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  1. In case you guys don't know, I am almost positive that Brandon has stated that Renarin will be a main POV in the back 5 books. So yes, I think it is very likely that over the course of time he will grow to be quite the powerful warrior, tactician, leader, and gangster.
  2. Most people do believe him to be a Herald, but I had some pet theories about that. First of all, the fellow doesn't seem very... Herald-y... in my opinion. He's sort of whiny, rambling in his statements, and "lets out a squeak" and hurries away when he sees Jasnah. Just didn't sound like what I imagined a mighty Herald well over 4500 years old might act, but more specifically there was this line he says: "I don't like this. What we've done is wrong. That creature carries my lord's own Blade." I realize that Jezrien was considered King of all Heralds, but I suspected that this guy so familiar with Nale and Ash might actually have been a Squire, possibly even an ancient one, under Jezrien that was currently with Nale since Jezrien seems to be off doing his own thing. Obviously Brandon's answer poos all over that theory, which is totally fine by me. The secondary reason to ask him this was a failed attempt to get him to confirm that the guy is indeed a Herald to support the popular theory. Alas, Brandon seems quite sure that he will never let that detail slip.
  3. All right, double-posting but for a good reason: I was able to record nearly two hours of the book signing and gleaned some good Cosmere tidbits. I've transcribed as closely worded as possible the questions and answers below. I'll tell you, the most frustrating thing about listening to this are all the times Brandon asks "Do you have any questions for me?" and the person responds "Hmmm... nope!" I just want to hand out little cards with questions to all these people Jordancon Brandon Sanderson Book Signing
  4. I agree, but let's look at it this way... he knows that you know he wriggled out of it, and may suspect that very very few of us know. As far as I'm aware the only time he's ever explicitly stated anything about "fake" Heralds was at a small con in Minnesota, and Brandon has no way of knowing that I shared that info just one session prior. So in his eyes he wriggled out of that question since it was asked so openly and very few people know about the "fake Herald" WoB. The general populace would glean absolutely nothing from his answer, even though I'm sure he strongly suspected what the questioner was trying to get at. So in a very real sense he wriggled out of a very juicy answer for 99% of the people there, not knowing that probably 75% of the room just heard me share that info a couple hours prior. I would not take this to the bank and I'm not heavily invested in it (pun semi-intended), but its the one question that I know he wriggled out of even though (in his view) the vast majority of the room would not know. In any case I openly admit it could have been any other question, but I have less than zero idea of what it could have been lol.
  5. Actually, my bet is also on this question. Let me explain why. Even though it was somebody else (Billy the moderator I think) that asked this question, it was spawned based on something that I specifically said in a previous panel. We were all discussing Stormlight and the Heralds and I mentioned that according to WoB the Heralds are a big part of the "back 5" books and some of the viewpoints are from Heralds. In addition, two of them "claim to be Heralds". I brought this up and there was some skepticism about the legitimacy of the statement, but I was quite sure. Why was I so sure? Because Brandon specifically told that WoB to me last year at Minicon during his signing. See here: We all had a good laugh about the idea of fake Heralds being in the books and shook our fists at Brandon in mock anger like "How could you confuse us even further?!" but I am pretty sure that my statement here was what prompted the question to be asked. Now, if I had been asking this question to Brandon I would have said something like "It is true that some of the Heralds we've seen or will see in the books are not true Heralds but instead claiming to be Heralds?" Frankly I'm not sure if Brandon would even answer this question--I was completely surprised when he offered as much unprompted information at Minicon--but I doubt that he'd remember even telling me that last year. Due to the way the question was worded this time it was easy for Brandon to wiggle out of it, and if somebody did not know about the previous WoB they would not get any valuable information from this answer and not think much of it. If we had an actual recording of Brandon saying "You will see many more Heralds in the upcoming books but not all of them are really Heralds" that would have been a pretty big deal, so I think the question was intended to get this on recording instead of just my notes from prior signings. Since the question was asked so loosely and the matter not pressed further I feel like Brandon wormed his way around it and, based on the audience reaction, there was no indication that he did so. Compare this to my question in this recording about if Hemalurgy required intent to work or if it could be "accidental", and he tried to say that we've seen it but I pressed the matter to remove Spook and Vin's mom from the discussion since I consider Ruin's intent to be fueling those, and he actually buckled and ended up RAFOing the question, saying that I got him "to admit that [he] was trying to wiggle around it."
  6. That is true, but I think we can at least say the following: It was a brand new reading (first time in public). They were Kaladin chapters. No more detail than that should be shared I think. And they were awesome.
  7. I could have sworn you said that Vin refers to Kelsier's eyes as dark, not that HERs were dark, but admittedly it was getting loud in there and your comment was directed at Brandon not us so I fully believe I misheard that. Thank you for the clarification, I did not mean to mislead! So that means they ARE hazel as previously stated, and specifically a not-dark hazel.
  8. Don't worry, I'll be posting a bunch of stuff from the rafolympics, plus Kaymyth has her recording. I was also able to take a recording of the 2.5 hours that Brandon was doing his book signing, so after I painstakingly dig through that I'll have even more WoBs to share. I'll get to the rafolympics stuff within a couple days, but the book signing recording will take longer to parse out.
  9. THIS JUST IN: KELSIER'S EYES ARE HAZEL. I have a lot more tidbits and all of them more juicy than this, but this may be the single thing all weekend that actually added to the cannon. As far as Peter and Brandon know, they never explicitly stated Kelsiers eye color, only that they were "dark", and Brandon thought about it and went with hazel. Does it matter? Probably not lol. But the moment he said it Peter contacted the wiki writer to add it officially. Pretty cool to ask a simple question that Brandon graciously chose to answer and then add to the cannon story
  10. Atlanta is about as close as you might get
  11. I hear you man! When I was at Minicon last year, the dude who I now know as Blightsong was cranking through some questions on his iPad like a machine, and mine felt so few and inadequate in comparison. Fortunately I am WAY more prepared for JordanCon in Atlanta in two weeks You should come--there's an entire hour devoted SPECIFICALLY to asking Brandon Cosmere-related questions! I have a ton of respect for the older members of this community (whose knowledge I have benefited from for years despite only joining the forum last year) so if you guys have any specific questions you'd like me to ask just PM me and I'll strongly consider adding them to my personal list.
  12. Awesome, that means I can finally give credit to you for the questions you asked! Check out my post in this thread: Was that you?
  13. Dude, Blightsong, I'm pretty sure I know exactly who you are! You gave yourself away by saying "Last year I asked you if shadows turn the wrong way in the cognitive realm for a reason, you said to basicly think of it like important flavor text. Is this happening because people are being drawn towards the Beyond?", and the fact that you said you road-tripped to this con... did you go to Minicon last year?? If you are who I think you are, then you and I were the only two people at Minicon last year asking any sort of Cosmere questions.
  14. I got the same top result as the other one, though my following two were quite different 59% Bondsmith 47% Elsecaller 41% Lightweaver 33% Skybreaker
  15. Bought my tickets and booked the last set of rooms at the discounted price today! Looking forward to meeting some of you guys there.