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  1. Bela! Oh wait that's not Cosmere.. Amazingly I'd have to say Elhokar as well. I hated the guy until OB then was sad when he died. Vin is a close second but as sad as that was there Secret History kinda softened the blow a bit in an odd way.
  2. I reread all of them a few months ago. I forgot how much I loved them.
  3. I was really hoping for some kind of surprise announcement that he secretly wrote the first draft of Lost Metal. That's ok though I can wait impatiently for it to happen. On the other hand I actually got goose bumps thinking about Brandon starting SA4 next month. Even though Eshonai's view point is my least anticipated I have a feeling we will be pleasantly surprised with how this works out. SotS has turned in to novella in itself. I really appreciate these updates and Koloss Head Munching Day is an official holiday on my calendar.
  4. So will I be totally lost if I literally know nothing about the game?
  5. Very sad but we can all wish to accomplish what he did in his life.
  6. I read Legion a while ago didn't really like it that much and waited until all three of these were released and re-read all together. The first is probably my favorite after reading all three. I appreciate them more now that I have read them straight through. The biggest enjoyment I got out of the last book was the tie in to Perfect State.
  7. I read Legion a long time ago but never really got into the book enough to read the second book. I just finished all three and have a new appreciation for them. As a whole they are much better even if they are not my favorite Brandon books.
  8. Last 4 books are much better paced. I actually liked Knife of Dreams a lot and then the last 3 Brandon did were good.
  9. Just finished that book. It is starting to seem a little more stale as the series goes but I keep reading them!
  10. Listening to a book for work called Never Split the Difference. It’s about negotiation tactics and the author is a 20 year FBI veteran that did hostage negotiations. It’s really kind of interesting but the funny part is the narrator is Michael Kramer. I keep waiting for the author to say he downed a vial of tin to listen to hostages or lashed a bad guy to a wall.
  11. @Firerust I absolutely love that series. I am very rarely compelled to write a letter to an author but in this case I did after reading the first book. He took the time to respond and we had a couple back and forth emails about Brandon. Great guy. I can’t wait for the last book!
  12. Could be worst. Could be kale.
  13. That sounds about right and yes you may be overthinking it a little I think it’s basicaly a message about not limiting yourself to what you are perceived to be.
  14. Ok that’s what I was thinking was probably bothering you, the game. It will make a lot more sense by the end of the book!