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  1. Thanks, Hoidit! I was thinking of including the two missing acts, but I can only handle so much rhyming before I burn out. And, uh, the ending pun was unintentional, but thanks for the compliment! Haha! Marsh is spot on! I just changed "your" to "thy" and called it a day. Iambic pentameter is way beyond my league.
  2. And now, on the 350th anniversary of Elendel's founding, we, the Ashmount Theaters, release a special production commemorating the life of The Survivor! Coming soon to theaters around Elendel, this play is based on the raising and training of The Survivor. Some of the accounts have been slightly adapted for release in theater, but the core of the story remains the same. A few scenes have been chosen to showcase this momentous play. We hope to see a full house on the release of the final performance. This is Ashmount. Ashmount hopes you have enjoyed this program.
  3. To quote Shakespeare's famous play, "The Majora's Mask": \
  4. Hang on a sec. You linked my sounds of silence parody as your current favorite parody? Thanks, man! I might take you up on your challenge to expand it. I actually like Silence, so I figured I'd have to rewrite the entire song to a more positive tone if I posted it in the musical thread.

    1. hoiditthroughthegrapevine


      Yeah, it's really good!

      I agree, if you're going to rewrite it it should be pro Silence, she's a great character. Ping me when you post the updated version so I can check it out.

      I'm excited for the next round of Cosmere Roasts. 

      Looking forward to see what you come up with for Shakespearean Gimmel.

  5. Well, that's a shame. And here I was halfway through the tale of Kelsier's glorious battle against a mistwraith. He almost won, too.
  6. Well, this should be interesting. I don't think Gemmel knows anyone other than Kelsier. ... Hey, @Toaster Retribution, would you mind writing me a guest roast?
  7. Awww yeah! Now I can only hope that I (as Gemmel) go up against you in a one-on-one.
  8. Ooh, good choice. I was actually going to sign up as Galladon in tournament 3, before switching to Hrathen. I'll be rooting for you!
  9. It's 1:00 in the morning. Checked 17thShard on a hunch. So hyped. I need some time to pick my character, but I'm pretty sure Gemmel will be in high demand. I'll reserve him before the rush, with the right to change my character if I realize sleepy Paranoid King is an idiot.
  10. Thanks everyone! A special shout-out to @Herowannabe, who pointed out my white text. Don't think I'd have gotten half the votes I did without his help. To tell the truth, I signed up Tillaume to see if it was hard to roast someone you don't know anything about. Turns out it is. I was roasted for: Which is good, because that's basically Tillaume in a nutshell. Anyways, @Ashspren, if round 5 is a competition between previous winners, I'd like to request a few days break. I have finals this next week and probably need to focus on those.
  11. Right?!? Even I wanted to vote for rock's roast! Debated with myself for a full minute before just voting myself. @Herowannabe nailed bridge 4's banter.
  12. Well, color me impressed. Good thing I prepared a rebuttal.
  13. What a coincidence! I just finished! You ready for this, Rock? And this is my scrapped rough draft. Read at your own peril.
  14. What's this? Looks like someone aspires to be a butler!
  15. This is amazing! I'm feeling really nervous about my chances now...