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  1. Truthwatcher for the win!! Glad that being a radiant truthwatcher spren all this time wasn't in vain hahahahhaha
  2. Also Decidueye has a hoodie! And a unique move that does damage and also impedes the other pokemon from running away! Hoodie! (spoiler for large image) Grass starters for life <3 (except for Sinnoh that one's Piplup <3)
  3. Actually, the first image is a chart for another Rosharan magic system, commonly tought being Voidbinding but it hasn't been confirmed IIRC, while the one in the second post is the Surgebinding chart.
  4. @CaptainRyanbut when the sand recharges it turns from black to white, I know this way doesn't make much sense from what we know but hoid might be able to recharge it somehow by infusing it with Investiture through some other magic system @PallonianFire Yolish Lightweaving is different, here he is simply throwing stuff in the air, when he is Lightweaving he creates images, like when he is telling the Wandersail story to Kaladin.
  5. I was rereading Warbreaker today and came by this: Since I've read White Sand just a few days ago it did tickle my brain if the white and black sands Hoid used could be from Taldain. It's nothing big but it could be an easter egg like Mraize's white sand bottle, since we have got that also before the graphic novel release. I just thought to share it to see what you guys think and if someone managed to get Brandon to answer in a signing or something if it's actual Taldain sand or just some other regular sand. Oh and also, how does Life Sense permit someone to sense the minds of objects wanting to be Awakened? Vivenna metions often how she can feel the objects wanting to be alive again, besides peoples presence. Thats why I think it is Life Sense that does that. What are your thoughts?
  6. Well, in Brazilian portuguese we generally call it abacaxi though there is a variety called ananas. It also might just be regionalism calling it abacaxi.
  7. And also during the SoS tour it was confirmed that Endowment is female, i just don't remember which thread here the WoB is in.
  8. Yes, but since the True Desolation already started and that's theoretically the last one, once it's over they will be able to rebuild and finally study without a desolation showing up and throwing them back to the Stone Age once in a while. And depending on how this desolation ends they may not be set far back too much on the state of humanity and civilization.
  9. The Surge Illumination on the Ars Arcanum of WoR is said to be the Surge of Light, Sound and various waveforms. We┬┤ve already seen the manipulation of light to create illusions, and Pattern has said that Shallan could use sound to make her illusions talk for themselves, also possibly letting Shallan alter her own voice just as Pattern does. But these are only two uses of a power that should be able to control many different types of waveforms. So my theory is that this Surge can manipulate mechanical and electromagnetic waves such as microwaves, X-rays, ultraviolet, and even maybe shock waves.Giving the Lightweavers and Truthwatchers more abilities that are less passive such as being able to manipulate these weaves to magnify shocks waves to create (small) earthquakes, use sound to shatter objects (like the thunderclasts rock bodies and the carapaces of voidbringers) by reaching the frequency that the atoms of the object vibrate, and microwaves to possibly communicate between Knights of the two orders or create heat to warm people or objects . However even if this is possible I reckon it would only be seen by the time the Scadrians have FTL travel and visit Roshar, since now the Rosharans knowledge in physics seems not advanced enough for them to be able to access this part of the surge without just stumbling upon it. Any thoughts?
  10. Greetings 17th Sharders, I've read the Mistborn series, Stormlight Archives, and more, I have been lurking on the forum for some time now and finally decided to show up. Would like to discuss Cosmere and others, enjoy discussions with you all on the future with new book releases and theories.