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  1. Nah, that's fine. As AonEne said, it's a well-honored tradition around here. Did... did you just roast 23 people? In alphabetical order? What a champ! If only I had more upvotes to give... Next up is the final battle between @I think I am here. and @Snipexe! @Snipexe, you just finished your last battle, so feel free to take a few extra days on this one. I look forward to seeing the champion roast! Good luck!
  2. @Snipexe, @MetaTerminal, time is up. Let us know how your roasts are coming along!
  3. No problem. I'm moving apartments tomorrow anyways, so I'll give you both another 2 days. And the winner of the previous round is @I think I am here. Congratulations!
  4. Not at all. At least, you're both within the timer I set. And boy howdy, you both used that time well! These roasts are fantastic! I actually took a minute to look up Vince Vaughn, 'cause I didn't know who he was. And I love Melody's motivational roast. It's so wholesome. Vote on the winner here: Next up is @Snipexe as Jason Write! And @MetaTerminal as Stephen Leeds! You have 48 hours. Good luck!
  5. Sorry for the late entry, everyone - My internet went out for a few hours. Next up is @Sorana as Melody versus @I think I am here. as Tobias. Good luck to the both of you!
  6. Sounds good to me. August 5 it is!
  7. And the votes are in! Congratulations to @MetaTerminal! Looks like you're taking the leed in this match. The current contenders for the second round are @Sorana, @I think I am here., @Snipexe, and @MetaTerminal. Well done to the four of you for making it to the second round! And congratulations to our other contestants, too! I've enjoyed each and every roast so far. I hope to have you back in the next tournament! And that's the end of the first bracket! We'll be having a short break before we begin round two. We should be back... August 4? @Sorana, how does that work for you?
  8. Ooh, nice! I haven't read that one yet. Guess I'll have to visit my local library. Vote here on the winners of this round!
  9. And the polls are in: The winner of round one is Melody Muns! The winner of round two is Tobias! And the winner of round three is Jason Write! Congratulations @Sorana, @I think I am here., and @Snipexe! @MetaTerminal, I love the vocabulary - It fits right in with Leed's character. @Kidpen, let us know how your roast is coming along.
  10. Thanks for the input - To tell the truth, it's been real tricky moving this quickly for me, too. I'm still learning the ropes here, but I definitely should have given you and John the tiebreaker round to yourself, rather than running two at once. So I'll slow down a bit, make sure people have time to soak in the scenery. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Well done, everyone! I can't wait to see the results for this one! Here's the link - vote vote vote! While votes are collected, we can start on the next round. Up next is @Kidpen as Alcatraz, looking good in blue shades! And @MetaTerminal as Stephen Leeds, our resident mad genius! You have 48 hours to submit your roasts. Good luck!
  12. No problemo. If you want, I'll even give you an extra day
  13. @John203, @Wyndlerunner, @RayOfSunshine, and @Snipexe, 24 hours left!
  14. Sounds reasonable to me.
  15. Sorry about that - I really should have given a warning a day in advance. I guess I've had other things on my mind too. Good luck on your roast!