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  1. My thoughts on this are way back here, and I still think they hold true. But to clarify more about ChayShan: You are selflessly dedicated (Devoted) to the most primal sphere of influence (Dominion), your own body. I cannot think of any other discipline that requires so much of the human body that isn't in some way descended from a martial art.
  2. Something like that, Bunyod. Nexus is a forum-based RPG designed by Silus, who is away on a mission trip. I've taken over in his absence, and he'll be able to step right back in once he gets back. Think of it as a completely home-brew version of DnD, from characters to monsters to the very system of magic. It's both nothing you're familiar with and everything you know and love. And if that didn't make sense, check out the first post in either Story or Discussion. Silus does a much better job of describing things than I do. I moved your post to the Discussion Topic, since Story is supposed to be for in-character posts only. Hope you don't mind. Everyone else: I'm working on this in a piecemeal fashion, which is why it's taking so long for new content. It is happening however. I'll post as soon as I have something substantial. Again, my apologies as a GM.
  3. The discussion over here got me thinking... Are Steelpushing and Ironpulling related to the Surge of Gravity?
  4. Aons no, since I have the paperback version instead of digital. I'm not sure what you mean by the other two pages of Allomancy symbols, but if it's in the RPG I can find it and trace it.
  5. If we correspond the symbols next to Shadesmar to the ones in the front for Radiant orders, this is the symbol for Ruby-spark-fire-the soul-brave/obedient. How I got there: Simple color matching based on the color of the symbols and the related gemstones. 9 1 8 10 2 7 5 3 6 4
  6. On a slightly different note, I did the same vector tracings of the 'Radiant' and 'Shadesmar' images for each of the ten orders. Not sure where to put these, though, so I'll leave that up to the wiser wiki editors. They're both in the same zip file - hope that's okay. Radiant -
  7. Okay, done. Feruchemical
  8. Not at all. I've actually got them in a .ai file as vectors, I was just unsure of what to export them as to preserve that.
  9. "I hope you can tap bronze, 'cause we're gonna be up all night."
  10. They're on the Coppermind attached to every known metal but lerasium and malatium. Windrunner: they were released in the text of the Mistborn RPG. I got the digital version, opened the relevant pages in photoshop and illustrator, and after much editing uploaded them to the Coppermind this morning. So now we've got that up there.
  11. Okay then. I've got all the image files (woo PDF format and Photoshop!), but no idea how to load them onto the Coppermind. I looked at the the Help:Images page, but it's blank. Help?
  12. The Feruchemical symbols for the sixteen non-god metals, as well as atium, are different from the Allomantic symbols we're all familiar with, but have yet to be added to the Coppermind. Is there any particular reason for this? The only reason I can think of is copyright. I ask because one of my friends is trying to crack both the Steel Alphabet and the Terris version (which she's assuming the Feruchemical metal symbols are based on) but doesn't have the Mistborn RPG. She's using the Coppermind as a main resource, so getting the Feruchemical metals on there would be helpful.
  13. Electrum. Store it up every night before going to bed, so you want to sleep, then tap as needed throughout the day for bursts of absolute confidence. Determination is just so useful, in my opinion.
  14. I'm slowly attempting to overhaul the Data Topic and make it easier to find things. There's only one thing standing in my way right now: I don't have Feruchemical Electrum changed to fit Nexus. So, I'm crowdsourcing this: what do you guys think stored and tapped Determination would do? Keep in mind that shrugging off ailments is already taken by Bronze.
  15. I keep thinking that emotion is more of a Spiritual nature than a Cognitive one. I can't articulate why, but assuming that's true: Strong emotional pushes and pulls allow control over Hemalurgic creations, therefore the Flaw is Spiritual in nature, not Cognitive. It also wouldn't make sense for it to be Cognitive because when taking over the koloss, Vin didn't feel their thoughts, but rather their general emotional state. Maybe I'm stretching here. I'm fairly sure it's confirmed that Breath is the Spiritual component of Awakening. This would make Lightsong's Breath flaring when he feels strong emotion make a bit more sense - he actually has more Spiritual energy when he feels strong emotion. It could also explain why Drabs are less intense, emotionally - they actually lack a component of their Spiritual self. I need to reread Warbreaker, but it seems like the flip side of this would be that people with lots of Breath experience stronger emotions. I'm not sure this is true, though. Breath is the best example we have of a change in the Spiritual component of an individual - perhaps we should look at it more closely. Attempt at articulation: emotions are neither physical or cognitive - no senses are used to detect their input (physical), and they aren't a conscious reaction to stimulus (cognitive). This leaves only one Realm - Spiritual. Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness post, had to get this out while it was still in my head.