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  1. @Ark1002, how is the roast coming? @John203 and @Rushu42, votes are tied right now. We can get one more vote to tip the scales, or the two of you can do a mini-roast to settle the tie. Which would you prefer?
  2. Sorry about that, everyone. I somehow managed to close the vote before it started. Let me know if this one works:
  3. Excellent roasts, both of you! Who will win? Let's find out! VOTE VOTE VOTE! And finally, our last two contestants are up: @I think I am here. (Teft) vs @Ark1002 (Kelsier)! You have until the 24th to submit your roasts.
  4. @Rushu42, how is the roast going? Time's up, but I'd like to give you a day to respond, if @John203 is OK with that
  5. Indeed it has. Given that @That Violin Guy (or @Oduim’s Chmapion) have not responded yet, the round goes to @FatherTiempo. Congratulations! That was an excellent roast. The current score is: Scadrial: 1 Roshar: 1 Our next two competitors are @John203 (as Chiri-Chiri) vs. @Rushu42 (as Steris). Your roasts are due by Oct. 15. Best of luck to the both of you!
  6. @That Violin Guy, you have one more day to submit your roast, before Tiempo wins by default! If you need more time, I'm willing to work with you, but if you don't respond by tomorrow, I'll have to end this round. Let me know how things are going! Good luck!
  7. @FatherTiempo and @That Violin Guy, you have 1 day to submit your roasts!
  8. And the votes are in! This was a close match, but in the end, @Handerfle pulled ahead. Congratulations! The current score is: Scadrial: 1 Roshar: 0
  9. Hmm... I can't decide between 24 and 48 hours. On the one hand, I want to release results. On the other hand, the vote's almost tied right now. You'll know the results for sure by tomorrow, though.
  10. Great roasts, you two! I can't wait to see who wins this one! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Our next two contestants are: @FatherTiempo (Jasnah) and @That Violin Guy (Sazed) Best of luck to the both of you! You have until Oct. 6 to submit your roasts.
  11. Whoops, sorry for springing this on you so quickly. I can move the due date back to the 29th. How does that work for you, @Ghanderflaffle and @Sorana?
  12. Always good to see the hype building up. We're good to go! The tournament is run as is normal, but all battles will only be between Scadrians and Rosharians. That means that you can collaborate with your team through private messages, google docs, or whatever else you want. Your roasts should still focus on roasting a character, but you can roast the whole world, if you so choose. The teams are as follows: Roshar: @John203 (Chiri-chiri) @FatherTiempo (Jasnah) @Sorana (Azure) @I think I am here. (Teft) Scadrial: @Ghanderflaffle (Jak) @RayOfSunshine (Kelsier) @Oduim's Chmapion (Sazed) @Rushu42 (Steris) Our first battle is between... *Dice rolling sounds* @Sorana (Azure) and @Ghanderflaffle (Jak)! You have until the 29th to submit a roast. Good luck to the both of you!
  13. Sure, why not? Herowannabe played stick back in round 2 and did a fine job. I don't see any reason why you can't do the same. Noted.
  14. That's a fun idea. I'll make you a deal - if we can get an equal number of each, we can make it a team battle.
  15. Alright, it's time for sign-ups to open! The theme for this round will be Scadrial vs. Roshar! Just post the name of your character, and if you can convince me that they're from one of those two planets, you're in! Rules are here, but feel free to ask questions if you have any. Sign-up list: