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  1. I've extensively checked WoB and every mention of the "godspren" in the books and found nothing to suggest that the other "godspren" are necessarliy the ones Bondsmiths bond. It seems the most likely option though. You're right, I missunderstood a part from OB In Ch. 64, Stormfather talks about how Honor's power pierces all three realms. I have no idea how, but ended up underatanding that as Bondsmiths bond a version of the Stormfather reflected across each of the realms. Thanks for correcting me!
  2. This is a really cool idea, but I find it unlikely. The two spren that can bond a Bondsmith that we know of are Stormfather in the Highstorm (Physical) and his opposite in Shadesmar's Highstorm (Cognitive). It is most likely that the third spren os reflectes on the third realm we have yet to get a peak onto, the Spiritual.
  3. Once thought but a man Now a grand Cosmere question Who, truly, is Hoid?
  4. I am quite fond of his characters and his process of developing them. In my opinion, however, his most masterful ability is the way he creates unique and wonderful worlds. That said, Nightblood + Stick, everyone's favorite inanimate objects.
  5. I want to thank everyone for their input. I don't have anyone outside this forum to share my thoughts with so this is where I get my outside input to help clarify my ideas. THIS IS NOT A THEORY. I should have clarified that in my initial post. It's a thought I have had that I would like input on. I don't think Rayse is anything besides Odium. Whatever he may claim or portray himself as, he is too hate filled. As far as quotes from individuals in the books, I find them too unreliable. We are misdirected by honest but flawed points of view too often by characters.
  6. All hair on your body falls out, never to grow back. I wish I had more friends in real life to discuss Cosmere novels with. (Everyone here is great but instant feedback is nice)
  7. (Some Spoilers from Stormlight Archive and Mistborn ahead) I'll start off by saying that the entity comprised of the unity of Rayse and the Shard he holds can best be described as Odium. However, the actual nature of the Shard itself isn't. I believe it would be best to describe it instead as Passion. I have been thinking for a long time that Odium seemed an odd intent for a piece of God. It never made sense to me. Then we get to see Sazed as Harmony and I realized the intention of the being could be different based on who the holder is. For inatance, if the Lord Ruled had obtained Preservation and Ruin, he would likely have been a far more strict balance of intentions whereas Sazed is a balance promoting growth, leaning more toward Preservation. The next hint we had before we even see Odium's name printed in WoK. Vorinism preaches the "Passions" as the source of sin. This coupled with Vorinism being the result of casting aside Odium and taking up Honor as their Almighty serves as an extra piece of evidence to me. My last clue was the Unmade. Most likely Slivers of Odium, they should directly portray aspects of the Shard. However, instead of being entirely hate filled beings as you would expect of Odium's strongest servants, you instead see beings representing different passions. Because they don't represent Odium, they represent the Shared Rayse holds, Passion. *edit* I should have clarified this in my initial posting, this is not a fully fledged theory. It's an idea that's been rumbling around in my head that I would love input on.
  8. What I know of the Ire is that they had a plot to take control of Preservation but were thwarted by Kelsier. They have a castle of some sort that exists entirely in the cognitive realm and technology advanced enough to use it to control a shard. Simply the name of the Seventeenth Shard suggests that they know quite a bit about the Cosmere as a whole. They are opposed to Hoid, though all that is known of his goals is that he is trying to collect many different forms of investiture and that they are so important that he is willing to sacrifice worlds to accomplish them. There are plenty of theories about them, but not much in absolutes. I only know enough of the Ones Above to say that have the technology to travel through space. At the very least they seem to be trying to explore different shardworlds, but their goals are unclear. Silverlight has really only been barely mentioned and as of yet, so very, very little is known of them.
  9. Keep in mind that even in the quote cometaryorbit, Sanderson doesn't state anything specific. Rather, in that quote he simply makes it clear how broad the interpretation could be. He may say that he hasn't confirmed Adonalsium as a Christian-style god with an opposing "devil," but he hasn't confirmed it isn't. I encourage you to keep your ideas open and that the accepted theory isn't necessarily true. As for the original question, it does seem likely that Odium is the main antagonist and the "opposing force" is the main antagonistic presence for the next five, but that force could be anything, from an organization that caused the events surrounding the breaking to an anti-Adonalsium. I think it is more likely that it is some sort of organization based on what we have seen on Scadrial. I doubt the events there can be attributed to another shard as I believe Harmony would recognize the presence or power of another shard. I think it is more likely that a group discovered a way to use investiture without it being connected to Adonalsium or the Shards and that this either led to the shattering or that Adonalsium had to be shattered for it to work.
  10. I think it was the whole thing with her pretending to be killed. TenSoon tells Wax that Harmony did force Paalm to do something she didn't want to, and I think that is what it was. That would then be what made her seek so much to free herself from Harmony. I also think that the process of freeing herself from Harmony is what caused her to go insane, obviously something to do with Trell (I cite Miles as supporting evidence for Trell twisting perception).
  11. I have a couple problems I have with the theory that Kelsier holds the remaining power of Ruin. First of all, if Harmony had seen what would eventually happen with Kelsier holding a part of Ruin, he would know what the metal was and it is stated that he doesn't. I also have trouble with this theory because it just doesn't make sense to me. Why not just leave the Pits of Hathsin to limit the amount of Ruin in him?
  12. Is it plausible for Nightblood to simply draw from gems Szeth carries with him rather than from Szeth himself, then switch over if he runs out? Perhaps with Breaths this isn't possible because for any Breaths to transfer from one person to the next they have to be in physical contact, but stormlight has been seen pulled from a distance, albeit a very small one.
  13. You really ought to start a topic on that... I would, but its your idea.
  14. Thank you for that. I wasn't sure and didn't have time at the moment to look it up.
  15. First, I would like to mention the Adonai is one name for the Hebrew God. However, the word Adonai means, more or less, lord. The name that Jews consider to be the actual name of God (and they won't utter or write it themselves as they believe it is to sacred) is Yahweh, which means "He that Is." (Sorry, I'm getting a BA in Religion) That is a great observation. There are certainly similarities. However, it is much more likely that Brandon simply changed it a bit to use as the name of the greatest being in the Cosmere. He did explicitly state that Adonalsium is the name of the being.