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  1. I moved the topic to Stormlight board, because this is where it's supposed to be.
  2. There is no difference, you shouldn't be able to change themes any more. It was some testing that Chaos did while introducing HTTPS to the website.
  3. Have a quote from my CV I was recently sending out: If there is anything related to the job you're applying to in that fandom project, you definitely should include it!
  4. Of course it is. It's a bit different from this bands regular style, but you may want to check them out anyway. They have also a track that is just perfect for reading fights in Skyward
  5. Have some awesome music:
  6. I was never a good player.
  7. I got the feeling that Jason was member of the PC from the very beginning, he was the first human to master cytonics IIRC. He must be as old as knowledge about cytonics + at least 20.
  8. Don't know, but stop that refreshing and read the book! It's awesome! Read it!
  9. Actually, it's just Kaladin son Lirin. Szeth was called Szeth son son Vallano, because as a truthless he didn't want to shame his father's name. That's why he used his gradfather's name. After he stopped being truthless he could introduce himself as Szeth son Neturo. Now, closing this thread now would be fitting indeed
  10. Looks nice! Good job!
  11. I win
  12. Amazing as usual!
  13. I moved this topic to Skyward board @Pandemonium. I haven't heard about those games. Feel free to post some YT videos, I'm curious
  14. Unfortunately, we're still fighting them. We got new tools to do that, but you know... Spam finds a way... Also, I win The thread isn't locked, because post count doesn't do anything. If your rank was post count based, then it'd not be allowed. Also, I see you more or less talk to each other with your messages, so it's not a bad thing.
  15. I think a lot of people didn't really understand what it does, and most of those that did understand died soon after landing, when Krell killed most of the command and science personel with a lifebuster. Just like now, you may know the names of different parts of our brain, but can you describe what they do? Or, you can describe pieces of a computer, but can you tell how they work and what exactly they do? I guess they were left with knowledge about it existing and not much more.