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  1. Ending wasn't horrible and I liked what happened to most of the characters. Again I feel like at least a half a season worth of events took place in one episode but it is what it is. The only thing rubbing me the wrong way is how relatively easy Jon got off with killing Danny. She had just got done pumping up her troops and Grey Worm with her little speech and I have a hard time believing they would not have revenged her death even though it was absolutely necessary. I would have almost rather this had gone down with both dying as morbid as that sounds seems like it would have been more GOT'ish. I did like how it turned out for the rest of the main characters especially Sansa and Arya.
  2. It is clear the show runners are completely clueless without GRRM writing the story for them. This episode was just a hot mess. Everything is rushed. Nothing really matters. Nothing makes any sense. This one episode needed at least a half a season to unfold properly and create tension. So Varys a master spy is just running around shouting from the mountain top to everyone he can find that Danny is unfit to rule? Then Tyrion just says sorry bro you are about to be charcoal. Danny easily wipes out the Iron Fleet, all the scorpions on the wall the entire pointless Golden Company (if only they had their elephants) in a matter of minutes. I still do not understand why she didn't take out the Iron Fleet right after they miraculously killed Rhaegal. It made what already felt like a pointless dragon death even more pointless. I mean I understand they are not exactly pros at surface to air combat but no one thought to have 360 coverage of the sky? The scorpions were made out to be a super weapon all the way up until Danny said nah I'll just blow them all up. I get Danny was destined to go Mad Queen mode but it felt meaningless without the proper amount of build up. Basically it was just a light switch turned on and she was crazy. It has been foreshadowed yes but her character was never properly developed into the Mad Queen in my opinion. She could have just flown to the Red Keep and destroyed it. She didn't need to destroy the entire city and all the citizens. I guess this had to happen for the inevitable Jon vs Danny show down next episode... Cersi and Jamie die holding each other as the basement of the red keep collapses. Just wow.. What happened to the prophecies? Not sure if this could have been done in a more anticlimactic way if they tried.
  3. Man all these spoiler tags are annoying but..
  4. I liked the second episode a lot more than the first. So many deaths are coming.
  5. I thought it was pretty good. Some parts seemed a little rushed. I guess that is to be expected since they have to close up all the plot lines in just 6 episodes. I thought the reveal to Sam about his father and brother should have been in this episode but save Sam's revel to Jon for the next episode. It seemed a little awkward him grieving then talking to Jon. There was already a cliffhanger moment with Jamie and Bran. It is still amazing to me that the show has been on since 2011 and GRRM is still two books behind.
  6. Bela! Oh wait that's not Cosmere.. Amazingly I'd have to say Elhokar as well. I hated the guy until OB then was sad when he died. Vin is a close second but as sad as that was there Secret History kinda softened the blow a bit in an odd way.
  7. I reread all of them a few months ago. I forgot how much I loved them.
  8. I was really hoping for some kind of surprise announcement that he secretly wrote the first draft of Lost Metal. That's ok though I can wait impatiently for it to happen. On the other hand I actually got goose bumps thinking about Brandon starting SA4 next month. Even though Eshonai's view point is my least anticipated I have a feeling we will be pleasantly surprised with how this works out. SotS has turned in to novella in itself. I really appreciate these updates and Koloss Head Munching Day is an official holiday on my calendar.
  9. So will I be totally lost if I literally know nothing about the game?
  10. Very sad but we can all wish to accomplish what he did in his life.
  11. I read Legion a while ago didn't really like it that much and waited until all three of these were released and re-read all together. The first is probably my favorite after reading all three. I appreciate them more now that I have read them straight through. The biggest enjoyment I got out of the last book was the tie in to Perfect State.
  12. I read Legion a long time ago but never really got into the book enough to read the second book. I just finished all three and have a new appreciation for them. As a whole they are much better even if they are not my favorite Brandon books.
  13. Last 4 books are much better paced. I actually liked Knife of Dreams a lot and then the last 3 Brandon did were good.