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  1. The fact Sadeas was a little rat bastard and they have more important issues to deal with probably
  2. Gold is also only useful for decoration at that point. So why bother. The only reason we see gold as valuable is because we assigned it value. They assigned it to spheres. So gold is just any other shiny metal. Since it CAN be soulcasted, it probably has little real value It's not really useful as a resource unless it's being used currency
  3. Why would they? Their economy isn't based on gold, and apart from it's use as decoration, their society has no use for it.
  4. "So nothing." Rastiel grunted. "Who would be able to tell me more? Guards? Mayor?" His gaze lingered, hard and unmoving.
  5. Rastiel brushed past the other Aasimar to approach the bartender. "Which is why you need someone to discover what is going on. Who would have information about raids, numbers, and frequency?"
  6. I'm pretty sure I misread the squire thing, then. Which happens. That aside, the rest looks more or less fine. Soulcasting is a bit.... odd, but it seems fine.
  7. The hit die thing is fine then. I retract that one. I think it should function as any chosen heavy armor +1 until level 17. The resistance is pretty strong imo. Edit: Working at the subclasses- windrunner squires seem a bit situational. Skybreaker attack of opportunity thing seems a bit weird for a level 10 feature? It doesn't seem to gel with the rest of the kit in my opinion
  8. I haven't seen the subclasses yet. However. IMO the hit die should be a d10 The heavy armor shardplate feature of "5 + level" shouldn't kick in until level 17 It's not very strong at level 11. It'll be outclassed by any heavy armor you have at that time. At level 17 it's much better The rest seems pretty cool!
  9. Rastiel barely moved a muscle. "Your lack of understanding is not my concern." He said with a small shrug, chain mail rustling.
  10. The Aasimar made a confused face for a second, before smoothing it out as he stood. "Dressed like an adventurer, with no clue that here one is brewing? Generally they flock to these things, but this one is unaware. Lucky? Perhaps. Patrons of luck tend to favor the wanderer and the minstrel. It would make sense." He seemed lost in thought, saying observations out loud. He fell silent for a time, examining the other Aasimar "I am Rastiel Drusus Decimus, Captain of the Statute. The last true one at that." He finally provided. "This village needs protection, and as I am alone, I cannot in good standing engage in a long term contract with them. Thus, I will be likely collecting one-sixth of a company's share as a one time compensation."
  11. The Aasimar snorted. "I am here to protect this village." He said, gold eyes boring into the bard. His expression was unchanging, meticulously impassionate. "I have no stories for you. None that matter here."
  12. The grand finale was met with a stony silence from the back of the room. From one table in particular. The figure in armor sat there, his sword propped up against the wall. Nearly as tall as he was, adorned with a simple pattern on the pommel. "Unlikely heroes indeed." He said, mostly to himself. Hair like solid gold and eyes of the same color, he tapped the table idly. It may have be possible to miss the emblem at his shoulder. Round, about the size of a palm, bearing a symbol some would know with trepidation. The flaming sword, pointing downward, wrapped by a chain. The mark of a captain of The Statute.
  13. Agreed. You don't have proficiency with swords as a sorcerer. Also your armor class is 13. 10 + dex mod.