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  1. Swallow the Bands of Mourning, use their powers to Burn them
  2. I think what we saw in Bands of Mourning makes it unlikely that the Ones Above are Scadrian. Note this isn't for sure, as it's possible they managed to hack it over the course of 600 years.
  3. Not if the Ones Above are new arrivals and the Herdazian food is a cultural norm. If the Herdazian food is new, then that would make sense. (I don't remember which it was, been a while since I read the book)
  4. Double Gold for any character on Game of Thrones, so they can survive longer than a mayfly. Spiderman with f-Iron (for weight adjustments when swinging/impacting) and f-Tin or a-Pewter (f-Tin for distance viewing, a-Pewter because Spiderman is a relatively fragile superhero)
  5. Maybe the "sleeve" that was being tugged on was the shoulder strap?
  6. But they do shove a Shardblade deep into the Crysalis. I wonder what percentage of Gemhearts have a Shardblade-shaped flaw in them.
  7. Do we know for sure if a Shardblade will cut a Gemstone? Both Dun and Filled.
  8. That's not a description of Aluminum. Aluminum is ductile, it would bend, not break.
  9. Hilt first, or put on of those Shardblade safety straps over the cutting edge
  10. Absolutely, which is why I said it wasn't a sure thing.
  11. We don't know for sure, but we do know that Szeth said that Shardplate would interfere with his Surgebinding back when he was carrying the Honorblade. Meanwhile, we know from Dalinar's visions that regular KRs don't seem to have the same problem (or at least not to the same extent), so it seems logical that the Heralds didn't have a full set of Shards. Also, in the very first Prelude none of the Heralds are wearing Plate, and no Plate is left behind with the Honorblades.
  12. I suspect that Nightblood lacks the mental requirements to successfully Awaken, even if he meets all the other requirements. To Awaken you need an Intent (he should be able to do this), a communicated Command (which can be mental, so he's good there), and a clear mental image of what it is you want done. This last point is what I doubt he is capable of, as it requires imagination and/or new thoughts, but "his" mind still thinks that Shashara is alive because his consciousness is "locked" (according to Vasher) to his first few moments. Investiture interferes with Investiture, so I suspect Awakening a God Metal would be as difficult (or more) as Awakening a living being. Syl does not have a real Physical form of her own. She has a visual form from the Cognitive Realm that Kaladin can see, and the Bond between her and Kaladin grants Them a Physical form in certain circumstances. That said, Syl's ability to change her appearance is Cognitive based, and the Returned's appearance is Cognitive based, so yes I suppose you could say those are related. The God King, as a Returned, holds a Splinter. I'm not sure if that would ALSO make him a Sliver. (Splinter = Shardic power that has never been human. Sliver = Human who held significant Shardic power... as far as a know, it's debateable if a Returned counts as human for the purpose of this definition) Very unclear. We do know from Vivenna's experimentation that if there's less Color available, the same Command takes more Breath's, so draw what conclusions you can from that.
  13. If I'm reading you correctly, you're using the physics for if he was shot out of a cannon. That's not how Lashing's work, they provide a continuous upward gravitational pull not an ititial momentum. So I did the numbers, and here's the simple calculation I use when playing RPG's and someone jumps off a building... the number just get used for upwards acceleration, then for slowing, then for downwards like normal in this situation. In second 1, they accelerate from 0 to 32ft/s, meaning they traveled 16ft. In s2, they go from 32-64ft/s, so they travel 48ft (64ft total distance), then s3 is 80ft more (144ft total). At the end of s3 he would be moving at 96ft/s, the Lashing would wear off and he would begin to lose upward momentum due to gravity so that at the send of s4 he would be moving at 64ft/s again (80ft travel in s4, 224ft total), then 32ft/s (272ft total) and then finally 16ft for a total of 288ft in 6 seconds. He then falls like a rock, hitting the ground 4.2(ish) seconds later. Total travel 288ft up, 10 seconds in 0.7 gravity, I get 4 seconds of upwards acceleration, 4 seconds of deceleration, 358.4 total height, and 5-6 seconds to hit the ground. If i did the mental math right, 3.5s upwards acceleration, 3.5s upwards slowing, and 5 seconds of falling gives almost exactly 300ft. This is what I'm basing my numbers on. Mental math may have slipped somewhere so feel free to check it. Time Distance Total Distance Sec 0-1 16 16 Sec 1-2 48 64 Sec 2-3 80 144 Sec 3-4 112 256 Sec 4-5 144 400 Sec 0-1 11.2 11.2 Sec 1-2 33.6 44.8 Sec 2-3 56 100.8 Sec 3-4 78.4 179.2 Sec 4-5 100.8 280 Don't know how to put in a proper chart, hopefully that makes sense.
  14. Except the full trip physics are screwy. You have to calculate his acceleration upwards, then his deceleration upwards (ending at ~300 feet), then his acceleration downwards. It's simple enough to do, just didn't (and still don't) feel like plugging in numbers
  15. If it's possible, I suspect it can only happen if the Returned dies of Death (injury, poison, suffocation, ect), and not because of lack of Breath or granting of Miracle. I wonder if that would then result in a Returned with 2 Splinters that each consumed 1 Breath/week? A double-powered Splinter? Or just a regular Returned?