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  1. When you start looking sideways at people with earrings, wondering if they're slowly being led astray by ruin....
  2. I do this too. I read Silence in the Forests of Hell in the bath......and read a couple of others at times in the shower. Ebooks are very versatile you see....
  3. Do you know who it is? Cause i'm gonna be honest, i would actually put in a police report, if I were you. I am so so angry that someone would do that!
  4. When you talk about the death of characters in a way that people who haven't read Mistborn feel sad about their passing.....
  5. When your profile picture is an Aon, your online alias is made up of Aons, and the idea of Aon poetry excites you just a little too much
  6. Brandon once visited the Nightwatcher and asked for the ability to write fantasy novels unparalleled by any other. The Nightwatcher in turn cursed him with this thread, knowing if he ever came across it he'd be really really embarrassed.
  7. You know you're a Sanderson fan when someone types "BS" and you assume they mean Sanderson, when in fact they mean bull rust.
  8. Floorbreaker gives me life. I had to get up at 5am, so thank you for that.
  9. Actually, you can kill to prevent death, Nightblood's "Destroy Evil" command compels him to destroy whatever evil his wielder sees, because evil is a perception. If you kill a man who would otherwise kill another, you are preventing death. The death of the person that man would have killed. Of course there is the risk of misinterpretation which could make the sword believe that the only way to truly prevent any death is to kill everyone....,
  10. "Prevent death" Given this command, the sword would only be able to kill where it prevented others from being killed. It allows the wielder to defend their own life, but not take those of others where it would not save another life. No issues with the nature of innocence or evil, just straight out a life can only be taken to prevent the loss of another -- or many other -- lives.
  11. When your friends dream about finding special edition copies of Sanderson books for you....I've known this girl a month
  12. It was good for me, was it good for you too? *ahem* But seriously, I see a lot of potential here.
  13. When you're asked if you're a metal fan and you reply "Yeah, I like pretty much everything except Hemalurgy, its too agressive for me"
  14. Every book Brandon has released up to this point has been a "warm up" novel, each was written accidentally. Sanderson was once actually part of the Cosmere, he wrote about our world and the books were so good that the cognitive and spiritual realm reshaped the physical realm in the books image. He is writing cosmere novels in hope of returning the world to how it was.
  15. Actually, now that it's been mentioned that's decidedly odd. Have we ever heard of Shards not being powered with Saphires? Now that its been brought up, i'm inclined to believe that Sapphires are used -- not because of its efficiency with adhesion -- but because it's not as useful in soul casting. It's been said that emeralds are most useful in working with organics like food, it might just be that Sapphires hold stormlight well but aren't as useful in Soulcasting.