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  1. mistborn

    Looking at the WoB you mention, it seems like "invested" the way Sanderson is using it here (in reference to the state of being a Surgebinder or Allomancer), refers to the connection to the Spiritual Realm that Allomancers and Surgebinders have through their Spiritweb. When burning metals or holding more Stormlight, Sanderson says their resistance to other Investiture increases, or their connection to the Spiritual Realm increases, but they still resist other Investiture when not burning. That resistance may not be enough to stop someone from soulcasting them, but it would make it more difficult than it would for someone who is not "invested". Even if I'm interpreting the WoB incorrectly, this made me think of an interesting question. In order to store in nicrosil, would an allomancer have to be burning metal? Would a feruchemist have to be storing/tapping? Would a surgebinder have to be holding stormlight?
  2. mistborn

    Yes, I think there is a big distinction that needs to be made on what Nicrosil can store. For Allomancy, a person is Invested when they have the ability to burn a certain metal. A person who is more Invested can burn that metal faster, and thus gain more power in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, the more metals one can burn, the more Invested they are. This is the same with Surgebinders or Feruchemists, their abilities show they are Invested (or perhaps being Invested manifests abilities?). With BioChromatic Breath, its not the ability to Awaken that denotes Investiture, but the Breath itself. The more breath one has, the more Invested they are. Thus while storing Allomantic Investiture would store an ability to burn a metal, my opinion is that storing Awakening Investiture would do something different. But when Feruchemically storing, effects are temporary. For example, you aren't stuck slow after storing speed, you gain your full speed back as soon as you stop storing. Similarly, I think that you don't store the actual Breaths in a nicrosilmind, you store their strength. Here's the basis of my idea. Lets say, for example, you have 50 Breaths, enough for the First Heightening. While storing that Investiture in a nicrosilmind, you would store the strength of your Breaths, thus losing some of your life sense, and the aura recognition given by the First Heightening. Then, by later tapping or compounding that nicrosil, you could gain a greater life sense than usual and, if strong enough, propel yourself into greater Heightenings, temporarily gaining their respective abilities. Some other interesting things to note: This would be very interesting when mixed with the Returned's single powerful Breath. Not sure what effects that would have, but its interesting. Theoretically, if idea were correct, you could store all or almost all of your Breaths' strength, becoming like a drab, invisible to the life sense of others. Seems very useful for sneaking or seeming inconspicuous without having to recall your Breaths later.
  3. I've thought it would be interesting if Shallan's final ideal was something along the lines of: "I am a lie" Not only is she stating a truth, but this ideal is similar to the final skybreaker ideal of "I am law" (though lightweaver ideals are different from the others, so...)
  4. I was thinking something along the lines of: "I will accept that I cannot protect everyone"
  5. I've always liked Brandon's idea of the three Realms, the physical, cognitive, and spiritual. I don't know if this came from LDS beliefs at all, but I like how he limits information about the Spiritual Realm to almost leave it to the minds of the readers as the afterlife for his characters. It is described as a place of absolute truth where connections play an important role, where space and time have little meaning, and where the majority of power resides. The idea resonates with my beliefs for some reason.
  6. Feruchemy is all about the user. You can only store the amount that you have of an attribute into a metalmind. In a similar way, I think this relates to time as well. Let's set up a situation. A Feruchemist is within a cadmium bubble and decides to store 50% of his speed over the course of a day. Let's say that the Feruchemist experiences 30 minutes out of that day, since time is passing faster outside of the bubble. He cannot store an entire day's worth of speed because he doesn't have a day's worth of the time attribute, he only has 30 minutes. Thus he would only store 30 minutes of 50% speed. In a way, time is an attribute stored in every metalmind. It would work in the opposite way for bendalloy bubbles, but, as Wayne mentions many times, bendalloy is rather rare and expensive. So while the extra storage time could possibly be useful in a life or death situation, it would be rather expensive and probably not worth it to store in this way regularly. But this is just a theory, I'm not trying to say this is exactly how it works.
  7. Hey, I wasn't able to join the discord server, is this project still going on?
  8. I was thinking that her 3rd truth couldn't have been about her shardblade since that is given after the 3rd oath, but now this makes sense. So her oaths are: Life before Death.... I am terrified I killed my father I killed my mother What do you think her last truth will be? I was thinking maybe "I am only one person" or something along the lines of her multiple personalities. Not sure if this is a big enough truth for her final oath though. Edit: Wait, now that I'm thinking about it, her 3rd truth couldn't have been killing her father since that was after she had used her shardblade to kill her mother...
  9. I'm sorry I think I must have missed something somewhere, but... how are we sure that Azure is Vivenna? It makes sense to me, I'm just curious as to how we are certain of that.
  10. I think the idea of Hoid's truths is very interesting (if he in fact did bond the cryptid), but I'm most excited by the fact that he now has a friend to accompany him on his adventures
  11. Just because they haven’t been seen doesn’t mean they exist. It just means people aren’t going around testing for them. We saw this with the Atium mistings in HoA. However, we don’t even know whether it can be burned logistically, or if ettmetal is an Allomantic metal. If it could, it could be stolen through Hemalurgy (though lack of Atium could be a problem if we don’t know the specific metal that steals that attribute). And even if it were not possible to get someone that can burn ettmetal (assuming it was allomantic), theories can be made about situations that may not be possible in the storyline given in the novels.
  12. Can a person store Investitures stolen through Hemalurgy in a Nicrosilmind?
  13. @Why_Do_You_Do_This_To_Me Here's the link. I haven't gotten to try it out since the most recent Minecraft update, but I'm pretty sure the mod is compatible with it.