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  1. Sign me up. This cover looks amazing!
  2. Patar would you mind me using Fratch since Kel'let is searching for him and your main character left him on Myrkr?
  3. Kel'let was in Swift trying to research information on the prisoner from Star's End and who would come and get him. He was using the Jedi databases to see if there was any thing about this prisoner. The captain of Star's End had been kind enough to lend Kel'let some of the prisoners information. Apparently, the prisoner's name was Fratch and he was a well known criminal from Myrkr. The Jedi database was about as helpful as a dead rancor. All it told Kel'let were some of Fratch's schemes and people he worked with. Fortunately, every prisoner had a tracking device implanted in them when they were put in the stasis pods. All that was need to accses the information was this video player that Star's End had given Kel'let and a password which they had not given to Kel'let. The Captain said that he would have to run a background check on him before they could give him the password. But Kel'let was a very patient person, he was after all a Sluissi. In the mean time Kel'let was trying to figure out how the tech from beyond the beyond worked. The odd HB converter was supposed to translate the hyper drive energy into blaster energy. In normal ships created by normal sane people the hyper drive energy and the blaster energy were kept separate. Of course there were some attempts to convert the hyper drive energy to blaster energy, but it never worked. Being a Sluissi, the Jedi council allowed him to use the new tech and try it out to see how well it worked. The wiring in the HB converter was amazing. It looked years more advanced and different than the tech he used to create the SB-183. Kel'let moved down towards the engine room in Swift. The ship was not very big for small ship standards. It only had a few rooms the cockpit, storage room, and an engine room. Most ships at least had sleeping quarters or a common room, but Kel'let had designed this ship for speed not comfort. In fact this was on of the fastest ships in the galaxy. Swift could out fly any other ship that it encountered. The engine room was just large enough to contain the engine and a few other star ship essentials. The unknown tech was made to easily connect to any engine by request of the Jedi Council. The shipment of tech also came with what looked like a greatly improved star ship blaster cannon. Kel'let assumed that the blaster cannon was meant to be operated adjacently with the HB converter. He would have to have R6-3T install the cannon when they got out of hyper space. R6-3T was a typical atromech R6 series droid. The R6 were known for being extremely productive and task orientated, unlike the R2 series which was more emotional and sarcastic. R6-3T had been given a few extra modifications from Kel'let in order to improve his overall aspect. Kel'let had given R6 a cloaking shield that not only negated their heat signature, but also their visibility. Along with the cloaking shield R6 had a OM drive. The OM drive when turned on the program would send out a signal with a radius of about 100 yards that would malfunction any droid in the area. Kel'let had made the mistake of testing the OM drive next to his ship. The ship didn't just turn off it tried to jump into hyper space while on the ground. That mistake had grounded Kel'let on Naboo for a week while he repaired his ship. Beep Boop Bleep Beep "What is it R6?" Kel'let asked. Kel'let preferred the the beeping instead of the new translation into Basic. This way no body could understand what the astromech was trying to say. Beep Bleep Boop Bleep Beep "Oh the password from Star's End came in. I will be head up there now." Kel'let had already set his course to Myrkr as a guess, but the two could be going anywhere in the galaxy and they could be anywhere in it by now. Kel'let typed in the outrageously long thirty digit password into the video player. A white and blue loading screen appeared followed by map with a two dots on it. One dot would be Fratch and the other would be the video player. Fratch was currently on Myrkr. Kel'let didn't even have to reprogram the hyper drive. "R6 when will we reach Myrkr?" Beep Boop Beep Beep Bleep Boop "Oh ok so in a few hours. That's all the time I need to prepare."
  4. Or the force wormhole. I think abilities like the wormhole and others with that type of magnitude should be used in moderation. (If at all)
  5. Which force abilities are we allowing in the rp? Just the ones in the movies or are we also allowing all of the EU abilities? Here is a link to all of the abilities
  6. Thanks Patar, but I wouldn't say that Kel'let is evading the Jedi Order it is more like the Jedi Order are not fond of Kel'let.
