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  1. Since I stopped by, I thought I would say hello! My art has been a little random lately and not related to this fandom but this is sort of fantasy related
  2. I feel the same about the post David Tennant bad scripts and bad acting... although I liked Peter Capaldi he had only just been able to drag it back up in the last series with Bill before it was over. I hate the gender swap and have no interest in watching it. So many people online were so busy being on the 'its a strong woman in sci-fi' band wagon they seem to completely miss the point. It's a woman playing a strong male character, not a strong female character... of which there are plenty in sci-fi already. What's wrong with starting a series about a new female timelord? or if they aren't brave enough to do that, bring back Susan!
  3. I love Elantris, it was the first book I read of Brandon Sanderson's and it's the one I always recommend to people. I like Warbreaker too but it didn't have the same impact on me.
  4. Not topical but I've added some recent drawings to Instagram if anyone is interested https://www.instagram.com/louisexsparrow/
  5. I love country music, especial Trace Adkins... right now though I'm listening to Invisible Journeys by Tim Wheater
  6. I agree with you completely, it's brilliantly done!
  7. Wonderfully put!
  8. Welcome to Cunegonde, you have some beautiful pictures there!
  9. I might have misunderstood but I thought it was just an optional activity for the Guild rather than converting the guild into an RP thread? I agree with Kaymyth that it should be kept separate because it might otherwise be off-putting to people who want to share art but are not writers.
  10. Have you seen this? http://brandonsanderson.com/elantris-the-hope-of-elantris/ Not so much a sequel as a bonus but worth a read
  11. Supernatural (season 9 ep 20 something)
  12. Have you tried Grimm?
  13. That sounds like a disease... forgive my ignorance, I know what a bassoon is but DERPY escapes me?
  14. Everyone should read the Belgariad... I'm actually listening to them on audiobook at the moment, in a sort of audible re-read.
  15. Great news! Well done