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  1. Since I'm thinking of it as not so much the anniversary of Elantris but a decade of Sanderson in general, I'm leaning more towards a Guide to the Cosmere, with maps, notes, facts, and concept art for each book or world. Kind of like Scott Westerfeld's The Manual of Aeronautics: An Illustrated Guide to the Leviathan Series, but thicker and with more words. An Elantris game for mobile phones and tablets would be neat as well. A survival game/ adventure game, an RPG, or a touch and click, Myst style game. Or an app that lets me control my device by drawing Aons.
  2. I saw some older threads mentioning the possibility of a ten year anniversary edition of Elantris, published April 21, 2005. But I'm curious, if you had a decent but reasonable sum of money and the authority to finance a project of some sort, as a fan, how would you use it to commemorate the anniversary of Sanderson's first book? Think book, comic book, or animated short budget, not national monument, theme park, or Hollywood blockbuster budget. Examples: An illustrated edition of Mistborn, Elantris, and/or Warbreaker. An annotated edition of Mistborn, Elantris, and/or Warbreaker. A favorite scene turned into an animated short. A sequential art book showing highlight scenes from one book in order from beginning to end.
  3. Funniest thing I've read in some time. He broke the 4th wall so many times it almost needs a new term for this situation. Kelibuster
  4. So is it safe to assume that game will not be released mutually with the movie with such an early date?
  5. I thought it was merely a simple plot, felt like a basic feel good, adventure/fantasy story. Well I'll be listening to 'The Stand' by Stephen King in a few days but until then I'm splitting my attention between Childhood's End and Dragon Fate by E.E. Knight, not sure what to think about that one. I just finished listening to Shadow Puppets by Orson Card
  6. So many, the first that comes to mind is some discussion about a dumpster and Overlord Howard...or something. I'm really drawing a blank "I've got my minions on speed dial....... Pound the dumpster harder!"
  7. Well then you understand rather well. I spent more time in the Warcraft 3 editor than I played the game. The fact that this got so much attention shows we need more and more user friendly level editors.
  8. Well it started with the Inquisitor Claus post and in my normal impulsive attitude I decided I wanted to do a piece of Mistborn Holiday art. It started out as expected but I merged it with " Koloss Head Munching Day”. So I renamed if Munchfest and copied "Twas the Night Before...." and slowly altered the lines. I got a little ways in before realizing, I hate poetry and rhyming in general and simply want to do the art, but feel the art would go better with a small story to go with it. So I'm hoping for some help with the writing so I have a scene to illustrate. Basically I figured since the final empire isn't a pleasant place, that on Munchfest Eve, instead of someone coming into your home to give good children toys, they break in, and take your food and the bad children (or so parents say). So a Koloss rides around on this carriage with the roof torn off and fills it up with sacked goods (with an inquisitor hanging on the back or something. Ransacks your cupboards and takes its home to his buddies. Well here's what I have so far.....Unfortunately the impulsive desire to finish has all but worn off so I doubt I'll finish it this Muchfest. So feel free to add lines if you wish, but I'll finish at some point. 'Twas the eve before Munchfest, and down in the streets Not a sound could be heard, but that of small scuttling feet; The alleys were clogged with beggars and urchins alike, In prayer that a saggy skinned monstrosity would never strike; The skaa were all huddled and concealed in their nooks, In fear of being battered and skinned, then pickled or cooked. When, what from the twisting and swirling mist should appear, But a rotten, old carriage, lead by eight transparent deer, With its blue faced driver, and Inquisitors in tow, Mounting the decrepit coach with sacks of embezzled treats in stow. More rapid than mistborn, his kandra they came, (I considered using Mistwraith but didn't want two "mists" in a sentence) As he roared and bellowed, as he spat out their names; "Now, Seeker! now, Rioter! now, Soother and Seer! On, Thug! on Tineye! on, Coinshot and now Lurcher! Run on that human! Now tumble that wall! Now that way and faster or I'll munch on you all!" With the feel and sound of a bursting ash mound they moved, When they met with an obstacle, they plowed straight on through.
  9. The mists in Mistborn was a "good" and innocent force but became corrupted and abused. A high storm may be a "good" force as well but if it was altered to come twice a week or every other day.... “I wish to sleep. I know now why you do what you do, and I hate you for it. I will not speak of the truths I see.” I'm interested in this one because I not certain he's speaking to the "doctors" as they assume. “The darkness becomes a palace. Let it rule! Let it rule!” And this is one of my favorites simply because it sounds neat.
  10. Or perhaps he's effected by high storms like Dalinar but in a different manner. The closer or farther (in number of days) a high storm he is, the clearer or diluted his mind is. Just throwing it out there.
  11. Inquisitor Santa huh? I smell a comic plot.
  12. Really fantastic though I feel its too radical. I don't think a Mistwraith would pick up every body and bone it came across (as it looks this one has). I wouldn't think a scavenger would find enough to feed so much body. Perhaps three full skeletons of mixed bones, exchanging one or two for some new ones. Plus you have a lot of mind power required to move so many muscles and limbs Perhaps some of the thinner limbs could have the outline of bones and the eye sockets black since there would be no eyes. But that's all speculation and opinion. A very remarkable (and challenging, I assume) piece and the first attempt at a mistwraith I've seen.