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  1. I accept this name. I will be sure to make use of this name in the future. thanks! I had a lot of fun with them. I never really had a reason to use them for anything actually strategic but was a good chance to do some rp and play with insanity. I'm glad people enjoyed them <3 Twineyes forever. I'm glad you enjoyed the messages. And thanks for letting me hijack yours as well I had fun blind trusting you when I had no good reason and it was great to see the original master phisher back in action Twas a good reminder of why back in the olden days pm safety was such an important thing. Twas cause of folks like you You are welcome to the position of pm Spider. I don't have the energy to do that reliably I had a few games where I was able to phish the roles out of everyone and be problematic, so I've proven to myself i can do it if i wanted to, but I'm now old and lazy so, please, take the responsibility from me I just wanna chill and have fun with friends ---- And finally, @Kasimir. Dude. Great game. There are reasons i will sign up to any game you run if i have the chance You are a really engaging gm and you pour your heart into these games and the writeups and it shows. You did a fantastic job even with all the pressures you are dealing with. I am proud of you. You got through it! NOW YOU BETTER MAKE USE OF THE NEWLY FREED TIME TO GET SOME SLEEP BETWEEN YOUR WORK CASES OKAY??? AND DONT FORGET TO HYDRATE. Also @Wyrmhero it was great to see you again. Has been a long time, and I hope you've been well. Thank you for the cycles of entertainment of pestering our gm so we didn't have to and risk suffering consequences
  2. Drawing pictured in gearlings post end of last page, drawn at his request (LG74)
  3. Rosanna stared at her wall, the red paint now dry. It had not covered everything. This was to be expected when one haphazardly throws a liquid at a wall. A few names remained unblemished. A few portraits remained only partially blemished. One she stared at. It had been on the edge of the splash zone, with only trickles of red obscuring parts. Her knees ached. Her shoulders stiff and sore. How long had she been here staring... You know they will find you She sighed a heavy sigh and looked down at her feet. They were bare, dirty, and splotches with paint like the rest of her. I know. I know they will. Hope is gone. Gone... Gone gone gone!! All gone, friends! Friends gone She lifted her eyes back to the portrait. Marll No. Friend friend!! Twineye!! NO. He's. I can't. Friend! No little one. Spiked. Spiked can't be friend? It's. Complicated. Well I think Marlls nice. Roko liked him too. Roko called him Maia. Maia... She sighed again. Roko. Another good friend lost to the hands of spiked and their honeyed words. What friends did she have left now? Marll and Wei were the two left she was closest too. Of course they are both spiked. You are drawn to them. You should not be surprised. I don't- Friends! Don't. They are nice! Especially Twineye! You only trusted those who were His. Shut up. No. You need to face the truth. Truth! Theres been so many lies! Lies lies lies lies! Face buried in arms, gaze broken away from the portraits. She pulled her knees in closer. Rose. Its time.
  4. Tbh I ignored it most of the game only started mentioning it last night
  5. Roseanna did not leave her room. She did not even order food. She did not want to see another human being for as long as she could help it. This was bad. So bad. Chairs against door. Broom at door. Empty paint cans under her window sil. Wet paint everywhere. The landlady would kill her for this. But why should she care. For all she knew the landlady was one of them. One of the spiked. Hopeless. Fear. Panic. Artwork surrounded her. Shades of red and black. Artwork not confined to pages and canvas. The floors and walls. Words. Names. Names underlined in red. Names crossed out. Portraits. A face for each. She hated them all. She hated those who died. Why couldn't they have been right. Why couldn't the dead be those that hunt us. She hated those who were alive. They had all failed. They were wrong. There was so much cruelty and hurt. So many friends dead. She picked up a fresh container of red paint and walked to her wall of names. She paused for a breath. And threw her paint. As it dripped down the wall, obscuring names, she let out a scream filled with rage and fear. Everything had been ruined.
  6. thread really woke up for the end of cycle huh
  7. Araris(5): TJ, Ash, Hael, illwei, dev Devotary(4): Stick, Mail, Elandera, fifth Stick(1): Araris for the sake of taking further away from a tie araris
  8. either that or theyve got a phisher and people do that thing where pm safety is of myths and legends
  9. This is true. It is approaching bedtimes. But I have things to doooo..... And I ran out of snacks
  10. Trusts: illwei, ash, stink Though maill is in my like "kinda paranoid that is completely evil and probably is but I've committed to trusting him and I want him to be village" category. And that's probably purely because of his tineyeness if I'm honest. Tineyes are great and I really hope neither are evil. I realise we have two tineyes in play so If we lose one it's not the end of the world, but C'mon guys, PM's are my lifeblood (that I've severely neglected this game >> )
  11. Dude that would be the best. I want that to happen. Kas why didn't you make us both tineyes and make us both evil that would be amazing!
  12. Sweet! Wyrm, Wyl, and yknow sure, lets add in Wyrmimir! Aint that just Quacckers. Quacc. Quaccamole? .....Quaccamole....