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  1. Wooo! I very much enjoyed my self built role of the PM Spider. Sorry for making you waste two kills on me Elandera Although I admit i'm a little pleased that I concerned you enough to do so. You had terrible luck this game and its a shame you weren't able to get another conversion off (would've thrown me and my pming into utter chaos of terrified paranoia though, which would've been delightfully fun, and you would've had a new buddy so your doc wouldn't have been so quiet, but alas it was not to be...). You did well for sounding villagery though, to the point that i'd discarded some things i'd found suspicious of you because I didn't find you sus enough to properly focus on (so i ended up forgetting about the whole being the only player to differentiate between the coinshot and inquiziboi kill in my pm questions). Also sorry straw for the literal hundreds of pms I guess you see now why Alv noped out of being included in them when I asked Also y'all were waaay too free with information in pms. Was very useful for me but PM SAFETY GUYS XD Pretty quickly I knew more roles than fifth, the seeker, did, and i didn't need to scan anyone to get them its probably a good thing for village that there wasn't any more conversions because a lot of information had been shared around in pms Good job on hael for the ninja reflexes on the protects. Also kinda insane and lucky that you the lurcher was fifths first scan. I enjoyed working with you guys too Also thanks to everyone for everyone else for tolerating my pms and questions and the occasional moment of insanity. @Doc12- I've already spoken to you RE: your thoughts on you in this game, but i'll say again here, that you got me three peoples roles. That was enough for us to nail down the list of suspects and bring it down to a very, very small list. Also remember that not every games going to be your best play. One game you may be an instrumental player and play a big part, the next game you may just be cannon fodder. What matters is that you can take a step back and think about how you can grow and improve, what could you have done better, or maybe it was poor luck and nothing would have changed, what matters is that you keep trying. Don't give up pup. Also this game wasn't exactly a normal game as far as games go, so your play style may be great in a game with more things happening in thread. And last but not least, THANK YOU STRAW FOR RUNNING THIS GAME (and tolerating the pm spammage). I had a lot of fun and it is good to be back
  2. *applause* Very well done Drake! This amount of bloodshed pleases me Also, Alvs jail RP is my new favourite thing
  3. Welp that was the only idea I had. Now I'm scared. This is when things go bad. So many publicly claimed mistings. Oh boy. Ruin spare us. Also that tag? Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh i groan at thee sire.
  4. My percentages on people. Note that these are predominately based on pm interactions. The lower the percentage, the less i suspect them- 0% is full trust, 100% is full suspicion with 50% being neutral I will note that these percentages may not necessarily make sense to you from just what i’ve written. Assume that there's probably confidential information that I would rather not share at this point Me - Cant comment really but i was attacked which at least soft clears me I would hope Haelbarde - 29% - Pms with hael i’ve gotten a good village read from. Snipexe - 25% claimed misting in thread. I believe it. Also seemed pretty willing to do an Aman to help get us more info so Imo i read village on them Lumgol - 30% fairly inactive. I also suspect that they could easily be the second tineye as we’ve been only getting one message for the last while, which imo would clear Lum. Shanerockes - 25% Has been very open with me since I was attacked and I got a strong village vibe from them Doc - 10% Doc has known the identity of a misting for some time, yet that misting never died. Also pms have rang strongly village Elandera - 29% Pms have felt villagery Fifth - 5% at this point I almost fully trust fifth based on being attacked by the inquisitor and improbability of being a WGG Devotary - 55% As fifth pointed out, there's a lot of NAI stuff with Devotary. I also got a similar vibe in the few pms we had. Rath - 30% post my attack has been very open Bard - 15% according to doc bard knows the identity of another misting so the same logic i used for doc would apply here. But my pms with bard have also been very villagery Sart - 25% This is mostly cause of the public claim Stink - 45% Stink is notoriously hard to read. He is consistent, gotta give him that. ---- So, y’all may notice that there's a lot of people i trust there.. And not really any super suspicious people for me. The largest percentages being Devotary, followed by Stink, with Lum and Rath tied for 3rd. So Devotary is currently my top suspect. Maybe they haven't done anything super suspicious this game. But frankly no one really has. What concerns me the most with Devotary is that in pms, I got a change of vibe from them as soon as Fifth had done that post going after dev. Previously Dev’s sounded very guarded to me. Will happily answer any questions I asked but as i said, felt quite guarded. Nothing really alignment indicative. After Fifths post, they started pming me to be a little more open. Information wise its again nothing super suspicious. But I feel like they’ve gotten scared. And that concerns me that all of a sudden they go from guarded to trying to be open and helpful and transparent as soon as eyes start shifting their way. Sure no one wants to die. But again, this still concerns me. Devotary, I do appreciate your attempt to try gain more trust and be open, but i feel like the timing is concerning. For this reason I’m voting for you. I’ll send you a pm as well about something as well
  5. I opened a pm with araris during the last cycle to ask a couple questions (basically the same questions ive asked everyone else ive pmed) Apparently, other than his pm with stink which he said was pretty dead, i was the only other person to pm him. So imo i reckon it would be something more based off thread. I also suspect that the inquisitor may have figured that snipxe may have been getting protected following the in thread misting claim so chose to go after someone who may not be getting protected instead?
