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  1. Day 7 and 8!Disregarding 6! That's the kind of unexpected antics you get here. I present; a corrupted("enlightened") Painspren, for "scrawny+Sliver". Edit: I realized later that I messed up Sliver and Splinter.
  2. Day 5 "Skies" Here we have the Luthadel skyline, with ash falling from Mount Tyrian.
  3. Missed day 3. Iiii knooow. For day 4, Fallen, I decided to sketch the scene where Kaladin and Shallan fall into the chasms from that sabotaged bridge.
  4. For day 2, Broken, I decided to do an ornamental vase in the Imperial Palace on Sel. The Soulstamp has been broken, and the vase is returning to its chipped, broken former self.
  5. Hi, all! Been a while since I posted, but I'm making this thread to share my Cosmere Inktober 2021 works! I'm a mediocre, out-of-practice artist, so if you're looking for awesome art for a wallpaper or something, you might want to look elsewhere ;D. Otherwise, enjoy my efforts!
  6. Just had a small issue where the page failed to load when I first clicked on the link(shown below), but a refresh fixed it no problem. Just in case it matters; Device Type: PC Device Model: GPU; Intel HD Graphics 530 Browser: Google Chrome, v86.0.4240.111 Connectivity: Wifi Steps to reproduce: Clicked on the link to above. Other than that, I just wanted to say thanks! The dedication and hard work to make something of this quality is amazing. Great job!
  7. Dude! I was JUST about to comment that! We haven't seen a Krell yet, and it would be a Sandersonian Twist to have them be a fodce of enemy humans. Like, what if it's Varions forces with superior weapons and armor, but less numerous?
  8. My money is on Regrowth as well, I'm just suspicious because of the wording there. Also, no evidence doesn't mean it isn't possible. Not likely, I agree, but still. The arena thing is valid, yeah. I'm curious if just using the Plate drains the gems' Investiture, or if it's only to repair it.
  9. In Chapter 29, where Shallan and her party venture forth, Adolin and Renarin are definitely described as wearing their Shardplate. Yet when the fighting is in full, we have a mention of wounded moving to the center to be bandaged by Lyn os Lopen. Then Renarin falls back and starts to "glow with Stormlight, healing those who were hurt." And in the next chapter, "Renarin quickly knelt next to a bridgeman who had been hurt, removing his gauntlet and infusing the man with healing Stormlight." What do you guys think about this in regards to the theories that I've seen around about Surgebinders using Surges while in Plate? About if the Plate would just feed off the Stormlight/Surge. Also, in the second instance, do you think he's using Regrowth, or is he actually giving the man Stormlight and letting it heal him naturally? I don't recall the latter happening before. When people have been infused with Stormlight in the past it was for the purpose of using a Surge(Gravitation), not granting them the passive effects of holding Stormlight.
  10. Thaaaat's right! Thank you for clarifying. That rings as many bells as are in Kharbranth.
  11. If I recall correctly, last we saw he was heading away from the warcamps on a cart, with his shardplate hidden in the cart. My guess would be he returned to some contacts in the Sons of Honor for more plottin' or for refuge.
  12. This. Sanderson seems to be the only one who recognizes that people are flawed. We believe what we want, ultimately, and are often wrong when we think we know something. Why should a person in a book(for all intents a real person in the context of that world) be all-knowing and perfectly truthful?
  13. Personally, this is my belief/concern as well. Ialai is out for blood, she just needs to find out whose she needs. Given that Sadeas' last on-screen demand of her was to find something to hurt Dalinar, this idea terrifies me. there is so much she can do depending on what her spies have discovered thus far. And if one of them discovers Adolin did the deed...
  14. Looking cool? Kinda like floating two feet in the air with a glowing Shardspear, and making a speech about Voidbringers before flying off into the distance?