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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, Mestiv!

  3. Your question lacks details like what programming language, code samples etc. In general what you want to do is use some synchronization method like semaphore or mutex. Without more details, I can't help more.
  4. Basically anything that you could find in Brandons books is fine. If there are any elements that could be more than what Brandon usually writes, put a warning first. As long as it's not outright pornographic or super detailed descriptions of torture etc. you should be fine. If we find anything wrong with it, we'll let you know and ask to redact. To be safe, just put all the warnings you can think of.
  5. 1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World I can't really describe why I love this movie so much, as to call it my favorite movie of all time. The humor, design and action is just perfect for me. That is just a joy to watch and I have the biggest crush on Ramona. 2. LoTR I know it's a trilogy, feel free to report me to the mods for breaking the rules This story is just amazing, the way it's shown gives me chills every time I watch it... and I watch it at least once a year. 3. Kingdom of Heaven I just love stories where heroes go from zero to hero and in this case, it's just perfect execution of this trope. Also, Eva Green is just too beautiful, the rest of the cast is also amazing and I will always see Jeremy Irons from this movie as my Dalinar. 4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire A Disney cartoon that I just fell in love with when I was a kid. I love Milo and his dorkiness and the whole crew. The visuals of Atlantis are also really impressive. 5. Bridge to Terabithia Because sometimes I just feel like crying and suffering.
  6. Im removing the pin since the survey has finished
  7. Happy birthday!!!

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  8. The account was deleted, we don't want to keep their data due to reasons Chaos explained.
  9. Probably all those sites use the same database to figure out the location... Eventually they'll catch up
  10. To rise the general awareness about privacy or lack of it on the Internet. Or just for fun It's not really tracking anyone, as the signature is only on this forum.
  11. Last time I've been here I thought you'll be done with the titles soon... I guess I was wrong
  12. I haven't seen you here for a while I see that a lot has changed... Your situation was... let's say a bit different when you left So, as a welcome back gift, I fixed your signature - the cute pets are back again Which also made me fix my signature... Time for new members to witness it!
  13. Elsecaller it is
  14. Hi @ConfusedCow, thank you for raising your concerns in such a calm and peaceful way. We appreciate and consider all feedback we get, even the ones that are not so positive. We understand that the situation around the “I am disappointed in Brandon's silence” thread can be questionable and it might look like you described to users not involved in the moderation of this topic. I’ll try to provide you with a bit more insight into how our moderation process works and why in this case it didn’t achieve the goal that you also mentioned, to “elevate the discussion instead of abandoning it”. We recently updated our Code of Conduct to make the expectations of members clearer, to help ensure that conversations are meaningful and don't break down into personal attacks or make members feel so defensive they feel that they need to repetitively defend themselves. Ultimately we want to keep the atmosphere of this community respectful and welcoming. In my opinion this is the ultimate goal behind rules like “no swearing”, “no insulting” and not attacking other users in any way. The tools we have to ensure this are centered around making minor changes or hiding users' posts, contacting members directly and requesting they alter the language of their posts, or as a last resort, preventing users from posting or closing threads. However, we ultimately can’t really tell people what they should write and it is up to them to decide on how they wish to interact with others. If someone wants to write something that we believe would be hurtful for other users, we can only hide it and start a discussion in private messages about rephrasing the message or just not posting it at all. What can be seen in the mentioned thread - the public messages we send as staff - are only part of the whole picture, maybe not even half of it. It was never our intention to censor people. As you can see, even among staff members our thoughts on the matter of Brandon’s silence are varied. Every moderating action in that thread was aimed to deescalate high tension situations where posts were being aimed at members instead of continuing a discussion that was respectful of others’ opinions and feelings. As a regular user you can’t see how many negative and offending messages have been hidden in this thread. It was closed multiple times for short periods of time to let people cool down and resume the conversation with less emotions. Unfortunately, our public messages, private messages and any other actions we tried didn’t seem to bring us closer to a calm discussion about the subject. Eventually the thread was repeatedly turned into an argument where someone was being attacked for their opinions. Closing the thread permanently is one of the final steps we can take to protect the community from toxic content like this. We didn’t intend to stop people from stating their opinions about Brandon’s inactivity, but we have a duty to care for the members of this site and as a last resort we decided to close this thread to stop it from repeatedly turning into a fighting pit where users were attacking each other. As Chaos said when the thread was closed, we want people to be able to discuss their thoughts on Brandon, and that includes their disappointment in him. But heated discussions that is no longer respectful will do more harm than good, and in the end it was decided that the thread was more detrimental than beneficial. We tried for several days to keep the thread going because we believe people should be able to express their disappointment in Brandon over his current silence and that those feelings are legitimate. But ultimately, our other forms of moderation weren’t working to keep the thread on track so that people could express their feelings without feeling delegitimised and closing the thread became our last choice option. I hope this answers your doubts about our actions and reduces your concerns. If there are any questions you might have about this issue, feel free to follow up or move to private messages with any member of the staff. P.S. I will be moving this thread to the 17th Shard discussion board, as it's strictly related to our community and not Brandon or his works.
  15. I am not a huge fan, but I eat them from time to time... @Comatose pierogi with fruits (blueberry for example) are usually considered as desert in my circles. We eat them with sour cream and sugar - really good! I like to buy an already prepared pack of pierogi and I just put them in microwave usually, but if I have time and will I will fry them to make them warm and a little crunchy on the outside sometimes. I even add ketchup to meat pierogi sometimes