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  1. @Elbereth (I don't know how to quote from another thread) To be entirely honest, I hadn't read through your post thoroughly and missed that bit '^^ My bad, but thanks for responding! Does the election of a new Senator happen this cycle or the next night cycle?
  2. Awww yiss, one eliminator down... even if all those votes piling up on him did seem a little odd. Just wish he'd been active so we could go back and re-analyze his (nonexistent) posts. d: Elenion, it does seem odd to me that you don't mind leaving the Senate. If I was on the Senate, I'd want to stay on there, regardless of the fact that it would make me a bigger target for the eliminators, because I know that I'm a villager and getting recalled would mean opening up a spot for someone whose alignment I don't know. Frankly, I can't see any reason for someone to be OK with being recalled, unless your win con isn't associated with the Senate's composition. (So... Derethi.) I'm not accusing you- not by a long shot- but I am a little confused. Also, to make sure I have things straight: lynches are the only thing that happen during day cycles, then night cycles is when both elections, both eliminations, and all the role-specific actions take place (if there are any)??
  3. Fair enough; so long as we don't completely discount the idea of him being cultist or Derethi.
  4. It's been over a year since I've played SE, and honestly, I made that post with what I could remember of those past games in mind. I remembered making the mistake of not posting/contributing enough in one game, as well as all the (reasonable, yet misdirected) suspicion that that brought down on me. I saw that this game had started, and I was eager to avoid making the same mistake. I do agree that what I posted was little better than posting nothing at all, though; while poke votes certainly have their use, we don't have much time in this game, and the qualifier I attached to mine effectively rendered it useless. So, yes, I was voting just to be seen voting, but it was due to self-doubt and it's not a mistake I'll be making again. You're right- we can't afford to place "meatless" votes, so to speak. [troy bolton voice] We've gotta work, work, work this out... Ahem. Anyway, as such, I'll remove my vote from eramit for now (note: this is not because I said I would when eramit replied, but because of the above reasons). Cloudjumper, I still find your strong reaction to Bard's poke smelling a little fishy, and your explanations leave a lot to be desired. (Although, @eramit, I do find it odd to declare that you think Bard is innocent without sharing any of your reasoning. Care to elaborate?)
  5. [ Lime sat in a comfortable chair and contemplated the horrendous crimes of fashion that were so rampant in today's society. That cloak with those shoes? Tsk, tsk. Embarrassing. Not to mention that she had heard the most outlandish name just earlier. "Kolokolo Kolo," the person had called themselves. What had their parents been thinking? Adjusting her flamboyant, feathered hat, Lime began to imagine the many scenarios in which the name Kolokolo Kolo could cause considerable confusion and found herself becoming incredibly jealous of this stranger. Maybe it was time she consider renaming herself... perhaps "Sulesule Sule"? No, no, that was too similar. Originality was a virtue, after all. Hmm... ] Well, this is off to a pretty busy start!! I'm going to place a friendly poke vote on Eramit (because you have no replies or votes yet), which I'll happily rescind after you make your first reply!
  6. hmm, they're a little big on me, but I've heard that over on Roshar oversized boots are the latest fad. I trade in my second chocolate fudge poptart. I can never eat both of them...
  7. I LOVE CRITICAL ROLE. I'm a few episodes behind, but I'm working on catching up. I normally watch it live. All the characters are so good, and I love the actors just as much tbh. Laura and Travis are adorable and beautiful beyond reason, and Sam is so rusting hilarious it's unreal.
  8. No worries!! I'm just glad you thought to ask c: I was just going to go at it alone haha!
  9. Thanks!!
  10. Heyyy!! I just got on for the first time in ages so a profile remodel was necessary, but it's previously Spooky Eowyn here. thanks for messaging me on tumblr @Slowswift!! My nanowrimo name is okayfaramir and I'm all set up and ready to join the cabin if you could send an invite! c:
  11. when there's wayne, there's pain

  12. I have a friend who got WoR early because her mom was a librarian... XD
  13. Cool!! I'm coming JFSB, yes?
  14. So who all's going to be there?
  15. "wayne get out of my closet I don't have any hats"

  16. They are half sisters. Marasi is illegitimate, and so they pretend to be cousins.
  17. ooh, that's right.... that is a significant bummer. Oh, well. We already have most of wayne's backstory... the details will come with time, I'm sure..... Okay, I just can't stop thinking about this.... Wayne will know almost exactly how she's feeling, given his past. I bet, if it does bother Marasi (which I'm sure it will), she'll go to Wayne for comfort. Or they'll at least talk about it to each other, have another heart to heart.
  18. I am so freaking in love with Wayne, it's not even funny. We got a little bit of his backstory!!! (Sidenote: his and Wax's bro-ness is probably the best thing ever. having gotten a sneak peek of the beginning of their relationship makes it about 20% cooler.) I've been wondering what would happen if Wayne were to do this.... is this new information, or was I just out of the loop?
  19. Awesome, I can probably make it this time! Woah, people camp outside the bookstore a week ahead of time?!? Why...? do the people earliest in line get to meet Brandon or something? Or do they run out of copies?
  20. "In my friend group, whenever goldeen shows up, you always have to bow to her. So everyone has to just kneel down until she disappears. And if you hit anyone while goldeen is out, you have to just go off the edge… it’s turned into this thing where goldeen is actually like, the god of this game." —tyler joseph on super smash bros

  21. “Fantastic,” remarked Finner, standing as Exisa rushed out of the inn. The man was too short and too loud. Finn moved to follow the Coinshot outisde, but as he approached the door, a girl burst inside. He recognized her immediately as the one from earlier- the one who the bandits had been after. “There’s trouble on the street!” she cried. When wasn’t there, though? “My friend! He’s been shot!” That would be the older, Terris fellow who had saved her earlier, most likely. Finner made eye contact with Kherstor. “I’ll get her to safety if you go get the other guy,” he said. He hated to let Exisa out of his sight, but there was nothing to be done about it. Protecting the girl was more important right now. When Kherstor agreed, Finn turned to the girl. “Don’t know why, but someone’s after you. Better follow me.” Of course, Finner thought as he grabbed her arm and led her up the inn's stairs, he had his suspicions as to why the fight had been centered around her. The one thing he was certain about, though, was that it was likely best to not leave her alone. He'd have to stick with her for now. It made him itch not knowing what was going on outside, but if he hurried, he would be able to see the action out of the window of his room. Make sure Exisa didn't stab anyone and the like.
  22. sorry this took so long I've been traveling n such, with unreliable wifi and persistent writer's block. and then I finally sat down to write it and got distracted reading wayne/marasi fanfiction what Unodus, if you think Kherstor would have reacted differently to Finner, lmk. It's not that big of a deal to rewrite. c:
  23. Storms, well, I typed out my post and then accidentally went back a page. so sorry, but basically I just got wifi yesterday and I'm traveling again starting wednesday soooo yeah basically a ditto of my other post, I'm still going to be hecka busy n such and my posting will probably be very sporadic. At least I'll be posting now, though. yet another "I am here" post from Eo sorry
  24. Aaand I'm back. though there's no guarantee I'll be able to be active still

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