  6. Whoever the inquisitor is, i almost feel sorry for you with how bad your luck has been this game. Either the attacks get blocked or they hit a non-misting. And that doc of yours must be lonely.. You seem to have done a good job of staying hidden yourself tho so good job there! Also that tineye message? Love. Very nice Hm. As for suspicions, i need to do more thinking.
  7. Wow everything seems to want me dead all at once. Within a period of 12 hours i get injured irl, killed in the qf and attacked in this? i am amused Hm. Now why would i be attacked. I dont post much in thread so it would quite likely be due to a pm interaction. Now while i have quite a number of pms open theres only a small handful of people i actively talk to. And haels description of me being a pm spider has certainly been true. Ive had a number of people confide in me and give me information about others. Ive also been nosy and tried baiting info out of some others. Ive also refused to tell anyone my own role, which may have lead to people assuming I must have a role worth hiding. So i can see multiple reasons for someone in my core pm group to kill me (potential role, info hub, info baiting/probing questions). I would also like to thank the person who gave me protection. No im not a thug. So. I feel like someone ive pmed may have been the one targetting me but right now i do not have a clue as to who Believe it or not, while i wholeheartedly agree docs acted suspicoously a lot (i mean in my pms with him over the night there was banter involving accusing him of being evil and then i got attacked, i have plenty of reason to believe hes evil) but i actually somewhat believe hes just a vanilla villager? I dunno i may comment later on my thoughts cause for now im doing a lot of reviewing.
  8. *Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss*
  9. I reckon that that gal uhhh whats her name... miss set it all on fire. oh yeah. Bernette Auldoun (thas me!) would make a good governor cause she'd yknow do a lot of thinking? and then no one would be arrested cause shes the indecisivest one who definitely would make full use of that power and all that mhm. yep. that old fellow talks too properly and that other fellow talks too logically. Ill bring chaos and probably will vote incorrectly always! Yeah i don't want to be govenor and ill hiss at anyone that nominates me, just throwing that out there!
  10. RE solf clearing people in the chain. Thats a hard no. I agree with stink there. Absolutely not. If anyone in the chain doesnt pass it on or edits the message at all, then its really easy to track where in the chain that happened. Everyone before hand in the chain will instantly be extremely suspicious. The only person id consider soft clearing for the chain would be the first person its sent to because theres a chance they couldve been scanned too, but theres no way of knowing whos first in the chain- the seeker could easily pretend to be a random number in the chain passing ot along and couldve started at any number. So no one in the chain can be cleared or not otherwise.
  11. A confirmed eliminator in thread? This could be a fun cycle. Randiur
  12. Siiiigh and yeah i did get the notification from the edit My thoughts on stink? My pms with him have mostly been about pming. Though he mentioned being distracted by irl stuff so hadnt been eyeing anyone with suspicions when i last asked if he had any, tho that was just over a full day ago that i asked so idk.
  13. *pouts* why d'ya have to drag me out of my cozy pm cave for Haven't had thoughts i felt were worth posting, though i've been talky in pms I'll happily respond to any questions if people wanted to ask me stuff though.
  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE GAME NOW
  15. Ooooooooh now youve gone and gotten my hopes up because that would be delightfully fun