  7. Life could be lonely out on Stars End. Kel'let had been assigned to check the status of the prison and pick up a new technological advancement that was supposed to revolutionize the war against the Sith. Kel'let was a Jedi Knight not some cargo vessel, but he had to obey the Jedi Counsel. He was already despised by most of the Jedi for leaving the order almost twenty years ago. Kel'let thought that the Jedi would be happy that he returned instead of staying in the Outer Rim or worse joining the Sith. But Kel'let was not angry he saw why they resented him and he understood it. One great thing about this mission was that he was one of the first to see the new tech that had been created by an organization beyond the Unknown Region. Apparently the Jedi Order was able to contact these allusive tech producers and convince them to trade them their advanced tech. That is where Kel'let got his SB-183, a high powerful static blaster. The blaster was unlike anything else Kel'let had ever seen. He took one of the blasters apart to see how it worked and he was barely able to put it back together and he was supposed be a Sluissi the greatest engineers in the galaxy. He had managed to link the blaster to his star ship, Swift. Kel'let almost destroyed his ships hyper drive doing it, but it had jumped him to speeds that were unimaginable. That's how he was able to get to Stars End in the time that he did. Kel'let cut the travel time in half. The new tech that he was picking up today was supposed to link the hyper drive to the blasters on a ship. The Sluissi had been thinking about how to do this for years and some company beyond the galaxy figures it out. Anyways the tech was supposed to decrease the hyper drive energy and transfer it to the blaster canons. Kel'let walked down the corridor doing his final check of floor number twelve and noticed that one of the incubation chambers was empty. He pulled out his wrist communicator and opened the link to Captain Telrin. "Uh Captain Telrin chamber number 3043 is empty. I was not aware that there was an empty coffin on this floor." "Jedi Kel'let there should not be any empty coffins on floor twelve. Are you sure that the coffin is empty?" "Yes Captain I am quite sure. There also seems to be a body on the floor. She looks like she is a Falleen, a dead Falleen." "I will put the prison on alert and check for any signs of escape" with that the Captain signed off of his communicator. The communicators had come a long way since the fall of the Death Star. The newer ones like the one Kel'let was currently using were in color and the graphics were not shaky at all. Kel'let saw some guards that were lying on the ground. "Well I better check to see what happened to these guys. What ever it is it is probably what got that poor woman." He check the guards for any sign of life or wounds. The guards looked to be taken out with some sort of blaster pistol. "That's odd how would a prisoner get a pistol? Unless the prisoner was broken out by somebody on the outside." Kel'let pulled out his communicator again, "Captain I think a break in was able to escape this prisoner." "That can't be" said the Captain, "We would have been notified if somebody came close to this sector" "Well there are new ways of getting past the radars" Kel'let said into his communicator, "Down in the New Jedi Temple there are cloaking devices that turn anything invisible, so something like that could have been used to disguise the ship." "Even so we have heat sensors the ship and the person would have been detected" The Captain from his bio had been described as one that was never ready to admit to weakness. That is one of the reasons why the Jedi Order wanted Kel'let to come here. They wanted to make sure that the Stars End was still the top notch prison that it always bragged about being. "I do not know how the prison breakers got in, but I do know that they got in and we should follow the protocol for escaped prisoners Captain." "Oh of course Jedi Kel'let. I will alert the rest of Stars End and start search parties. Can you contact the Jedi Council and inform them of this incident?" The Captain was also described as being incredibly fearful of the Jedi. He did not hate them he just felt extremely uncomfortable. Poor Telrin looked like he would need a change of clothes before soon. Who knows what would happen to him if he was forced to contact the Jedi Council and tell them about his slip up. Kel'let started up his communicator to link to the Council. "Jedi Kel'let how is the check up of Stars End going?" said Jedi Master Wlynx. "The check up was going just fine until I found an empty cell..." Kel'let's mind roamed off as he was informing the Council about what he had seen. "Kel'let!" Master Wlynx shouted over the communicator, "are you even listening to what I said? I said that you have been reassigned to find 3043 and his partner and bring them both to the Jedi Council for a trial. "Yes Master Wlynx. I will track down these two and bring them to you" Kel'let did not know how to feel. This was his first actual mission, but he had know idea what he was dealing with. The two escapees could be for all he knew working for the Sith. Kel'let turned off his communicator and proceed to walk to the ship yard. Kel'let loaded Swift with the new tech and started his ascend into the wilderness of Wild Space.
  8. Could I just make up any sort of blaster then? If so then I would use an updated static blaster. They send out an electrical current that's lethality can be adjusted.
  9. Sure Kel'let and Allegra Riburn should no each other some how. Either we could have met during Jedi training or in the Outer Rim since we both were there at a time. The AT-3 is a blaster pistol that has three main modes. The first mode is stun, the second is incapacitate (basically a longer lasting more dangerous stun), and a lethal mode. The AT-3 can also unleash all of its charges in one huge blast that does quite a bit of damage. The AT-3 has a range of about 200 meters and the gun has a low heating rate.
  10. Oh wow oops. I will fix that huge timeline issue.
  11. Name: Kel’let Species: Sluissi Weapons: Kel’let uses two short green curved-hilt lightsabers. He is also known to use the AT-3. Abilities: Kel’let is one of the few force sensitive Sluissi and his force powers are average. Like most Sluissi Kel’let is extremely patient and does not anger easily. Kel’let was trained in the Outer Rim to be very agile and fearsome warrior. Background: Kel’let was born on Sluis Van. As a youngling Kel'let left his home and hopped aboard a ship going to the Jedi Temple. Kel'let was accepted by the Jedi. After his training he was made a padawan to the Jedi Ryli. Master Ryli and Kel'let were sent to the Outer Rim planet Vodran to finish a diplomatic treaty. When the to Jedi got to Vodran Master Ryli was assassinated by a local gang before the treaty could ever be reviewed. Kel'let was emotionally destroyed. He was found a warrior gang. The gang were able to easily convince Kal'lat into joining their gang. The gang wanted to exploit his force capabilities so they trained him to be a lethal warrior. Kel'let after being trained took up many stealing, assassinations, and other jobs to make a living. Kel'let regretted what he had become and that he had never finished his Jedi training. He built his first ship, Swift, and traveled back to the Jedi Temple. The Jedi Order was reluctant to re accept Kel'let because of what he had done, but after seeing his new found skills the Order accepted him. From there he quickly rose up the ranks from a padawan to a full Jedi Knight. Personality: Kel'let is very easy going, but his training in the Outer Rim has made him tough and willing to do what must be done. Appearance: He looks like the standard Sluissi with brown eyes and dark brown Jedi robes. Edit: Fixed some timeline issues
  12. This sounds awesome can I join?
  13. Phoenix looks around and notices that Granny Hoid's Dark Temple Cottage has been mapped. "Hmm... The Granny will be very pleased to have guests"
  14. On page 804 it says that two years is approximately five hundred moon revolutions. So one year would be 250 moon revolutions.
  15. I have been reborn out my ashes! I have finally returned to the forums.