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  1. But Waxillium is such a cool name! My wife picked the name Bennett from Eliza's last name in Pride and Prejudice. If I could do it over agin I would have pushed for Elend.
  2. Ah ok. I thought that was a knife though.
  3. I think Koloss17 meant the other one.
  4. I have not read the books or played the games but really liked the show. Looking forward to season 2.
  5. I do not want to spoil anything but I respectfully couldn't disagree more with these two statements. That being said if you do not like the characters now you probably never will. I've liked the series since book one and the the conclusion in book three is one of my all time favorites. I also really like all the characters and they all had interesting arcs in my opinion. I'll admit though I have not read SoT so I cannot relate to the similarities. There were for sure some similarities to other fantasy series I've read though but that is pretty much always the case.
  6. I listened to the audiobook actually. I heard there were something included by the author in the hardcover regarding a couple characters that may get a novella.
  7. Haha good. It’s kinda a marathon Instead of a sprint and there are for sure some slow parts but it really is pretty good in its entirety. I remember liking the first few books a lot. Also the last ones Brandon wrote were good.
  8. That scene with the Scout Troopers lmao. I'm going to re-watch the season this weekend. I really like where this is going and looking forward to season 2.
  9. Oh you mean the start start haha! Yeah give it a little more time. I can’t remember it chapter to chapter it’s been a while but overall it’s a decent book and the series gets better. Then not as good then good again!
  10. If you think TEotW is slow then may not be the series for you. I do not remember thinking that book was slow but some of the later ones where the series is primarily focused on character development instead of plot development become pretty slow.
  11. Ok so here is my problem with the movie. A problem I know a lot of people may not have but I do. I have only watched the movies. I have not watched any of the animated series. I have read like one SW book. So I am pretty ignorant of the expanded universe beyond the movies. My issue is from what I understand some is canon and some is not and I am not really sure how it is decided what becomes canon other than what Disney decides to be important to the future stories. That being said coming from my perspective a lot of the movie comes across as confusing. I had to start scouring the internet after the movie to understand half of what happened. Especially since things like bringing people back from the dead were introduced as a power of the dark side in the movies. If coming from the perspective of just watching the movies most of the "reveals" just do not make much sense or hit home until I read on the internet why they were significant or even possible in some cases. That being said it was not completely bad and I was entertained by a lot of the movie. Taken in the context of this last trilogy alone I really liked Rey and Kylo as characters and their arcs even if I am still a little confused on why they both did not vanish after dying..
  12. Just finished Starsight. I want to like this series. I like Sci-Fi and while I thought the first book was decent I just couldn't get in to the second book at all. Besides Calamity it is the only one of Brandon's books I can say I did not like. That being said I will read the next ones in hopes my mind will be changed. I am thinking I am in the mood for a Three Body Problem re-read. I'm not sure what it is about those books but I keep going back to them.