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  1. Rithmatist is not in the cosmere
  2. If Odium wins, he remains confined to the Roshar system. If Odium loses, he remains confined to the Roshar system. Wit has bet everything on this. So what happens if the result is a draw?
  3. I'm going to have a grand time figuring out how to make Steelrunning, a Bow & Arrow, a Glass Dagger, a Nightmaw, Fingernails, a Tarachin Ball, Artisan's Script, and a Hideout into a cohesive narrative that will ultimately be ridiculously incorrect. Excellent.
  4. A very interesting and enjoyable game! Thanks to Fifth and Devotary for running it! Rand, even if they had tried to lynch me, it would have taken two days. I had three charges of zinc the whole game, none of which I wound up using. And, by the way, you did indeed have me completely fooled. I think much of the problem was that I was relying on my original analysis post overly much instead of actually reading through previous cycles- next Long Game I think I might actually have to make the stereotypical corkboard-with-yarn just to keep track of everything. I would definitely play this again with the same r(o)(u)les; I think it's a very interesting design with lots of room for players to innovate and play their own way without losing too much in the way of balance. In terms of what actually happened, I think both teams had their moments of luck, and apparently so did I personally- the spec/dead doc said I dodged no less than four kill attempts with my impeccable skill at being obliviously lucky! Obviously two Spiked were killed at night, but to be fair they did pick out our Feruchemist almost right away for their end. And, most importantly of all: I am honored to receive the leadership of the Synod by virtue of being the only candidate remaining, and would like to assure everyone still alive that this was most certainly 100% guaranteed not my fiendish plan all along at all whatsoever. I will rule with wisdom and no suspicious bits of metal. Trust me. And there's no way I'm using any other character ever again.
  5. I don't think today's lynch is handing the Elims anything even if we are wrong. There are seven people left, and the Spiked have already had a Full Feruchemist, a Pewter ferring, and a Zinc ferring, which I would submit are the three most powerful roles. Even if we get it wrong today AND tomorrow, as long as villagers don't send in kill orders, it'll still be 2-1 in our favor. Obviously, I'm not advocating that we should get it wrong, but it's not as big a deal as some have said.
  6. So, I still don't think there were two Spiked in the Synod, and because of that I'm certain the last Spiked lies somewhere within Xino, Stick, Cadmium, Ark, and Jondesu. Obviously, one of those is in fact a Synod member but given that they haven't revealed their identity to the thread yet I will respect their wishes and let them remain anonymous. Stick and Cadmium are the only ones of those two who have posted anything of substance, both with longer posts regarding their suspicions. Stick's was on Kidpen ultimately and last night Cadmium posted a longer accusation of myself. Despite that, I don't think they're Spiked. I'll vote for Xino, as the most suspicious IMO of those 5. Xino, Ark, Jondesu, what are your thoughts on the remaining players? Who do you think could be the last Spiked?
  7. I’ll be at a computer in about six hours (and I’m barely sapient at the moment) , but for now I think the most important question is whether we think there’s another Spiked in the Synod: me, Bort, or the third member whose anonymity I will protect at this time. It’s true we haven’t found any Spiked since Kidpen, but everyone we’ve targeted the thread thought was suspicious too.
  8. Sorry about the lack of content from my corner, I've been very busy today but should be free this weekend. I will say that Cadmium thinks I'm playing a much more complicated game than I could pull off.
  9. In the style of Kidpen and Droughtbringer, I'll sign up as Robert `); DROP TABLE Students;--, or Bobby Tables for short.
  10. Count Olaf, Leidene. Devotary, that newspaper is amazing. Rand, I'd tend to think the same way as you in regards to Jondesu and the others, with the caveat that I have some additional information about a few that makes them less suspicious in my mind. The order of suspicion off the top of my head: Steeldancer, Jondesu, Xino, I'm Pretty, Ark, Bort, Stick, Cadmium, yourself.
  11. I did consider they could have had five and thus three left, but the dead Spiked were Pewter and Zinc, two of the most powerful abilities.
  12. I'm assuming that, had a villager put in the kill on Cadmium, they would have said so since doing so would un-clear Sart, as I specifically asked in my first post.
  13. phattemer, Count Olaf. And while I've got you, please do consider what I said about Sart and think about changing votes from him.
  14. I will say this much: the Synod attempted to kill Sart last night, but we were very unlucky. As far as I know, there was no village kill directed at Cadmium, and the fact that they were protected is not suspicious. Despite how much I suspected Sart, as of this day I now have reason not to: I successfully roleblocked him last night and yet the Spiked kill and another attack that was most likely from the Spiked went through. Unless someone admits to attacking Cadmium, there's no way for Sart to be Spiked. I'm assuming the Spiked have two members left and they prioritize thinning our herd, which means one of them put in an attack and the other did the Spiked kill. With that in mind, I'll vote and urge others to vote for Steeldancer. The last thing Kidpen did, knowing he was dead, was attempt to distance himself from Steel, and adding that to all the other reasons I've posted in earlier cycles to be suspicious of them, I'm confident they're one of the remaining Spiked. Adding my vote for Synod leader: phattemer. A bit about myself: I've been a successful Synod member since its founding, and I was the driving force behind the execution of a highly dangerous Spiked ferring. I am entirely devoted to the organization and would be eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve as its leader.