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  1. I meant it more in the context of "I should get involved again." Sorry for making it all about me.
  2. I'm not sure if this has already appeared on 17S, but:
  3. What is it with me immediately assuming author error? When I was first reading the cosmere novels and noticed that there was a character named Hoid in both Warbreaker and the Mistborn trilogy, I immediately assumed that Brandon had accidentally named two people the same thing, or that he liked the name for some reason and used it twice. I did notice that there was a guy in WoR conspicuously named Felt (he's a military officer in Dalinar's army, right?), but for whatever reason I made that same assumption.
  4. Yeah, I still have that one dude just sort of chilling in the Dalles, not doing much.
  5. Well, I'm glad a series by Brandon took the top spot of that list. Everything else below that that I've read was awful. EDIT: Except for Harry potter.
  6. I'm sure this has been done somewhere else at some point, but I'm not particularly cosmere-savvy at this point and I want to change that. It has recently come to my attention that there have been more appearances by worldhoppers than I had previously imagined. So this topic is so that I and the other uninitiated can be enlightened as to who these buggers are and where they show up. Here's who I have so far: Hoid (shows up everywhere) Khriss (shows up in Secret History, writes the Ars Arcanums?) Nazh (shows up with Khriss in Secret History) The Ire (also in Secret History, from Sel?) Galladon, Demoux, Guy I don't Remember (In WoK looking for Hoid) Now, basically all of these people except for Hoid are obviously shown to be worldhoppers where they appear, but apparently there are some that are hidden. So, is there anyone else? Where do they show up, and what do we know about them?
  7. I thought that was what Patar had in mind in the first place. I was picturing the emotional manipulation becoming so powerful that it was essentially mind control. I suppose it would make more sense to have the powers separate, but it definitely is plausible, I think.
  8. Because he's clever, capable, and super badchull. Also, he's probably had the most screentime throughout Stormlight at the moment. Except maybe Dalinar. It's been a little while since my last reread.
  9. Blackhoof, a little while ago you asked me what characters I had in response to my complaint post. I responded, but I took a little time, so I think you missed it. I have Sunspot, an Epic involved in Frequency's cult in the Dalles, and Evan, a vanilla who's also in the Dalles.
  10. Sunspot, who's already involved in Frequency's cult in the Dalles, and Evan, a vanilla who is also in the Dalles that I haven't really done anything with yet.
  11. TenSoon: You just have to be yourself. Not all desperate and creepy. Zane: I'm getting some mixed messages here.
  12. Hello. I was just wondering if anyone needed an extra character involved in something that's going one somewhere, or... something like that... I haven't really participated in the RP for a long while, and I'm trying to find a way to get back into it. Doesn't matter what thread, or whether it's an Epic or a vanilla. I just need to do something. Please.
  13. Rock. Just... Rock. "Oh, do I have story for you, lowlanders..."
  14. Yeah, he has no clue.
  15. SIMMERING SOULSTAMPS GUYS GUESS WHAT I JUST SAW That's right: I don't know if anyone else cares now, come to think of it, but I think it's so awesome that SA can just pop up like that somewhere!