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  1. *Looks conflicted* I'm all for necromancy, but... all of it?
  2. *Pokes head into room, then trips and falls in* Oh, hello! Sorry to be so late to the party. Yes, root beer is the best. Would you like full initiation into the guild or just a simple instillation job?
  3. Brightness nodded sagely. "Yep, you pretty much have. So long as you profess your love for rootbeer, you're part of the guild."
  4. Brightness blushed slightly as she realized that she had earlier ignored Kipper's question in favor of chatting with CarolaDavar. She turned to him and gave an awkward shrug. "We've never been a completely conventional guild. I figure it's fine. Unless you think we should get it patched up...?" Pouring out yet another mug of soda, Brightness toasted CarolaDavar. "You made it through Mistborn and Stormlight? Very nicely done. Who's your favorite character?"
  5. "It certainly looks like fun," Brightness replied with a smile. "So which Sanderson books have you read?"
  6. Brightness sighed and collapsed onto a bar stool. It seemed any hopes of the wall eventually being repaired were now to be crushed. "I suppose three walls can support the ceiling perfectly well." She muttered to herself, "might as well accept it..." Reaching under the bar, Brightness Random retrieved a large sheet paper. Using pink paint, she painted the words, "BREAK ME". Several feet down from where CarolaDavar and Lightsketch were attacking, she pinned the sign onto a still standing portion of the wall.
  7. "Well," Brightness said, clearing her throat and hoping her blush would clear soon, "I did my best to keep the place clean. Though, um, I hope you don't mind that the wall's falling apart. It wasn’t on the chores list, so... yeah." Gesturing dramatically to CarolaDavar, Brightness Random announced, "May I present our new patron goddess, CarolaDavar." She then rushed and threw open a coat closet. A huge mountain of boots tumbled out. "Here's some shoes..." She then fetched a pitcher of root beer and filled Kipper's mug. "Introductions, shoes - don't have socks - and root beer! Now, all taken care of. Don't have anymore excuses not to add Carola to the list." "Lightsketch, feel welcome to stab the fourth wall. It's broken anyway, you really can't do any harm."
  8. "That was you!?" Brightness demanded, sending a sharp look to Stormgate, "Oh, of course. Your member title. I should've known." she paused for a moment, blinking several times. "Wait, what am I doing? I can't be referencing titles mid-RP. It only leads to chaos, confusion, and the disintegration of the fourth wall!" Putting a hand to her head, Brightness gave a long sigh. "Okay, Stormgate, have some root beer. Feel free to punch the wall a few times if you'd like. This has never been a super strict guild, so as long as you say something about root beer while doing it, you're probably not breaking any treatises." Brightness shrugged and took a sip of her root beer before turning back to CarolaDavar. "Welcome to the Root Beer Bar, Lavala. Oh, speaking of... Kipper! This is CarolaDavar, she's a new initiate. Add her to the member list as- hmm. Carola? What would you like to go on the list as? A root beer Bard? Patron goddess of root beer? Something else?"
  9. When she heard screaming about mahogany, Brightness leapt off the table in surprise, giving a little shriek. After ducking behind CarolaDavar for cover, she released a shaky breath, trying to compose herself. "Sorry, sorry. Calming down now." She said, hand over her heart. Warily, she bent down to check who or what had been under the table. It was... Kipper? "You very nerely gave me a heart attack!" She scolded, suddenly losing any remaining nervousness. "And what are you even doing down th- you know what, actually, I'm not sure I want to know." Brightness said. Turning back to CarolaDavar, she gestured at the table. "You see? I'm up serving root beer for half the night and he's admiring the undersides of tables! Well, that or doing forgery, but-" she cut off, looking at CarolaDavar. "Oh! Is this your spren and sword?"
  10. Brightness waved after him, smiling slightly. "It was no trouble at all. Good luck destroying evil!"
  11. Brightness cocked her head in thought. "So... a little like the Knights Awkward? But with less spren and social anxiety?" She asked after a moment. "And what kind of evil do you tend to destroy? I mean, how do you define 'evil'? There are a lot of definitions you could work with..." She trailed off, half lost in her musing.
  12. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir Warriormark." Brightness replied, giving an equally ridiculous bow from atop her table. "Now that we're formally introduced, please, take a seat and help yourself to the root beer." She gestured for him to sit, though whether on the table or the bench beside the table was rather unclear. "The... Knightbloods. That's a newer clan, isn't it? What can you tell me about them?"
  13. Brightness gave a long-suffering smirk. "Own the place? Nah, it depends on the day, honestly. No, I'm deputy manager while our esteemed leader is off gallivanting somewhere. I just welcome anyone who stops in, serve soda, attempt to keep the floors mopped, and occasionally write root beer poetry or something. I am Head Bard of root beer, you know. Won the title in a haiku duel." She leapt up to sit on a nearby table, feet propped on the bench, and tool a long swig of root beer. "Care for a mug?" she asked, "Wait, no, I'm getting ahead of myself. You never formally introduced yourself."
  14. Brightness smiled and pointed to the side of the room, which was crumbling from neglect. "The fourth wall," she shrugged, "it's not doing so well. I do try, but this place has been out of commission for a long time. I should probably fix it at some point, it gets terribly drafty..." She blinked suddenly, turning to warriormark. "I suppose introductions are in order, either way, as we never had any. I'm Brightness Random, of course, though I suppose you know that."
  15. From a darkened, forgotten corner of the bar, Brightness Random appears and steps forward, carrying several mugs of root beer. Smiling, she surveys the disused room and its occcupants. "Welcome, CarolaDavar, to the Root Beer Bar," she said dramatically, before abruptly switching to a more normal tone. "Huh. That rhymed. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Brightness Random, Head Bard of root beer and occasionally the head of the Bar itself, depending on what mood Kipper's in. Want a mug of pure deliciousness?" She asked. Turning to warriormark16, Brightness nodded in agreement, saying, "I give her full credit for thread necromancy. This place hasn't been active for what... a year now? "Not to say I didn't miss it, of course, but this did come as a bit of a surprise." She turned back to CarolaDavar. "So you want to join the Bar? We're fine with spren here, so long as they don't cause too much trouble."