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  1. Has anyone else noticed a similarity between Shallan's reliance on alternative personalities to cope with new and stressful situations and Shai's essence marks to create new histories for herself, psychologically both seem to use the same technique. This is from Emperors New Soul but it could almost be Shallan's internal dialogue. I wonder if Realmatically there is any similarity between Shallan's Lightweaving and Forgery.
  2. Just got back from the signing, and I now have enough blood flow to my fingers to type again. I was able to ask a few questions, hope you all enjoy the answers; he congratulated me for not getting RAFO'd, so I hope you all find these useful. Unfortunately I just know I'm going to think of half a dozen questions tomorrow when I can't ask them.
  3. Hi Sharders, I've just gotten a spare moment to post the answers from my questions to Brandon, it may not be verbatim but I'll get the gist of it. First up, I decided to tweak Brandon's nose by putting 'Succulent' on the signing note. When I asked why he uses this word fairly often he smiled and said that he like to throw in odd words now and then and go a little crazy, and that this is where most of the ideas for his books aimed at younger audiences come from. It's not one of the questions on my list but it was an interesting answer anyway. Now for the Q & A;
  4. I think that Radiant eye colour may also be a factor. We've seen that with both Kaladin and Szeth their eye colour changes to match the corresponding gemstone of their order, we've also seen Shallan throw a wobbly when she saw the Listeners with red eyes signifying that they had become Voidbringers. Given that the associated gemstone for the Dustbringers is ruby I suspect that the additional association with Voidbringers was a factor in trying to change the name.
  5. I'm fresh onto the boards so please be gentle. I think that the Lorists began from Anonymous (and other similar groups). Their methods of communication and isolation for safety seem to me to be a logical fit. Plus, wouldn't it be cool if Tia was an Anon pre-Calamity, solving O-ring problems by day and exposing corruption by night? If nothing else her Cola addiction matches all the stereotypes. I know it's a wild theory with little to support it but I had to get it off my chest, let me know what you think.
  6. Tia tells David in Firefight that if he wants to become a Lorist he'll have to give up fieldwork. Since Prof was in the field I'm inferring that he didn't have direct contact or knowledge of the Lorists (,although he may be able to track them down in other ways).
  7. Hi there, After a considerable time (more than I care to admit) lurking on these boards, I've finally signed up so that I can bother people who actually care about the works of Brandon Sanderson (none of my immediate friends are geeky smart enough to). First up, during the London signing at Forbidden Planet last year I was able to pose a question to Brandon in the signing queue (, paraphrased I probably said it far more clumsily at the time); Q: During WoR Kaladin is able to retrieve stormlight that he has infused into objects. Can another Surgebinder retrieve this, or is it like Breath where only the person who infused it can retrieve it? A: It's more like Breath, and Feruchemical storages. Hope that this information is new and interesting (and scores me some points) if I hadn't bee so starstruck I would have followed up as to whether investiture can be 'hotwired' to allow someone else to retrieve it, although given how quickly that Stormlight is lost I suspect it would be more effort than it was worth.