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  1. Man those are weird books but I found I couldn't put them down and for the life of me cant explain why.
  2. Plus 1 for audio books and SA has the advantage of amazing narration by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (Michael Kramer also does Mistborn and the pair did WoT) who fun fact are actually a married couple. I still read the physical books as well but the audio books are easy to digest while doing other things.
  3. That is what I figured. I remember it from the graphic novels being pretty disturbing and was wondering how they would do this in the show. Still really looking forward to watching the series from the trailer it looks well done.
  4. Haven't watched it yet just the trailer but guessing episode 5 is the dinner?
  5. It seemed like it to me but it has been a while so entirely possible there was more discussion I did not see.
  6. Yes there has been previous discussion about the "Stormfaker". I believe the leading theory is it is actually Ishar posing as SA and attempting to manipulate Gavilar in to doing his bidding.
  7. The images are truly amazing! I saw this side by side comparison of Hubble vs. JWST on Reddit and thought it was pretty cool. Really excited about what we will see next.
  8. It is for sure the best SW movie since Disney took over. I'd actually rank it right behind the original trilogy.
  9. Yes I completely agree with @Fezzik. The answer to that question was miss-direction by Brandon by using an in-world assumption which we know are not always 100% reliable. He has been pretty dodgy on the subject of Shallan in relation to her family/mother and I think the SA5 Prologue all but confirmed the theory some have had for a while now. I would be shocked if we do not get 100% confirmation Chana is Shallan's mother in SA5.
  10. I enjoyed your blog post! Being in Texas where we have struggled with our power grid I am an advocate for nuclear power. Good luck with your work!
  11. Just a couple somewhat relevant WoB. So hard to say for sure because we really do not know what Nightblood's limit is exactly except that it is not enough to kill a shard, enough to kill a vessel but he will get "full" from a perpendicularity. I would think he could kill an Unmade and damage but not kill Nightwatcher/Storm Father because he would get too full.
  12. Yes I fell like it would almost have to all be CGI. Taking the "Avitar" approach may be better or animated as you said. A good case to do Mistborn first since it is an earth like setting. Just need to CG the Mist Wraths, Ten Soon and some good makeup work for the Inquisitors.
  13. I'd read Warbreaker next so everything from SA is fresh on your mind (I do not think it is too spoilery to say there are some tie-ins that are interesting). Then start in with Mistborn (as amazing as SA is Mistborn is actually my favorite Sanderson series). The next and final book of Mistborn Era 2 will be out in November so this should work nicely. You can then finish up with Elantris and the shorter books (some of these are amazing btw). Obviously just my suggestions there is not really a right or wrong order.
  14. Lucky you to be reading it for the first time! RoW has my favorite Sanderson surprise twist so far. It is truly mind blowing. Do not spend too much time on here until you finish
  15. Man I just hope SA adaptation is held off for a bit. I'd worry that it would become a GoT situation where studios outpace the source material (although I have like 500% more confidence in Sanderson of making it work). Granted there is a ton already and with the in-world time skip the studio would get a buffer of 10 years of actor aging but you never know what can happen.