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  1. I'm not sure if there's already a thread on this, but I just noticed some flaws on the covers of a few of the Era 2 Mistborn books. Alloy of Law: 1. Wayne is holding a gun! 2. Wax is wearing a tie, and he usually wears a cravat. Shadows of Self: Nothing much, just the tie. Nothing wrong with Bands of Mourning, so far as I can tell. The main issue is just with Wayne holding a gun in AOL.
  2. If there was a sudden zombie apocalypse, what is the first thing you would grab, and the first thing that you would do? Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse?
  3. I am SO SORRY. I accidentally downvoted one of your posts the other day... We need an undo button!
  4. But in Chapter 1 Joel hadn't gone into the Chamber of Inception yet.
  5. I'll start us off with my list: -When you sign up for a website and the awesome username you've spent an hour thinking of is taken (Glares pointedly at Mistrunner) -Gluttony -People who deny climate change is real/ think that it has nothing to do with us -People who blame their mistakes on other people (This is really difficult in sports) -Arrogant people who claim they're good at everything, then make up poor excuses when they fail -When people copy or take credit for stuff you've worked really hard on - The bossy person who thinks they're good at everything (but they actually know nothing) who tells you what to do (most of the time they're wrong) -Movie commentators! -People who make a big deal out of nothing for attention -Using "me" and "I" incorrectly (Him and me were...) -Wasters! -The "bumper" in team sports (The person who just stands there and doesn't try even if the ball goes right into their hands)! Edit: Also that clueless sub who has no idea what they're doing, so they rant for the entire class period about their et cat or something when there's a huge essay due tomorrow! -And that one person who's always complaining about other people! ... Why... are you all looking at me? Anyway, that's my very extensive list. I'm looking forward to seeing some of yours!
  6. Basically, if you were offered an opportunity to travel to travel on the first manned mission to Mars with, say, 10 strangers and start a human colony, would you take it? You would have to leave behind your family, friends, pets, and life as you know it. On the other hand, you would be one of the first people to go to Mars! Personally, I'd definitely go, as a huge space nerd, and the fact that I would finally be able to do something useful and make a difference. To be brutally honest, nobody would really miss me, and most people would be happier if I was 225 million km away from them.
  7. THIS IS AMAZING! Mind if I spike your AWESOME drawing talent off you?
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  10. There was an error in uploading this. Apologies to everyone!
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  12. Interesting fact: "Aon" means one in Scottish Gaelic

  13. Does anyone think that Kelsier's an antihero? Like a flawed hero?
  14. Disappointing discovery: Looking up "Mistcloak" and "Shardplate" on Amazon do not yield useful results.