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  1. This was a an absolutely brutal but beautiful chapter. Brandon is not holding back on the feels early on at all. Adolin is a great friend and I loved the banter between him and Veil even the boob talk. As usual I worry about Shallan though. So am i understating this correctly that Rock will be judged by Wit? I somehow do not think Wit will be to harsh on him and cant wait for the novella. Btw does anyone else ever meld Rock with Mihali from the Powder Mage books?
  2. I’m not so sure about that. She knew enough to know that Pattern did not know. Her fathers garden deal too which I guess may be something that is not relevant but seems like it could be. I just do not think it is that simple but who knows. Trust me I hope you are right because I would rather it be something like those
  3. I kinda cringed when I read these parts in the preview chapters. On one hand I want it to be something positive like what has been mentioned about her accepting the fact she did not destroy her family. On the other hand I just do not see how she could consider a realization and admittance of this worst than admitting she killed her parents. Even considering the circumstances that is a huge thing and what else is worst than that? Only thing I can think of is that her actions (more than likely unintentional) caused the death/s of someone that was completely innocent which would be considerable worst than what happened to her father/mother in my opinion. Possible under the influence of an Unmade?
  4. May want to go to this thread
  5. Is it really this bleak though? New Windrunners can be made. Albeit not a simple as new Fused. You just have to be ahead of the curve enough to account for training and new bonds. From what we have seen so far they seem to be slightly ahead. Plus with time more will swear the fourth oath hopefully. To me the situation is more of a stalemate and that can be considered just as bad.
  6. I told myself I would not read the pre-view chapters this time around but caved in yesterday because I have zero willpower. I actually liked this chapter the best so far which is surprising to me because I typically have not enjoyed Eshonai/Venli chapters in the past. I think mainly what I liked was this chapter gave a spark of hope although I think Venli's plan is obviously a tough one to accomplish. Needed a little bit of a lifter after the depressing Kaladin moment of chapter 10.
  7. Hmm maybe but this quote implies to me at least it is something big or important. Christopher Paolini Without spoilers, what can readers look forward to? [In Rhythm of War] Brandon Sanderson There is a character moment that was one of the pillars of my outline from the very beginning. This scene that I was working on. There were only two or three scenes that were core pillars. My beta readers feel like it landed. There won’t be a moment like this again until Book 7 or 8. Miscellaneous 2020 (June 12, 2020)
  8. I’m over here tugging my braid while folding my arms under my breast.
  9. Sorry just catching up o this thread.. He said two or three and we have one coming in book 4 and then another in book 7 or 8. So that leave 0-1 in the previous 3 books. The summoning of the Everstorm seems like a clear one. I would think "I am Unity" would have been one also but maybe not.
  10. Great interlude and makes me want to see a lot more Spren POV. Very juicy tidbits dropped about Bondsmith. I really liked the conversation with Dalinar. Nice to see sharplate creation all but confirmed. Not sure what I think about the Kaladin situation but I am really hoping he is not fully regressing.
  11. Good choice. As considered by single works that one is my favorite as well.
  12. I was ok with the first three books but the 4th and especially 5th left a lot to be desired. The books start to meander a lot and a few of the plot lines really fell short on top of some serious use of deus ex machina in the final books. The only good part of the last book in my opinion was the alternative ending posted on the authors website.
  13. Yes I read the book first! There was a delay on the audio book. Thought it was great and I actually liked these books better than the first ones. The original narrator just did a fantastic job. Actually Styke voice is the one that drives me the craziest with the new narrator. Completely different. All good.
  14. Decided to listen Blood of Empire and this is the first audio book I am thinking of returning in a long time. I understand why Christian Rodska couldn't narrate it and I think the current narrator is not bad but the characters voices and inflections are so different it makes the story feel like it was written by a different author.
  15. Haha Tom was one of my favorite characters. The characters were actually pretty good just felt like the ending was kinda meh.