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  1. no of course I don't think he is special - but - I do think a dead spren talking is very special .. and I also don't believe this is us seeing part of the revival process - but BUT - what is going on ? that spren wasn't completely dead or something allowed it to be less dead for the moment
  2. does Moash hear words from his blade around Kal ....? or Graves ? maybe Relis is special ....? does a KR actually have to touch the blade ...? and my thoughts about it are too new to me - haven't had time to think it out - and I know that it is supposed to be a difficult thing to revive a dead blade ...but words seem more like back to life --- but I don't think fully alive
  3. but dead spren blades only scream so far - nothing spoken - sooooo ... is this indication that the blade has somewhat awoken / come back to life ? and the only difference I see from other screaming blades is that it has always only been a single person touching the blade might the key be in 2 people touching the blade - one being a KR ?
  4. was thinking about Mraize's trophy collection ..what if we are being goofy and should be taking it more serious ... we know Hoid is collecting - and we believe it's for a purpose - undefined as of yet - but for a purpose what if Mraize and therefore the Ghostbloods are racing Hoid to that conclusion ...
  5. I just finished a reread of WoR as well - I don't remember but does he show up in shardplate on the pinnacle with Moash , Kal ,and the king ? It would indeed make him very conspicuous - I believe now that Graves has to be someone - could be wrong but then someone walking around in shardplate would at least make them more memorable / recognizable ...
  6. upvote for Ender
  7. obviously I was going from what Wyndle said in Edgedancer - if there is a WoB I wasn't aware of it do you have it ? I still believe Ym is dead - I wanted him to be our friend from Elantris
  8. I want Ym to be alive sooooo bad --- but I believe he is not I think Lift's spren is the very same spren in the Ym interlude ...he's gone
  9. the symbol for Taldain makes me think of the underground water system ...
  10. he moves inhumanly quick - I figured it was a spike or another metal spirit web hack
  11. Oh yeah ..I forgot I asked Brandon another question that didn't get written down in a book I asked him : did Denth ever go to Scadrial ? his response was (as best I can remember / as close to verbatim as I can get) : Brandon : so Scadrial is easy to get to ..I'll just say Denth has been to Roshar but didn't do much travelling ....
  12. what would be really unusual is if it turned out to be a stick
  13. I would say that it makes it unusually unusual
  14. it does indeed say unusual
  15. First of all - sorry they are sideways second - they may not be the most awesome but they are something ..and they make me happy 1st WoB was personalized in White Sand - the question was : can you tell me something about the magic on dark side we don't know 2nd WoB was personalized in Arcanum Unbounded - the question was : my son wanted to know something about the Knife Nahz gave Kel - he answered before I could ask the rest of the question but I'm happy anyway hope you enjoy them