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  1. Granted, but now it's the only thing you're able to eat without being sick. I wish to stop getting bronchitis when I have papers due.
  2. I'm liking this topic for the topic title because it's excellent.
  3. I love this idea so much. I mean, maybe it's too straightforward for the Flanderson, as my fiancée calls him, but I think it sounds very plausible.
  4. ketek

    Aww, thanks, Wyndlerunner!
  5. Yep, that's my intent here, to go for the obvious pun. You're probably right that it's too simple for Brandon xD. I've read that WoB a few times now, and I'm still not certain I'm convinced it contradicts my theory. Perhaps a better way of wording what I'm thinking is that the aspects of Adonalsium's personality which manifested in the sixteen Shards were determined, at least in part, by the intents of the shatterers. Obviously, if the Shards are pieces of Adonalsium, there's some level at which they're determined by aspects of his personality or nature. I'm just arguing that of the possible options (these being elements of Adonalsium's personality), those chosen were those most closely corresponding to the intents of some or all of the shatterers.
  6. Granted, but it's a terrible wish that means benefits you little, while you spend the rest of your life unable to do any action unless another person confirms that you are permitted to do so. I wish for the ability to Invest according to all the magic systems.
  7. Not sure if this has been put forth already, so apologies if so, but... We know from WoBs that Adonalsium was Shattered deliberately, not directly by its own hand, in the presence of the 16 Vessels and Hoid, and into sixteen pieces because of the specific details of the Shattering which happened, not because of the nature of Adonalsium. (It has been stated it is possible the Shattering could have produced other Shards.) My impression is that the usual assumption is simply that the Shards are attributes of Adonalsium, and the source of their intents is within Adonalsium. However, what if the intents result from the intents of the Shattering, not the intents of Adonalsium? I'm trying to remember whether we have confirmation that the original Vessels were for sure the cause of the Shattering, but if they were, it would make sense that the intents of those 16 people would affect how the Shattering manifested if indeed (as has been said) Adonalsium Shattered as it did for specific reasons. Now, we know that Ati's personality was different than that of his Shard, so presumably it isn't directly personality-based so much as related to the sixteen's particular relationships to Adonalsium or opinions on why the Shattering was necessary. I've only read SA and Warbreaker, so this is hard to flesh out with all the unknowns, but if someone buys the idea and knows more, feel free to offer the data from the rest of the Cosmere.
  8. What if Hoid is effectively the cognitive shadow of Adonalsium, but somehow has a more complete physical form than, say, the Stormfather? It'd theoretically be possible since he existed before the Shattering. Yeah, I have to say it doesn't seem in-character for Hoid to actually take up the mantle of Adonalsium himself rather than slyly groom someone else to do so and do all the work to make the mechanics possible. I would be more surprised if he weren't trying to reforge Adonalsium or something similar than if he were, but I'm not certain it's as simple as a power grab, else why would he have not taken a Shard to begin with? (Especially if, as someone suggested, it were possible for him to take and hide it without exactly bonding to it and becoming influenced by its intent.) Dalinar is an interesting speculation. Certainly if some Rosharan human were to become the next Adonalsium, a Bondsmith would make sense. Or perhaps, at the very least, a Bondsmith's power is necessary for the process. We have, after all, seen in Oathbringer I agree that I would find Hoid participating in the Shattering unlikely. He seems so far to be the type of person to give advice and then roll his eyes when no one takes it. I suppose that'd be an altogether appropriate personality for a god figure, but I still don't think he wants to be Adonalsium. The one way I'd buy him participating would be if the Shattering were in part Adonalsium's idea, even if it was not a self-caused event. Oooooh it would be so fascinating if Adonalsium were the original Hoid.
  9. ketek

    It occurs to me that this form would be especially effective in Semitic languages where nearly everything is a form of a verb, and the poetry already relies on wordplay through parallelism (at least in Hebrew). Here's one: Once Tanavast was God and Almighty, sang Honor to creation growing. Now grows creation, to Honor sings. And Almighty God was Tanavast once.
  10. Right. My understanding of the implications of the challenge were that Odium may not let on that he is afraid he might lose--or even entirely believe that he can lose--but he does fear losing. Supposing the other side had somehow managed to access other Shards--forge an alliance with Cultivation, for example--or restore the sanity of the Heralds (and, now, replace Jezrien), or something, it would be possible that Odium would actually be at a disadvantage since he refuses to actually take up the power of any of the other Shards. A challenge of champions would ensure that he face only one opponent and thus diminish the possibility for his opposition to have secretly acquired more power than he expected (supposedly). In fact, perhaps part of why Dalinar is so able to resist Odium where most humans have shrunk from him (presumably besides the humans who originally ran from Odium to Honor) is precisely because he sought out the Nightwatcher and became something of a weapon of Cultivation while at the same time being a Radiant under Honor's power.
  11. o.O The number of details Sanderson has orchestrated in these books blows my mind every time. Me. Too. God, that whole Odium plotline was just...so many feels. I think I hyperventilated through the entire scene where he appears for the first time. It was such an eerie description to read because I tend to think of passion as one of my more prominent attributes, and so I found myself resonating uncomfortably deeply with one line he would say or one description, and then in a moment it would be twisted into something so incredibly manipulative. It was a strange sort of whiplash. He's a delightful character, and I'm fascinated by the different sides of himself he shows to Dalinar, Venli, and Taravangian. My skin crawls every time he speaks or appears, so he must be written well... YES. Shinovar is such a mystery! I want to know how much they knew all along about the origin of humans and their relationships with Odium, Honor, and the singers. And I want to know what world the humans left destroyed--was it Braize itself? Or Yolen? Or something else? How many times has this happened before they reached Roshar? Plus, the parallel between the breaking of the Oathpact, the Recreance, and the Shattering of Adonalsium fascinates me. I want to know if the Shattering was for a similar genre of reason to the first two: the Heralds take a gamble that Taln will be able to hold and so vanish, the KR find out about the origins of humans and walk away from the wars--what about Adonalsium? What was happening with the humans, with Rayse perhaps, with whoever was opposing Adonalsium, that Shattering was the strategic decision that seems now to have been a tragic or at least unfortunate event? Other responses to the book: - Dalinar's confrontation with the Nightwatcher & Cultivation was perfect. - I've been waiting for mysterious Renarin to become interesting, and this was excellent. - I cried my eyes out during Dalinar's entire confrontation with Odium. I'm a little more Windrunner than Bondsmith, but ahhh that one got me on a deep, deep level. - I want to kill Moash myself. And I am so angry at how much of a doormat Taravangian lets himself be (to the authority of his own self) when he thinks he can get something out of it at the end (which never seems to succeed, and he never seems to notice). - Jezriennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *insert numerous crying emojis* - I missed more Jasnah as well, but I'm thrilled they gave her the throne. - And spren in their own realm!!
  12. Nonstop from Hamilton Breathe from In the Heights Defying Gravity from Wicked Finishing the Hat from Sunday in the Park With George I'm gonna stop now before this gets out of hand...
  13. Granted, but the eyebrow grows uncontrollably until it is so large it cannot in fact fully occupy a single dimension at a time and begins to take over the space in the universe, pushing everything else aside and causing a dramatic change in the physics I just made up as the cosmos begins to collapse. I wish to hate cooking for myself less.
  14. Oh, I am 100% warrior. I've always loved school and for the longest time couldn't tell whether I was more Gryffindor or Ravenclaw until I finally realized I even approach school with a warrior's spirit. So I was a bit surprised to get: 59% Elsecaller 33% Willshaper 32% Windrunner 29% Lightweaver 28% Skybreaker 21% Truthwatcher 18% Bondsmith 11% Dustbringer 11% Stoneward 6% Dustbringer Admittedly, I do have something of Jasnah's personality in a number of respects, so perhaps I should be less surprised by Elsecaller than I am. I don't think I'm much of a Willshaper, though, and certainly not a Lightweaver. I'd say my top two should be Windrunner and Bondsmith, followed by probably Elsecaller, then maybe Stoneward and Skybreaker? It's tough to go past the top three for me, and I oscillate a bit between whether I'm more Windrunner or Bondsmith on a given day, though I think I'm ultimately a Windrunner.
  15. Ooh, I like these. I still want to see the Rock as Rock, though... And 100% Idris Elba for Nale. He's got the perfect presence for it. I also like Zendaya or Lupita Nyong'o for Shalash, and I'm having trouble deciding which. If they do open casting, I'm trying out for Syl.