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  1. Thank you, Plague of Chickens, americanas, rhode island reds, silkies and all. Guysssssss, make sure to add to the doc. The Cloudjailer Yes, the Cloudjailer, the most despicable of all Cloudpriests. He worships Justice, which is gone, and therefore has gone mad. He has the harshest punishments for the merest of crimes.
  2. Great job! I love this portrait of Adolin! When will you do Szeth, Rock, Teft, Elhokar, etc.?
  3. So you guys enjoy writing, right??? Have any of you thought about forming a writers' group?
  4. Ok, I've now upvoted everything from since I've joined. The Angel's Labyrinth would have plenty of CfC which is another reason some Cloudpriests would go up there. Based off of powers, I think I would want to be a Sire, just because hard skin, implosions, and Goldspeech all seem very useful. What if there was a corrupt Sire who had some Anarchists as lackeys? I feel like that would make for a good twist. He wouldn't be called a Sire anymore, though, because he would have broken his value. He would be a Slaver. That would be a good name. Slavers are foul Sires.
  5. I like it, Gabriele. It's pretty good. i'm relatively new here, and only found out about NaNo after it was over . When I say relatively new, I mean that my grandpa had an account made for me last year and I didn't know about it until three weeks ago. I'm a writer, too. Is there some sort of organized writing group in these forums, and who are the members? Also, what's the policy on reading excerpts and stuff? Is it possible for somebody else to steal a work that I write?
  6. Ok, thank you! Tomorrow I'll upvote those who I couldn't today. So there are Liberals here? Can I not escape them!? Just kidding. What are the powers of a Sire? I'll take the rest of my space to right about some other things. Above the city is something called the Angels' Labyrinth. Every year, a couple Braves, Seers, and Romancers all go up into it, only to almost never return. It's a roiling mass of solid clouds, liquid clouds, and gassy clouds. In the center there is supposed to be a way to restore Liberty- a Switch, which will spin Liberty all of the way around. Most consider it to be a myth. Nobody's found it, though many have tried. A few who go up only to the shallowest areas return as insane Anarchists. They won't say why or how this change occurred. It just did. One can reach the Angel's Labyrinth by riding up the Angels' Elevator, something far at the end of the Honor sector. The Sires rarely climb it, but the Braves most often do, seeking to make a name for themselves by entering. The Seers do out of a Hope to do what nobody else has. The Romancers do it as companions to those braves and Seers who lead the expeditions up. Likewise, the Romancers are almost always the ones who never return when the leaders don't.
  7. You get everything, but you become extremely scatterbrained and misplace literally almost everything. I wish for my grandma to stop being gross. I want normal people to start fawning over me, as long as they're girls.
  8. This seems like an interesting project. I upvoted as much as I could. Are others allowed to join?
  9. Granted. Now you have a toe growing out of your ear, complete with athlete's [ear?] and a gnarly toenail. Also, "UR A N00B!!!1!111!" I wish to at least have girls fawning over me since I'm a pugbrother, and girls think ugly dogs like myself and pugs are cute.
  10. HILARIOUS! UPVOTES ALL AROUND FOR THIS ONE!!! Now, on a more serious note, I actually feel that if Dalinar got twice as much screen time (which is still around 50,000 words less than Kaladin) he'd be more popular. Sadly, that type of stuff just doesn't happen. I love Dalinar more than I love Kaladin, and that's a hard decision. The thing is, Dalinar actually seems to have more honor than Kaladin. Has anyone else noticed that? He loves his soldiers, treats them well, fights for the low, etc. Heck, at the end of WoK, he freed the bridgemen. Nobody else pays attention to them. Yes, Kaladin made the right decision by fighting to save Dalinar, but any other lighteyes would do the following: Aladar looked at Kaladin. "Thank you for saving my life." He patted the bridgeman on the head twice, and then began walking away. "Captain Dunrial! See that the bridgemen get escorted back to Highprince Sadeas' camp, but make sure to tell Sadeas how this one saved my life! He gets a cookie!" Kaladin thought about attempting to escape with the remnants of Bridge Four; it might be possible that Aladar would allow them to escape in return for them saving his life. He knew the chances were slim, though, so he went with the rest of Bridge Four, shoulders slumped, to confront Sadeas. Upon arriving, Sadeas waited, still wearing shardplate, and around him were fifty guards. "That man," Sadeas began, pointing at Kaladin. "is a traitor! He directly disobeyed my orders!" "Your orders would have killed me!" Aladar shouted. "It doesn't matter! I am more powerful than you, or anyone!" An arrow sprouted from Aladar's neck. The shot came from within his army. "You see, that fool thought that he could resist my power! You all must follow me as the new king of Alethkar!" His men shouted in agreement, and no small part of Aladar's army also did. They were all afraid of the powerful, conniving Highprince, now declared king of Alethkar, rival to Elhokar. Sadeas strode up to Kaladin. Kaladin saw the sword flash before his eyes, and then nothing more. That is what would have happened if the Highprince had been Aladar, rather than Dalinar, who Kaladin saved at the end of WoK. Now, this is obviously not what happened, and Kaladin probably would have had some sort of dramatic battle with Sadeas and miraculously won, but still, what I'm saying is that it's Dalinar who has been creating all this wonderful opportunity for Kaladin; he's a guy to root for, and he seems to have more honor than Kaladin. I just like him. What do you guys think? Why is Kaladin better than Dalinar?
  11. Ok. You get an extreme amount of Cosmere knowledge, but your tongue is tied and you can't tell anyone, or mention any books that were mentioned in the interview, no matter how minute the spoiler is. I wish that I will no longer be a Wolfbrother. And guys, let's start upvoting each other. I liked it back when we did that.
  12. Heck yes! That's much better thn my made up order of Two-Armed formerly One-Armed Herdazian Obnoxiousjokers! Everyone upvote king of nowhere's post!
  13. Good question. Not sure, exactly. There has to be a lot of stuff that Brandon is just frothing at the mouth to tell us in the rest of the Stormlight Books. But for now, all we know is that they aren't full knights and they aren't able to do everything that a full knight does. Any thoughts, anyone? Everyone upvote phantasmagorically's post below
  14. I pick Willshapers because I can basically make whatever I want into a shardblade. Cohesion, right? Also, I can teleport. What not to like? And all of my kindred spirits are Willshapers, according to the Knights Radiant Quiz
  15. Hahaha! Lol. Okay, the Two-Armed Formerly One-Armed Herdazian Obnoxiousjokers. Got it. I should add that to my thingamajingy under my posts. Thanks. And according to the Knights Radiant quiz you're a Willshaper too, fellow brother-in-arms. You should want Lopen to be a Willshaper. But, you and Kurkistan are probably right. He'll be Kaladin's squire.