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  1. Well, to be fair, if Honor arrived first and then others showed up, he wouldn't have broken his oath.
  2. One word. Oathbringer.
  3. MOASH.
  4. I don't need words if I could just stab Roshone tbh
  5. No, I did not mean can't.
  6. Dalinar, the night of Galivar's assassination. "Hey man, I'm pretty sure you can handle more wine."
  7. At one point in Words of Raidence such a person is encountered. http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/Redin
  8. Alethi budding surgebinger about to die to Nale, circa 1173, colorized.
  9. Excuse me while I go die laughing
  10. Yeah, and we all know it's pronounced "Traitor"
  11. Sadeas maybe, he was just kinda a prick. A political, backstabbing one, but still just a prick. Amaram, on the other hand, betrayed mankind to actually Rage incarnate. He deserves nothing but worms.
  12. That joke physically hurt. But not as much as my hatred for Moash.
  13. Moash and a Cremling both crawled across a rocky field when they saw a merchant. The merchant said "Stormfather, a disgusting bottom feeder! Gah, and a Cremling too!"
  14. If it couldn't communicate at a distance, how could it have people pick him up and DESTROY. EVIL.