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  1. Callsign: Whimsy Callsign: Thief Or just callsign: Kairos....
  2. When you're rewriting a school paper that you put way too much whimsy in, and this is your thought: "This is really tearing the soul out of this. Well, part of the soul anyway. Oh, wait. Is this what Hemalurgy feels like?" And then you invest precious time into wondering if Hemalurgy would really be that painful.
  3. When you're taking a class that breaks the action of buying stuff into three segments, and one of those segments is called cognitive, and you immediately forget the other two names in favor of spiritual and physical. Fortunately, they fit well.
  4. Wow. It's been a long time for me, I literally cannot remember how old I was for these, or which one I read first. But here they are, from sometime before age 7. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (have to put this at the top, although I don't know if it was first or not) Chronicles of Narnia (in their proper, as-written order) The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit
  5. When you're taking a survey and see this question: I wish I could change my weight drastically. (options: agree to disagree scale). and you immediately think, Rusts, yes, who wouldn't want to be an iron Ferring?
  6. Dalinar's new status will be confusing. I had the same reaction as the Stormfather(well, with a bit more exhilaration). Connecting the Realms though. Strange that there is a traveling Perpendicularity. That could have very useful implications, literally the easiest way ever to pop in and out of Shadesmar. Also, can he tell the Oathgate spren to let them through now? That Larkin could be very useful. They really need to visit that island, the Aimians obviously had some interesting mysteries. No shardplate. Rather disappointed there by Kaladin, but Dalinar is the one who really needs it. NIGHTBLOOD! Bwahaha, finally back in action, and where he can do a lot of evil-destroying too. Jezrien gets killed with probable hemalurgy. Wondering who gets the spike. Shallan's personalities are...difficult. I get it, but they seem rather inconvenient, and I really want her to get over it. It seems like Brandon is using this series to really explore brokenness in people, and it's beginning to get excessive. Adolin has some good building, I like where he is now. I wasn't sure after the Sadeas murder, but he feels better now. Vivenna is back, I really want to know about her new sword, and she should explain herself more. People tended to go out of their way to obfuscate things. I'm on Harmony's page, explain clearly for once. Rlain needed more, he just felt abandoned there. Taln's joy was... really amazing. This is a real Herald. How he hasn't bonded a spren from somewhere yet beats me(unless avoiding it intentionally) I was really hoping that Moash would take a page out of Kaladin's book, bond with the Parshmen that he was placed with, become a Radiant, bring them along. Oh how wrong I was. Mraize has an Aether stain? That's intriguing. What are the Dawnshards? We still don't know. I agree with the oft-cited view that the reason behind the Recreasance was....weak. I don't see why that would break the KR. Jasnah. She's so infuriating. Maybe useful, but so...Aes Sedai. I legitimately was happy in WoR when I thought she died. The thing that hit me the hardest was the whole Rift finale. That was just so painful. Dalinar really did go through a lot to get where he is, it's incredible he worked through as well as he did.
  7. When your girlfriend is left handed and you keep thinking about how difficult it would be for her in Alethkar.
  8. Late to the party, but here are my recs: Tolkien: as others have already said, the foundation of fantasy. I've read LotR, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion yearly for ages, and it never gets old. Megan Whalen Turner- the Thief. This series doesn't get much hype, but it's one of my absolute favourites. The worldbuilding is insane, the characters are amazing, and the writing.... while I really enjoy Sanderson's writing, Turner beats him here. Her craft... it's astounding. The story is pretty simple, similar to Emperor's Soul, a thief is recruited from prison to do the impossible. The first half of the book is pretty slow, lots of travelling and talking. But it's a short book, and when you hit the end, it's time for a reread. The series as a whole expands from there, gaining larger and larger perspective, and interweaving religion, politics, and characters. Go read it, you won't regret it. Note: it is either classified as children's or young adult, but I don't think that label really matters.
  9. Thanks, it was actually just sheer happenstance, I was making flashcards, and he kept coming up. That's neat to know the Belarusian term. Thanks, I don't think I'm near that level yet, but I'll remember that.
  10. When you find yourself using realmatic terminology in an essay on biotechnology.
  11. Guessing you meant ждун there. I'm taking Russian, and found him. It just seemed so appropriate.
  12. I thought this guy was me because he had the same pfp I did a while back. melkor ftw amirite?

    1. Kairos


      Pretty much. I didn't realise it was Melkor when I first saw it, but that just made it better. 

  13. 3 seems like the best reasoning there. I like how that works. Although, can one move cognitive aspects? I mean, I guess one can, but if you picked up the cognitive aspect of a stick in the cognitive realm, does the physical stick move or stay in one place? Is it even effected?
  14. I was under that impression too. Having it be the resonance makes sense with those two surges. And they could be so quiet about it because telling the future could change it. I wonder if it has any parallels with atium usage, although it appears to be more farsighted and less useful overall. Although, this description of Truthwatchers gives me really bad flashbacks to Aes Sedai. I knew I didn't like Renarin much, but... I really hope he opens up more. Or turns evil. Or does something to become more clear.