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  1. Good to hear! It’s actually one of my favorite of Brandon’s books and I feel often underrated. Plus it’s tie-ins to SA. I think you will enjoy OB even more having just read it.
  2. What did you think of Warbreaker? Enjoy OB!
  3. So is everyone else pretty hyped about getting The Book of Boba AND Mandalorian Season 3? I really like where Disney is going with this. Helps restore my faith in them after the last two sequel movies.
  4. Haha yeah I’ve read it a few times now. Yeah it was a deal I made with my daughter we’d both pick out a book for the other to read. I’m hoping it will help convince her to read more sci-fi/fantasy. I doubt it will make me want to read more YA romance though.
  5. Finishing the last book up on a Three Body Problem re-read. Then i have to jump in to my holiday book swap with my daughter and read her choice All the Little Things (YA romance) and my choice The Host (which I am told has just enough romance in it to keep her interested) to hopefully convince her Fantasy/Sci-Fi is good.
  6. After the preview chapters I thought we would finally get to see some more of the other KR orders in action. Especially with the pre-view chapters during the rescue at Hearthstone. I felt like we ended up seeing a lit more Fused in action than KR. Plus Dalinar mentioning all the other orders early on then a few orders going on the Shadesmar mission. It seems like we are pretty far along to only see a few KR orders in action to me. Maybe next book!
  7. Gotcha. As soon as the races start traveling the stars I think it makes sense that you would see all technologically advanced civilizations competing for resources and Investiture seems to be the most important of these resources in the Cosmere. That scene Brandon read seems to imply this pretty heavily. I do agree with you regarding the friction between these two races but also think we may have a skewed view on how honorable the KR as a whole are as we have only seen a few orders in real detail. One of which managed to bond two different Spren even with committing parricide. I also think it is pretty clear from the scene that technologically speaking these two end up on a similar playing fields. We are just seeing different eras of each world. Granted knowing MB era 2 takes place between SA 5 and 6 Scadrial is currently more advanced. They also have maintained their magic where Roshar is just now becoming reawakened. It is interesting that Scadrial had such a technological explosion.
  8. Have you read this yet? Fair warning it contains spoilers for the future Cosmere so read at your own risk but it does show a glimpse of the future pertaining to your post.
  9. No real surprises but I did find the audio book stuff interesting especially since that is the main way I digest books. Like many others I am really only interested in LM getting published next and not very excited at all about the Skyward book. The first was ok but the second one was one of only two (Calamity being the second) of Brandon's books I did not like. All that being said I know that is a selfish view and I am glad that Brandon has found a system that helps him be as productive as possible. I just love the Cosmere so much I get really impatient. Especially with BoM ending on such a cliff hanger. On thing that all though not really surprising but was still a revelation to me is SA5 projected to be released in 2023. I know the follows the typical 3 year release and somewhat expected but the conclusion of the first 5 SA books seemed so far off at one point and now it seems to be in reach. I thought the line about reassessing the Cosmere after SA 5 was interesting. I could see Brandon focusing on the main series but allowing others to co-write some of the other stories he wants to get out there. I do not necessarily think this is a bad thing.
  10. Wow.....
  11. Not sure how far you are in RoW but there’s only a couple tie in comments of Dawnshard that I can remember and I believe they happened fairly early on in RoW so you could easily get away with reading it after.
  12. I completely agree I miss the old interludes as well. I liked the random locations and characters much more. I used to look forward to the interludes but in RoW they just felt like extra chapters in the main book instead of the short stories of past books.
  13. Hmm..I do not want to spoil anything but what we learn in RoW does not seem to be compatible with this.
  14. I have read both main books and tried to read The Slow Regard of Silent Things but could not finish it. The first book is one of my all time favorites. I have read it a few times. It is one of those rare books that fully capture my attention from start to finish. As @weiss_kwispies said Rothfuss has an odd ability to make you interested in even the most mundane things. I mean how much of the book is dedicated to Kvothe trying to get money? Something that would be completely boring in an other fantasy book yet I am completely interested in these books. The second book took me a re-read to really enjoy it. It felt a little repetitious and I think the lack of plot movement turned me off initially. After a couple re-reads I have appreciated it more. The small sex part did not really bother me at all and it could be easily skipped without much loss in the story. I was extremely upset at the lack of info Rothfuss gave his fans on the final book as well as his general attitude. I followed his blog for a while then eventually gave up on that. I think this is a little unfair though especially compared to someone like Brandon who is the polar opposite as far as communication goes. I have gotten over this though and thank you to @Snorkel for posting that Q&A I had not seen it yet and it is promising. I will read the third book when/if it comes out. I think Rothfuss i a very talented writer who is more concerned with the quality of his writing than making his fans happy with a release date and we just have to be patient if we want to finish the story.
  15. Thanks! I read the synopsis and I think this may be a winner. Yes maybe some day I can convince her to give Mistborn a shot. I’m the only one in the family that like Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I got the Alcatraz books for the kids when they were a little younger thinking that may be a good way to introduce them and I was the only one that read them haha. Edit: Oh I just went to buy the book for her and see that it’s the same author as Twilight Saga which was what I was thinking initially. This looks like a good choice!