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  1. Hey guys, sorry about my inactivity up till this point. I had forgotten just how intense the constant deluge of content is from a sanderson elimination game. I'm afraid I'm going to have to step down and let one of the pinch hitters fill my spot if possible. I don't want to make the game worse for anyone else, and I'm afraid I'm just not able to keep up, with everything. Thank you guys. I'll inform the moderators as to my plans, and I hope the game can continue on in a glorious and murderery fashion.
  2. Thanks for the little poke @Herowannabe, I would like to play SE again. Signing on for this game as Eoni, A peasant from Arelon who harbors misguided and vivid visions of grandeur.
  3. You should definitely read WoT, but I'd say only really do it if you have the time to spare. I read the entire series over this last summer (whew) and I concluded that I was glad I had read it just for the Fantasy-genre literacy it provides and to say that I have. I enjoyed my time reading it, and I love the characters and the story. But there are definite flaws that you need to be aware of. Jordan wastes a ton of time, all the time. For example I accidentally skipped a book as I was reading (Long story) but I didn't even realize it until 1/4th into the next book down the line. There was enough 'nothing' in the book that I skipped to have not even realized that anything was different. The entire series could've probably been written in 6 books. Additionally, the characters are really imaginative and awesome, and I really like the way they grow and change over the series. But I never felt a truly emotional connection to any of them until Brandon took over. Only then was I able to really feel something about their arcs. Tl;dr Read it if you want, but understand it might not be the best thing you've ever read.
  4. In the book The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch (excellent series btw), the reasoning for the bondsmagi or the overpowered wizards of the time not taking over the world is that, Why would you want to make yourself king of the ants? You gain almost nothing from being in control of powerless beings. Basically the wizards are so powerful and have everything they want, ruling regular people would be too much of a hassle and almost meaningless to them. I don't know if something along these lines would help your story, and I don't know how relevant human society is to the mages. But that reasoning made a lot of sense to me as to why an ultra powerful group of people wouldn't want to take control of the world. Happy Worldbuilding!
  5. Hey, I wouldn't push it past Brandon to be working on a secret project right now. I mean, I want SA3 more than anything, but consider the option of secret projects. Which would be super cool, in my opinion.
  6. I just facepalmed so hard after I read the latest one. These stupid authors, I'm glad to see some Sanderson love in the comments tho. We need to pull them through until they get a competent author in to do them justice. These authors just, I'm sorry, suck. I'm sorry, but please, if you're gonna try to do something like a cage match, you might want to try to do it accurately.
  7. Just so you all know, I hope there's been an effort to balance this rerun, because last game the spiked kind of got slaughtered because there's so much sensing and there are unlimited PMs. Don't forget Meta the mistborn with a gun, just from straight luck he became the most powerful 'ability wise' in the game. I just hope the GMs are attempting to balance this game somewhat.
  8. The author of the fight between Vin, Elend and the random cowboys knew nothing about Allomancy or about Vin and Elend. I'll just leave it at that, the author was ignorant and a fool.
  9. I think the Shield guy in the trailer that says 'this is something the world can no longer tolerate' about Cap's awesomeness is definitely Hydra. I mean please, his soothing voice just screams evil.
  10. Personally, I would not call TLR Lawful Evil, he was trying his best to save the world from Ruin. He simply used less than questionable means to do it. Even Elend admitted that TLR's methods, while cruel were necessary to his task. I'd put him Lawful Neutral, he means the best but slips into evil. And he creates and obeys laws. That's where I'd put him on a spectrum
  11. Don't lynch me. But I'd actually rather have something new series-wise. I'd like to see something I've never seen before. Apocalypse Guard will be awesome, and I'll be crazy about it. But I still like to see new stuff rather then recycled stuff.
  12. So in book 1, I pretty much thought Steris was a waste of space and was kind of only there to hinder Wax+Marasi. In book 2 Marasa grew distant in m perspective, though Wax may've pushed her away, whatever. Steris grew on me a little but not a lot. Steris's best moment in SoS for me was at the very end where she just let Wax cry. She was just there for him wen he needed, desperately needed support. After boM Steris is literally my favorite character, I think her development from annoying listmaker to badass resourceful listmaker is a little pushed. It just occurs kinda fast, but that doesn't stop me from liking Steris. I like where she blasted herself off of the train by trying to use Wax's Shotgun. And the cod-liver oil in the metal vials
  13. That moment when you read the last word as Mist Rust
  14. I like how he has his entire writings planned out until 2022