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  1. Technically, everyone who's made roasts is a tutor. I'd recommend checking out the roast archive. If you're pressed on time, you can just read the championship roasts. (Or, if you only want to read one, this roast is my favorite. )
  2. I'll have to check with @Herowannabe with this one, but I think we're only doing sanderson characters. We might be able to branch out in future rounds, but I just don't know who that character is. Noted.
  3. Great! What character would you like to play as?
  4. The tournament of champions is finally over! Congratulations again to Itiah, you killed it as Yomen. Which means we're just about ready to move on to round 6! Basic rules can be found here, plus a couple of extra rules this round: First and foremost, this is a non-cosmere roast battle! That means no Shardbearers, Allomancers, Elantrians, or Awakeners. However, Smedries, Rithmatists, Reckoners, or Doomslugs are all free game. (My spellchecker hates that entire paragraph.) Secondly, we're going to try and keep things moving fast - If your time is up and you haven't responded yet, your competitor gets an extra vote. If another 24 hours passes without any response, we'll have to move on without you. Extensions can still be requested without penalty, just let Hero or I know how long you need. And now, without further ado... Signups have begun for tournament six! Player list:
  5. Thanks, man! You the best. Following ashspren's original plan, we're going to have a round of non-cosmere roasters, just to shake things up a bit. After that, I believe we'll be allowing reruns of names. It's not quite the same as what you're suggesting, but people can still choose to play their old characters, if they want.
  6. That was a well-fought tournament!
  7. F4E0E881-98ED-4C9E-B5A3-BCCFA4CE07C7.thumb.png.6dc5ec69d4052fa79b6943cf932c5f7c.png

    Congrats on being a monster!

    1. Paranoid King

      Paranoid King

      Yeah! I was waiting for this in the tournament, 'cause Gemmel would love that. Glad you caught it!

  8. Truly, Ash is...
  9. Niice. You nailed the rhythm on this song! He's on to me! Abandon Kell? Never! Fight him to the death? Absolutely! I could not agree more.
  10. Nah, you go for it. BoRap is a great song, but it's not a Gemmel song, ya know what I'm saying? That being said, are you ready for round 2?
  11. I was just thinking that! I'll leave that one to you, but I will need a song long enough to compete... Maybe through the Fire and the Flames? I'll have my choice settled by this evening, for sure
  12. This round is moving fast! Rusts! Storms! Colors! This entire roast is amazing, but these lines hit the hardest. Wow. I don't even know what song I'm gonna pick next, I just had to applaud this masterpiece.
  13. Welp, I was going to say I'd have it out by Wednesday, but it turns out it's a lot easier to adapt lyrics then to make up your own. So, uh, here you go!
  14. Nicely done, Itiah! Those roasts were smooth as butter. If not for the underlining, the special words wouldn't have seemed out of place at all. What a pleasure to read!
  15. Thanks! I hoped the modern era would connect, because it pauses every 8th beat, but had no idea if any of the three would make sense to someone other than me. So this turned out way better than expected.