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  1. Very sad but we can all wish to accomplish what he did in his life.
  2. I read Legion a while ago didn't really like it that much and waited until all three of these were released and re-read all together. The first is probably my favorite after reading all three. I appreciate them more now that I have read them straight through. The biggest enjoyment I got out of the last book was the tie in to Perfect State.
  3. I read Legion a long time ago but never really got into the book enough to read the second book. I just finished all three and have a new appreciation for them. As a whole they are much better even if they are not my favorite Brandon books.
  4. Last 4 books are much better paced. I actually liked Knife of Dreams a lot and then the last 3 Brandon did were good.
  5. Just finished that book. It is starting to seem a little more stale as the series goes but I keep reading them!
  6. Listening to a book for work called Never Split the Difference. It’s about negotiation tactics and the author is a 20 year FBI veteran that did hostage negotiations. It’s really kind of interesting but the funny part is the narrator is Michael Kramer. I keep waiting for the author to say he downed a vial of tin to listen to hostages or lashed a bad guy to a wall.
  7. @Firerust I absolutely love that series. I am very rarely compelled to write a letter to an author but in this case I did after reading the first book. He took the time to respond and we had a couple back and forth emails about Brandon. Great guy. I can’t wait for the last book!
  8. Could be worst. Could be kale.
  9. That sounds about right and yes you may be overthinking it a little I think it’s basicaly a message about not limiting yourself to what you are perceived to be.
  10. Ok that’s what I was thinking was probably bothering you, the game. It will make a lot more sense by the end of the book!
  11. Haha yeah well it only gets weirder although I think some of the weirdness you may be up to half way gets explained by the end of the first book if I am remembering correctly. The series is kind of a story about what can go wrong (maybe a little right?) concerning the Fermi Paradox. That is probably not the best summarization but the best I can come up with. It gets more and more interesting as it goes in my opinion but if your not in to it after the end of the first book the next two will probably not help.
  12. I've read the entire series a couple times. I liked it but I can say it is probably not for everyone and it gets a little deep and weird the farther you go down the rabbit hole.
  13. Bit but he's The Mad Titan! He is not supposed to be rational!! I get it though and can see the appeal. I also understand they are going to have to deviate from the comics for the movies. Just for the amount of characters alone which were a lot easier to pencil in a comic than cast in a movie. Plus the masses want something new not just the same story on the big screen I would think. It really was a good movie. Very dark compared to all the other movies which I liked.
  14. Yeah I get your point of view just didn't feel like it was fleshed out enough in the movie for me. Or it is just stuck in my head canon too firmly to be replaced.
  15. It gets weirder as it goes but a good series.