in thread again. I really do hope to see you ingame again <3 Okay so here are my thoughts: 1. Wilson: right out of the gate she was suspicious of not only one, but two of us eliminators. That being said, i consider her a legendary tier player- it would not be out of character for her to simply be that right so quickly. Additionally if she was the spy i think shed have put attention on a villager as well and not have come out and talked about only elims that quickly. Although perhaps her goal was to remove alv then be stealthy after but i don't think that is the case. So i think she was just being a very good player, and not the spy. 2- stink was the only villager to ever vote for me. While elandera and alvs names were getting thrown around mine never was mentioned until stink. Who then died. 3- following on to that i feel like the spy may have died fairly early on- again basing this off of the fact that no one was coming after me. There was definitely no spy in the last 6 players. Elanderas name got thrown around a lot, and this may have been the result of the spy handler so id say the spy would be someone who at least mentioned elandera, and that may being agreeing with someone elses view on them -not necessarily initiating the discussion them If its not stink then its definitely an early death person
  15. Elbereh was my favourite villager. Definitely the spy ;P