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  1. Is this even possible?
  2. Personally I'm least interested in Shallan's POV mainly because of what's her problem which is basically multiple personality disorder or something similar. Unlike Kal's POV which tackles depression and Dalinar's which is becoming better (?), I am much more familiar in their situation. Shallan is... kind of weird when I read her part, and the "Taking her over" situations are really confusing for me to understand it since I am not sure how these things work.
  3. Ah, I can see your point since it was a desperate moment and they went to Bond just to survive. But still, my point is that I was disappointed since I was hoping it would have been Dabbid or Rlain. Oh well.
  4. I agree that only Windrunners are capable of "lending" the Shardplate or parts of it to someone for protection part. Since they are Windsprens, they could move about very fast. This could mean that there are other capabilities of Shardplates per Order. Also the always wearing part is quite the same to Shardblades. Since they basically "bonded" non Radiant sprens for Shardplate almost the same but not entirely to bonding a Radiant Spren for a Shardblade.
  5. I agree that making Navani the bondsmith is a disappointing part. I was hoping Dabbid would be the one who will bond the Sibling since he was the first contact and he is not a Radiant. Also Navani and the Sibling contradicts each other since the Sibling doesn't want the spren to be "used" like what Navani is doing in her projects.
  6. Possible, how do they draw a line to the "SIDE" part too. There is too much grey area right now.
  7. I totally agree that Odium will go for a Tie. Since by Winning and Losing for him would hold him in Roshar and he very much wanted to be free from it to "Save all humanity" (which means humanity in all of Cosmere). The terms are these: 1. "A contest of Champions to the death." - This is Mr. T's Key. What if there would be a way for one Champion to not be able to kill the other one? Or both? This will make it Draw. Remember, Champion is not tied to a Human or a Singer... a Champion could be SOMETHING ELSE entirely. This is not in the terms what A Champion could be. 2. "A willing Champion, . . ." Now, this part is separate sentence from the first one which is the contest to the death BUT, I very much think that this is still tied to it. Other than willing to be Champion and become the key to the future of Roshar and maybe Cosmere too, Champions SHOULD be willing to kill the other one. Remember that prophecy or rattle regarding killing a kid? Yeah what if the Champion don't want to kill a kid? This is a bit stretch but still a point to a loophole. 3. "At top of Urithiru and unharmed by either sides". Okay, not showing is lose by default. Unharmed by EITHER side? What if there is a third party? Mr. T. the fresh Odium will force a Tie one way or another.
  8. I'm not sure about the Destruction part and possibly the Creation as well since: " The four primal Commands that created all things " Created all things. It could mean that only creation base stuff only. Ruin and other 'destructive' Shards fall unto Change I think or something similar Command.
  9. Yes, that's right, I'm looking it the same way, possibly this could also what destroyed Ashyn in the first place. Uncontrolled god power.
  10. " To make such Commands, one must have the reasoning—the breadth of understanding—of a deity " Yes, it seems to me that to fully use a Dawnshard or a Command, one must be a Vessel. Or something along that line.
  11. I think 'Curiosityspren' is more of a 'Willshaper' kind of thing spren rather than Dustbringers'. IMO 'Valorspren' is much more like it since their primary divine thing is bravery. They would look like 'Flamespren' for their soulcasting property is 'Fire'.
  12. Hi guys, just a random thought, this is purely theoretical but I think it's something.. What if Dalinar saw at the vision was not just 'Odium's champion' and the 'Unmade' but the Heralds their selves? Think about it... 1. If I remember correctly the vision was supposed to be Honor's version of worst possible outcome. (Correct me on this if I'm wrong) What if Honor's worst nightmare would be the total corruption of his Heralds turned as Odium's other than True Desolation itself? 2. Stormfather didn't actually saw the last part, meaning he is dependent on Dalinar's description, I agree on the first one that would be 'Odium' the golden, terrible light, though I am not sure about the 'Heat' part, this could be important. Then he said 'Nine Shadows', maybe, just maybe SF misinterpreted this knowing that there are 9 Unmade coincidentally thinking it was them but it could also point to the other 9 Heralds that turned their backs on their Oaths. (This one's important) 3. Since the Herald's are not honourable any more (Oath breaking) they could be already being lead by Odium and they didn't even know it. 4. "He saw something terribly familiar in them." What comes to mind about who would be Big O's Champion is someone Dalinar already met, sons, friends, enemies. If memory serves right I think Dalinar and Taln already met (Correct me on this). If not, it's not familiarity of the eyes but the emotion within the eye is what he's seeing, like looking at a madman or something, Taln quite fall under this one too. 5. It is also possible it would be Taln because Honor does know what his Heralds look like right? I may be just over thinking this though.
  13. Actually, I did enjoy my travels, but now I seek for a deeper knowledge when I learned that sanderson's books are connected, I just felt I wanted to know more... I read mistborn (trilogy), I have a copy of the fourth book 'alloy of law' but I still did not started reading it yet. I enjoyed reading WoK and WoR, and for me this is my favorite. I also read 'warbreaker' and 'emperor's soul' both are also good in their own way. I have a copy of elantris but... I stopped reading it. and I'm currently re reading WoK before I go to elantris. is this wise?
  14. Long it has been since I wonder alone the Cosmere... Through planets and the void I search for answers... Finally! I found a place where wisdom and knowledge is a plenty... Greetings fellow travelers, seekers, and lore-masters! You can call me... 'The New Guy'.