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  1. Ugh...the ERAGON film was just plain brutal! There was so much cut from the book that it turned into "generic fantasy movie 57 with some vague nods to the original ERAGON novel". A BIG thumbs down.
  2. This is the series I have had trouble with several times. I've tried to read it - more than once - but my interest leaves about halfway through the first book. I kind of feel a nagging to try again with the new books released in the last several years...
  3. I've read all of the books released so far and will continue to read them as they are released. I've watched all of the seasons so far and will continue to watch them as they are released.
  4. That's perfectly fine. I can't welcome anybody here with great familiarity either but here's a hello to you too.
  5. Greetings! I've been a reader of fantasy novels from a very young age. I discovered Brandon Sanderson by reading the Way of Kings. It was absolutely brilliant a! Now, I want to read the entire Wheel of Time to get to his books.