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  1. I'm fighting sinusitis for third week in a row :/ it's far from the worst things in the world, but still, I just want to complain
  2. What Argent said. I would love to know browser version. Maybe we can adjust and settings to be more compatible, but I'd have to know more about this error.
  3. joke

    Wow, someone voted on me, I did not expect that I need to visit the forum more often I think, to show the world how not intimidating I am
  4. I really wanted to prove you wrong, but I can't Only his shorter works can be treated as stand alones currently... which is a bit sad, because standalones are getting so rare nowadays :<
  5. The mobile version of the site doesn't display signatures, so sorry, but only the full version of the site will work.
  6. It's not the amount of posts that matters. It's the number of times you see my signature. It should recognize you after around 20 times you see it.
  7. It is known that he didn't refuse to sign a baby But he carries silver/golden marker with him to sign e-book readers for example. Just see this WoB:
  8. I like Shad's videos, so I'm happy for him. I bet he was the one who asked Brandon to have his involvement public, as it's great for his YT channel I don't expect to notice any difference in Brandon's writing or world building though.
  9. Haha, yeah, I wonder if there is some limit in the forum software on the number of pages/posts allowed in single thread. I could look it up, but I'm too lazy I guess we'll just have to make it a one big experiment.
  10. I had to lean in closer to my screen to see if there is some more pattern to your avatar... It seems there isn't anything more than simple shapes. I rate it as very neutral and peaceful, but because of that, hard to remember. 7/10
  11. Oh boy, this thread is still going Hello again, I'm the winner now
  12. Our server has a lot of people, but only a handful are actually regularly active, so come and join us I personally use 17Shard discord for only social talks, as I don't really care that much about Cosmere theories and book discussions. It's great place to just hang out with friends, talk some nonsense, have some laugh or basically talk about whatever you want. As I said, I mainly frequent the social channels, but there is a bunch of book related ones, where is a lot happening. The only downside of Discord is that it's sometimes hard to catch up after the night with what was discussed. Especially since during my night most of the Americans are active and chatty. Before Discord I was really active on the social part of the forums and now I'm basically only hanging out on Discord. So to me, it's just an event better place to talk about whatever with the Sharders