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  1. Everything points to a Novella, but is this confirmed? Loved the idea!
  2. I haven't seen this topic discussed so here it goes: What do you think will happen to Rock? My (wild) guess is: he will be the 3rd bondsmith!! Besides that, I think we´ll see some interaction between him and Azure.
  3. I'll add 2 little moments. Sorry I don't have the quotes 1 - When Kaladin grabs a knife to fight and freezes, and Lirin basically gaslights him by telling him to not trust his mind, but to trust him... --> My man Lirin, I know you are a good guy, and feel guilty and want to protect Kaladin, and I know you were a good father to lil´Kal. Buy Stoms you are such a pain this book!! 2 - When Raboniel´s daughter mumbles to the wall, asking for her mom. Navani asks Raboniel where is her mom and she replies: Right here.
  4. Maybe it's the other way around. Tien gave him the horse in the vision because he knew the horse was close, and Kal would find it. Don´t think we'll ever know...
  5. Hello! I've been trying to work out the timeline for the first events we know that happened in Roshar. We know the Singers "betrayed" the Spren and I am extremely curious! I don't think we have clues about what happened, but this is what we know: 1 - Roshar was inhabited by Singers and the shards Honour and Cultivation 2 - Humans arrive on Roshar after destroying their original planed with surgebinding. Ishar was a bondsmith and the one able to transport the people Odium came with them to Roshar Questions: how did investiture work in Ashyn? Via Honorblades? Did the Honorblades come from Ashyn? If so, why honor blades? 3 - Once the humans arrive, the Singers give then Shinnovar. 4 - We know eventually 2 things happen: Humans start conquering other regions War with the Singers, they betray the spren and loose their connection to them. Is this when the Fused and Unmade show up? 5 - The oath pact is made, the Heralds vanish Odium. Question: what happens with the singers between Desolations (before the false Desolation and imprisonment of BAM)? 6 - Spren imitate the honor blades and give surges to humans. Question: surges are based on Roshar´s surges, were Ashyn ´s the same? Or maybe, the Honorblades and Surges were created after humans came to Roshar... I think this makes more sense. 7 - The cycle of Desolations begin. Lets discuss if this timeline is correct (I'm probably forgetting something!) and what may have happened to make the Singers side with Odium.
  6. It is mentioned that Kelek/Restares founded the Sons of Honour, but is not involved any longer. My guess is he started the organization to find a way out of Roshar, and used the excuse of bringing back the Heralds as an excuse to manipulate a bunch of people into helping him with whatever plan he had. The plan backfired when his allies came up with the idea to usher a Desolation to bring back the Heralds. So he left the organization.
  7. Ok first of all, I'm sorry if my wording wasn't accurate. English is not my native language. Second, I'm not saying "letting people die", I am saying he will probably need to learn to trust his man, soldiers and Windrunners, to protect themselves and others, let them develop and make choices in order to fulfill their oaths. Empower them basically. It's not the same ase watching them die and doing nothing. Anyways, this is my guess for the fifth oath, I'm not sure we have enough clues to actually predict it.
  8. Yes, but I don't think that's relevant. He's been dealing with the 4th words since before being a radiant..!
  9. I liked the arc but I think we need more answers. OK, he was Restares. He wants out of the planet --> He founded? the Sons of Honor. He gave Gavilar the gemstones? he ordered Amaram killed (and Kal´s squad). WHY? There are so many pieces of the puzzle we still don't have!
  10. I don't think she was her own person really, and thus she didn't die. I've been uncomfortable with the 3 since OB, and specially during ROW, because the more "entity" Veil and Radiant had, the less "Shallan" is (as Blended would say). Shallan made up Veil and channeled on her all her knowledge and experience as a spy, because she thought she couldn't manage for herself. Veil is also someone with a social standing that allows her to behave more lax (something she wants but wouldn't allow herself to do as Shallan) Afterwards, she did the same with Radiant: who is a good soldier and always knows what to do and how to behave in society as a radiant (Something Shallan struggles with because she feels awkward) That left Shallan as incompetent at spying and at soldiering, repressed from having fun and unable to navigate social demands as a radiant. Who is "Shallan"? someone who draws, lightweaves and does some verbal banter, but who is always letting the other 2 take control and even make decisions (they have an agreemen to vote on everything, and "Shallan" has only 1 vote! lets them have majority!) She makes herself less than she actually is. It saddens and frustrates me. ( and I actually see a parallel with Navani) I am actually happy Veil disappeared. I´m not saying I didn't like Veil or the complexity the 3 brought to the character. I liked the resolution of this arc and I expect Radiant to disappear to, leaving us with a whole-Shallan.
  11. We've seen Kaladin freeze when he thinks he can´t protect his man. He claims he couldn't train more men and send them to battle to die. All this man he is referring to are soldiers who are trained, willing and ready to fight. It's not redundant if you think about it as letting other (able) people to protect. After all, the 2nd ideal was about protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
  12. One thing I love about this books is how the characters make mistakes and act based on biases or misconceptions. But they are always willing to do better. Kaladin with Rlain. Navani with the fabrials, the sibling and Raboniel, the whole Venli arc. (to mention only some examples from ROW). I agree with most of the moments mentioned before, and I want to add une more: Teft and his relationship with Phendorana. Adorable and heartbreaking.
  13. I'm with you. This was hinted already!
  14. Hi everyone! I´m creating this topic to talk about the misterios EYES. What are them? Are they dangerous? how? I know Skyward is not Comere, but I can´t help thinking they are some kind of shard (or maybe I´m just used to spot parallels between Sanderson´s books...). A powerful being who lives in a dimension outside space and time, everywhere and nowhere... I´m still working on a theory. What are your thoughts?
  15. Ok he broke me many, many, many, (maaanyyy) times, but as Mistborn was my first Sanderson, definitely hit que hardest. Kelsier death and the church of the survivor was the first blow, but the ending of the 1st era series, as the topic accurately says, obliterated me.