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  1. Kestrel's Art Gallery Hello! My name is Sarah or Kestrel. I've had a few galleries on her over the years, but I figure starting clean would be the best, as my work has improved a bit since then. A short list of things about my work: I draw mainly nature and animals. I would like to work more on drawing people, but I don't enjoy it as much as animals. My main subjects are birds, or my own characters. I'm 20, and have been drawing since I was around nine years old. I have no formal art training, save for two college courses I took last year for my own personal enrichment. I am a member of several art roleplaying groups, so a good portion of my artwork comes from those. I do digital art mainly, as I don't have the space to do traditional work in my apartment. I use a Surface Pro computer with Photoshop CC and Paint Tool SAI 2. The name I do art under is "ordinaryredtail." This is my deviantart and tumblr, which are active, and twitter and facebook, which aren't that active. On Requests: I do not do personal requests. That being said, I do want to work on people, so feel free to request any Cosmere related stuff from me. I won't make promises that I'll finish them, since I have a bit of a busy schedule. I also am doing a daily challenge. Every day, I am doing my best to draw a landscape a day. I have limited it to 20-30 minutes at a time, to keep myself loose and from spending too much time on them. I won't post all of them here in this post, but as I do them in the future they will be posted here! I decided to put the rest of the images under a spoiler tag, that way it doesn't stretch the page too much! You can see my full gallery on my deviantart, here:
  2. slogs in after disappearing for a month Haven't been working too much. But here's two things. Background for a contest. And my character Freude in uniform. She's a vayron. I'm using her in an rp I joined on a whim.
  3. Yeah, I do this a lot. I'll still occasionally check back, but I've been preoccupied with things to really get too active here.
  4. Basically what the title says. I just finished my reread of Mistborn era 2 and I'd like to do some rp in that time period! I'd like to keep this somewhat small (maybe 4-5 people) to avoid overwhelming myself. I'm actually used to one on one rp (I'd be willing to do that via Discord if anyone else is). In any case, I'm thinking some shooty-shooty outlaw fun in the Roughs? I'll be using my character Avyra. She's a Coinshot for sure. I'm kicking around the idea of making her a Steelrunner as well (compounding seems like it'll be fun to write, but it's also super op, so that's putting me off wanting to make her one). Soo if anyone is interested, please reply here and we can do some plotting! c:
  5. Thank you! That one was quite fun to do. That was actually the first large piece on the Surface tablet I did. Ah, thanks! I don't do comic-y or lined styles much. They are harder for me, and I can't hack it. My linework is extremely messy and cell-style shading is... it looks bad when I attempt it. Not clean at all aha. I would like to one day do it, but painting is more fun for me, and it looks good when I do it, aha. Thanks! But I bet your art is lovely too! Oh, that's a good idea! I really want to do a Mistborn painting, but I keep loading myself in commissions, so I haven't had the time. I thought I'd get a break this week but nope, found some more. lol. Hopefully soon.
  6. Current daily fear: Might not be able to run to the wildlife center after my test for the program. Told the manager I'd meet them at the library its at. He tells me "sure, I'll load either of these birds for you depending on how much room we have." I have no idea which bird I might be holding and now I am frightened.
  7. Ah yes... leaf plots... The worst thing is when the teacher mentions a concept one time and then you shove it away in the back of your mind like "nah that ain't gonna be tested." Then the first question on the test is about that concept.
  8. I got slapped in the face with a horrific bout of insomnia last week and haven't been working on my daily stuff. Tomorrow I want to try to get back into it. Maybe. Here's one I did a few days ago, though.
  9. Me in class this past week: this test will be easy, I have had a class in natural resource management before. This will be a breeze. Me, finally studying the day before the exam: what's a resource
  10. No, my enemy is insomnia itself. Having fatigue would be a nice change of pace.
  11. Fatigue is not my enemy because I have insomnia!
  12. Telling my friends I got a permit upgrade was a mistake. I only have room to keep a kestrel. But. They're filling my head with all sorts of bad ideas now that I can have more species. Oh no.
  13. Ha! I'm between birds right now. I flew red-tailed hawks for my two apprentice years. I'm planning on flying a kestrel this year.
  14. Guess who's falconry permit just got UPGRADED! I'm now a general falconer!
  15. yes! super sorry I haven't been here. My insomnia has kicked it up a notch and I haven't been sleeping well, so focusing on writing (or really anything) has been hard. I'll try to get a bio out today though!
  16. Apparently my hands won't do the drawing thing today. *curls up* I had commissions to do.
  17. You'll have to define meaningful.
  18. That's true.
  19. Ironically the songbird is more likely to try to kill you than that harris hawk
  20. Huh. I didn't know we could have gif avatars. *rolls away to make one* Edit: alas, the system forbid me from having an animated icon. Sadness. But. Since I spent time editing the video, you guys can enjoy it.
  21. I guess I'm just Harmony's favorite c:
  22. Harmony resurrected me.
  23. Noo I start my next class tomorrow...
  24. Thank you! It feels good to be back and share more stuff with you! Ah! If its Cosmere related (like a character or scene from one of the books), it's free! I just won't do stuff like original characters for free. I don't see myself enjoying stuff like that either; I do anthros sometimes, but not a lot. I drew TenSoon a long time ago as well! He's fun to draw, so I could try that. -- Today's landscape speedpaint: I spent 40 minutes on it instead of the 20. Next time that happens someone come smack me.
  25. Rain's nice until you're in a town with no drainage so the roads flood every time it so much as sprinkles. Once it rained and the electricity on my entire block got knocked out.