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  1. Thnks for the info guys, I want you to know I fully intend to help out with The Coppermind. It kind of daunted me, how big it was when I went there before. But I'm going to jump right in! I don't mean to try to overshadow The Coppermind's articles, but some of Brandon Sanderson's other works have a presence on Wikia, so I didn't think it was a bad idea to put The Rithmatist there too...
  2. Sorry, double post. My browser keeps acting up. Do either of you have experience with wikia's Gallery tool? I can't get it to work. EDIT: Never mind, I found the problem. I was just using the wrong editor.
  3. I have the images(from the Brandon Sanderson website), but I'll have to replace them later anyway. I'm going to clean them up, take all the words out, etc. Neat website - looks very helpful for a lot of people.
  4. Oh, boy, now for the Defenses page. What I want is really a gallery, but I don't know how to make it. So I guess that will come later.
  5. Ah, I se why I couldn't find it, it's still small. So's Rithmatist right now, but I have help, so I'm happy. The other wiki I write, I'm the onl one working on it. It's quite different working with someone, even when it's only happened for a couple of hours.
  6. There are wikis for Mistborn(I linked to that on the Rithmatist main page), Stormlight, and various other cosmere works, but I don't think there is one for all of them at once, since they are distinct series of books and things. I confess I haven't read any cosmere stuff, but I've got a list from some other users here now. Stormlight Mistborn
  7. So you are Pir2h? Thank you so much!
  8. Hi eeveryone. I'm Aidulin, and I just read a Brandon Sanderson book for the first time. I'm hooked, I think. The one I read was The Rithmatist, and there's only one so far in that series, so I was wondering which series you guys think I should read next? I know you'll all have ideas, but I want to get to know this fanbase a little better.
  9. I linked to both The Coppermind and 17th Shard now, if anyone cares. Still could use help if you're interested:)
  10. I just thought, if someone clicked 'Random Wiki' on Wikia, wouldn't it be nice if they had a chance to read about Rithmatist? I'll link to The Coppermind, though. Like I said, it looks neat.
  11. It only makes sense to use those two points, but there's another topic(, first post. The author suggests that more points are possible, but would be weak. So it's not impossible, but not really smart either.
  12. I think charcoal drawing would be interesting. It would probably be a little different kind of magic, so it would explain how the Forgotten are so strong, despite being basically scribbles, rather than detailed like strong chalklings.
  13. My guess would be that as long as a Rithmatist is in control of the chalk and intends to be making Rithmatic lines, the magic will work. After all, it's just normal chalk apart from that intent, so physical touch isn't necessary. One might even be able to create contraptions, operated by Rithmatists, that hold mutiple pieces of chalk over a larger area. There would be pros and cons, of course, as with any technology. While such a thing would save time and people, someone would have to replace worn-down chalk, and there would be less individuality among responses to the wild chalklings.
  14. That looks interesting, thank you.
  15. Hello, everyone. I know you're all Brandon Sanderson lovers, so here's a question for you. Would you like to help build a wikia site for 'The Rithmatist'? I noticed there wasn't one, so I made one. Here it is: Anyway, If you'd like to help, just message me on the site. It's brand new, so there are hardly any pages, but I'd appreciate anyone who'd like to join. Or even just tell others that it exists. Thanks