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  1. I would Either want Gold(A) and Copper(F) (Chronicler), or Gold(A) and Aluminum(F). I'm really curious about what happens if you burn gold while storing Identity, and Chroniclers just have an awesome synergy with the abilities. You could look at your past self, store that memory, and then go back to it as if you were burning gold again, this would allow you to craft your personality in whichever way you wished.
  2. I would probably want Gold(A) and Copper(F) (Chronicler). These two powers would work together in such a fun way!
  3. That's what I meant with no direct plot contradictions. As a character separately from the prose, Ais works as a female. But it's the comparison that bothers me. The image I got of Ais in the prose does not fit as a female. It isn't any one big thing, but the sum of his parts was not really changeable. From what I've read, Ais(F) is conflicted about religion. However, Ais(M) was devoted to his religion, which provided a pivotal part in the plot. It's not just the gender-swapping, but all of the changes that were made. I think that Ais(F) is a worthwhile character on her own, but doesn't hold up at all against Ais(M), so replacing him entirely with her was too much of a change.
  4. I know he would die the second time, but ignoring the ethical issues, it should be possible to create multiple spikes from the same person. And how is this NOT what I said earlier. Also you wouldn't need to Soul Heal him if you just spiked him again quickly afterwards.
  5. Steris is by far my favorite character, she's a wonderful portrayal of Aspergers and she is not at all Tsundere. She isn't cold, she just can't express herself regularly. Heeheehee, that's so perfect, and yeah, a good example of her un-Tsundere-ness.
  6. Yeah, Aspergers is a social disability, but often have an advantage in learning due to high logical processing capabilities. It's kind of a trade-off.
  7. Many people on the spectrum exhibit OCD-ish tendencies without being OCD
  8. I totally agree with feruchemy being of Harmony, the same idea has been brought up in conversations with my friends. I've also considered that Terrismen may be the first humans created with Ruin and Preservation working together resulting in their passive nature and once again feruchemy. As for Harmonium, that hadn't occurred to me, I guess I'll add that to my list of possibilities. Thank you!
  9. Actually I really can relate to Steris. I have ASD and this seems to be a skillful portrayal, I love lists and I can express my emotions, but only because I've spent years studying human interaction. (Through books). It's not rote, it's just a LOT of practice, I currently have a problem of overstating my body language so that people can read me. My problem, personally, is figuring out what other people are thinking. Each person has a different set of expressions and inflections. What is anger in one person, might be playful irritation in another. Someone looking bored can actually be in emotional pain. The issue is not lack of emotion or expression, just an entirely way of thinking, we have to adjust the way we interact so that people understand us. My sister is even further along the spectrum and she is the most emotional person in my direct family. We have emotions, just different twists on the same things. I don't speak for everyone, but according to my observations of other people I know with ASD, these findings are accurate.
  10. I would choose Gold Allomancy and Copper or Brass Feruchemy. I want the combination that would be considered the least useful to see if I could make a use of them. I first wanted to be a Firesoul, until I thought about it more and realized just how dangerous it could be. Because I first thought of Brass, even though it breaks my criteria, I bonded to it and I'm having trouble giving it up. (I very specifically bond to my magical preferences which makes them more fun, but also makes it a pain to change my mind.) I would only want 2 of these abilities.
  11. Assuming that the title is The Lost Metal, could there be ANY possible other explanation for the metal to be anything but Atium? Lerasium couldn't work, they didn't really have it to lose in the first place, the same thing goes for all the other God-Metals. By process of elimination, Atium in the only remotely possible solution that I can see.
  12. From his comments it seems as though there could be non-lethal stealing points, which would allow you to steal several attributes from the same person, even if the attributes weakened you could have a useful supply of Pathian earrings. Speaking of Pathian earrings, MeLaan tells Wax that his earring has very little hemalurgic charge left. That shows there IS a hemalurgic charge at all. Does it grant him anything at all other than the ability to talk with Harmony?
  13. Autonomy invests the sunlight, but is not the sunlight. On an unrelated note, I'm disappointed in how powerful Kenton is. In the beginning, his sand was a tool, like his sword. As the book went on more and more, he got stronger and used it with increasing frequency. Sure there's all that stuff about him only controlling 6 ribbons and at first only one, but like he realizes in his fight with Drile, he is stronger than any of the other sand masters and skill can replace power. From a weak tool applied subtly like Breeze's Soothing, his Sand turned into something more like coinshots and thugs. I was really looking forward to a weak character who applies his powers in clever ways. Not a character who merely becomes strong enough to go sand v. sand and win. Sure he only used one ribbon, but Speed is just another form of power, which he has more of than anyone else.
  14. I will probably buy it, but I don't think Brandon's works translate well to graphic novel form. His plots and characters go incredibly in-depth and from the excerpt in Arcanum Unbounded, the comic did not fully transfer the depth. They did a wonderful job considering, but, I think Brandon's work needs too much explaining t make a Graphic Novel. But perhaps I'm judging this too harshly and the excerpt did not do well depicting the rest of the story. Also, Ais is female, I have a HUGE problem with that that I would need to get over before buying it.
  15. I have SO much trouble with this. I can't see how Ais could work as a female. He/she was my favorite character along with Eric/Aarik. Him being female doesn't directly contradict any plot issues, but his character was built in an extremely masculine way. I have no clue why Brandon would change a character that was already perfect.