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  1. Hi everyone! I´m creating this topic to talk about the misterios EYES. What are them? Are they dangerous? how? I know Skyward is not Comere, but I can´t help thinking they are some kind of shard (or maybe I´m just used to spot parallels between Sanderson´s books...). A powerful being who lives in a dimension outside space and time, everywhere and nowhere... I´m still working on a theory. What are your thoughts?
  2. Ok he broke me many, many, many, (maaanyyy) times, but as Mistborn was my first Sanderson, definitely hit que hardest. Kelsier death and the church of the survivor was the first blow, but the ending of the 1st era series, as the topic accurately says, obliterated me.
  3. jaajajajaj Sorry!! The autocorrector strikes again!
  4. I am very suspicious of this slug, ever since she first showed up. My guess: we know not every human is citonic. Maybe Doomslug is a kind of citric creature that was kept in the black box (don´t remember the proper name) as biological component to activate the device, so anyone could use it.
  5. Ok this is my confession: I don´t like Tolkien. Fellowship bored me to death, I don´t know how I managed to finish it. Years later (I thought I was a more mature reader) I tried with The Hobbit and left it a few pages before the end -and no regrets.
  6. Agreed! I really tried the unabridged, and though it was interesting, it was also too much information for me. Speaking about classics, the one I recommend (and am currently thinking on rereading) is The Count of Montecristo. It´s Amazing! Everything ever invented, except perhaps time travel, happens in that book! I just finished Echo of Things to Come and blew my mind really solid series!
  7. Everything started with Harry Potter
  8. Read a book - loved a book (first time I really really love a book since Oathbringer BTW)- googled it for more information and discusssion - find this thread here. This site feels more and more like home.
  9. I totally agree. Though I watched the movies, I am not really a fan. But what he says about expecting and demanding consistency rings a bell
  10. Wow guys! I returned from holidays and find 30 new pages! I´m so proud of you! I wanted to share this video with you. Is´t about Star Wars, but I think it relates to our issues with the ships and the habit of overanalyzing that got us here (still trying to move on). Enjoy and tell me what you think
  11. Why does so many people say this? I feel I lost something, or perhaps didn't read that specific thread...
  12. Of course it is! Maybe what we should be wondering is exactly about what this joke is? Many times in OB I felt like Brandon was having fun with us hehe. Hhahahah If book 4 is like this then I am officially hyped! Luckly this is so outrageous, she didn't uncover her safe hand But I could almost side with Gavilar for this.
  13. Can we please talk about the implications of this? Is it a wink to the readers worried about "the infamous Angle"? Is Vadam Adolin, Sterling Kaladin, Shallan a little whore? What about the sequel´s quadrangle? Is Hoid involved in this? Theorisation apart, I love how this reads as a Jane Austen kind of novel. And, I am dying to know exactly what´s the deal with safehands.
  14. Yes, I agree that "cling" wasn't the right word. What I meant was that he persist on the relationship. I see this as relevant because we have some reason to believe he used to get bored in other relationships, or just didn't try very hard. With Shallan we see him trying to make it work.
  15. So after WOR we have an Adolin that went from being on the top of the social chain, best fighter, very powerful, popular, surrounded by friends and occasional girls, (never without girls) to being more lonely, alienated from his previous circle, not powerful enough, not really relevant at war. No wonder he clings actually tries to make the relationship work with Shallan (who stays betrothed to him and eventually marries him, despite being in a position of power in terms of relationship) and befriends Kaladin (who has proven to be a loyal , and is quite magnetic).