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  1. Eshonai. Her arc was wonderful, she was beginning to fight against Odium's influence, she fought Adolin on seemingly even footing, and I wanted more from her mother.
  2. Well, damnation. Was a neat idea! Ty for the link to the WoB. I kinda liked the idea that Odium was passion, but his own hatefulness influenced the shard. Ah well, back to my ponderings. I'm beginning to feel that between WoBs, and more books, that we are running out of things to discover. And then Brandon hits us with a new book, and blows our minds every time!
  3. I agree, that does sound terrifying! However, Odium, or Passion, could be viewed as "Strong Overpowering Emotion", while Honor could be seen as "Creates Bonds Between People". If Harmony could have been Discord, why couldn't Honor+Passion be Love? Or even Tyranny.
  4. With the revelation that Odium could be seen as Passion, and the older theory that Odium+Honor would be Justice... Honor focuses on creating bonds, and Odium possibly being Passion, could their joining create... Love?
  5. Postin due to play it title, have not read thread. (Rarely do this, but...) Saw the Shard-weapon should be 1 piece, and thought... Why not a rail-gun? Jasnah can create bullets, or even the magnets themselves for it, and fire like crazy. Possible question to ask Brandon... Can a soulcaster create magnets?
  6. Make Roshar Great Again.
  7. Depression is insidious. On your happiest day, it's like a miniature anchor on your heart. You can't escape it. In the palace, I saw a Kaladin who couldn't kill either side, as it would have meant killing people he had taken responsibility for, no matter his actions. I wasn't disappointed, I was actually just surprised. I saw his freeze the moment he recognized the Parshmen who walked in. It fits, and it made sense. Still a bit surprising, but Kaladin's reaction to it was not.
  8. Could simply be bad information. Kaladin was reported killed by Amaram.
  9. I think that's been the strongest theory on Plate anyone has put forth yet. It's been the popular theory since WoR I think? To expand, Lifespren for Edgedancers, logicspren? for Elsecallers. We've seen Radiants attract large amounts of these, except the logicspren, that's more of a guess. Have Renarin or the Dustbringer/Releaser ever attract large amounts of a particular spren?
  10. I think Jasnah is just smart, really smart, and is similar to Taravangian on a smart day. Someone can be smart and overly logical without having some kind of "disorder".
  11. I think we have several Radiants who are very close to Plate, and by their actions, and attitudes, we're seeing them draw the building blocks of that Plate to themselves. Kaladin attracting windspren, Shallan creationspren, Dalinar gloryspren, etc.
  12. I just assumed the Dawnshards were Radiant Spren bonded to Listeners. That theory went to rust with a quickness. I saw thinking massive sound based effects... basically what Kabsal did with the plates, but on a city-wide scale.
  13. Do we know that the last Bondsmith to Bond the Sibling didn't abandon their Oaths? I do like this theory though.
  14. If the other Heralds had gotten off their asses instead of charging headfirst into insanity, his 4500 years may have meant more. Still angry with all of them!
  15. Mind. Blown. It would greatly depend on the person, and their particular blade, however.