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  1. This is so true it hurts. Sanderson books are the gateway drugs to . . . more Sanderson books.
  2. Last night there was an amazingly intense rainstorm in my area. My friend and I were driving home in it. We kept making Roshar and Everstorm jokes the entire time. There was a ton of lightning, sometimes a bolt every three seconds at the best point of the storm. Most of it was behind cloud cover, so it illuminated the clouds. So we talked about Stormlight. Since this was our own little Everstorm we called it the "Odium Rains."
  3. Wow. That was a fantastic boast. Bravo. So, I am going on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a couple weeks. As such, I am trying to wrap up my affairs before a hiatus of two years. Since I started this thread, I attempted to moderate it as well. So I ask that the people that are here most often, Dankworth, Topomouse, Pulse, Xaladin, etc. to moderate the thread officially in my absense. There may be no need of this, but I leave you with that charge. I may still be on the site until I go, but I'm trying to cut back what I can as much as possible. Thank you all for controbuting and making this a successful way to test our minds and intellect. Adios.
  4. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I didn't realize it would take so long. Good job guessing it.Hidden away in white fear. He is hid away from the world so he isn't taken to Elantris. His family uses makeup to hid the changes, making him look very pale. Protected by forgotten pillagers. His protection is Kiin, who used to be a pirate. A memory of crystal guides me. He knows instinctively exactly how many steps are between any two locations, a fantastic memory due to his autism. I step away from a former life, Burning with hate and fury. These two lines go together. When the Elantrians are being burned on the pyre he throws himself on after walking from the crowd. He is burned by the Derethi, who hate the Elantrians with a furious passion. I am lead to cleansing godhood. This refers to Raoden making the Elantrians and their city pure again.
  5. You don't need to put spoiler tags here, since any of the books are fair game. Sorry, not him.
  6. Sorry Dankworth. But the person in question is an Elantrian.
  7. Affinity went through her posessions, deciding what to place in her pack for the day. There was so much to choose from, with only so much that she could carry. She didn't know how this would all turn out, so she went with a small utilitarian pack. It would hold a few items, but wouldn't interfere with her movement as much as her normal pack. Looking through her inventory, she chose several items. She grabbed a lock pick set, a hammer, a multitool, rope and carabiners, some smoke grenades, a pocketknife, a game controller, a scuba mask, a first aid kit, and a spoon. She took hold of the game controller and pressed it against her skin. Thinking of Tetris, she used the skills a master would need and expertly inserted each item into the bag, making sure that each fit and none were grating against another item wrong. Due to her amazing packing skills, she had room to fit one last item on top. She went into her closet and opened a strongbox in the floor. Inside lay two faded ballet slippers. They didn’t fit anymore. After a decade they had grown worn, but she kept them in excellent condition. She had always wanted to be an expert ballerina. She grabbed one, taking it out of the box and looking at it for a moment. Perhaps having the shoes wouldn’t do anything when she got into a situation, but they were a comfort and she felt better having one with her. She placed it in the pack and closed the locker. She walked to the door, strapping on her typical weapons and her body armor. In the dining room, she found Journey finished up breakfast. She, of course, had already eaten. “Ready to go, you slontze?” After working for so long under Dragoon, all of the members of the Cavalry had become pretty comfortable with each other. “Just waiting on a lazy, petulant girl,” he retorted, getting up and handing his tray to a serving woman. He began walking towards the door. “In case you’ve forgotten, you are teleporting us there, so there isn’t really a reason to go anywhere before we head over. You do remember your powerset, as insignificant as it is?” “Alright. Alright Ms. Hoity Toity. Have it your way.” He wrapped his arm around her waist, kissed her on the mouth in a surprise move and they were suddenly standing in a warehouse. It had been set up for the meeting to take place later on. There were refreshments, comfortable chairs, and several servants would be arriving shortly to oversee the affair. Affinity pulled away after another moment, slightly breathless. “You know that your breath smells of onion?” “You know that your lips taste like cardboard?” “You know that your face feels like sandpaper?” “You could feel the rest of me and make a better judgement later.” “I think not, you’re ugly enough hiding your body beneath clothes. Speaking of which, put on your half-mask, you got a little something something on your lips there.” Before he could reply, she gave him a soft slap on the cheek and pulled away from him. Such banter and flirting wasn’t uncommon among the Cavalry, but she didn’t want things going too far. She didn’t mind the occasional peck, at least from a few of the other gang members, but she didn’t really care for any of them enough to give them a peek under the hood. For their part, they mostly respected her wishes, but that didn’t keep them from trying. She suspected that they were slightly kept back by the prospect of a woman who could beat them at anything she put her mind to. “You recharged on your teleportation?” “Just about. Let’s move out and I’ll be ready by the time we get from here to the wharf.” His voice was muffled by the half mask that marked the Horsemen, but it made up for it by projecting his voice, albeit with a raspy effect on it. Dragoon thought it gave his Horsemen a distinguishing feature and he was right in that regard. They walked along in silence after leaving the warehouse. The normal people drew away from them, stopping their activities to let them through. They knew them by sight, but also by reputation. Dragoon controlled the city and his Cavalry was not to be offended. To have one of the full Horsemen and Dragoon’s personal assistant was not something people would even think of crossing. They walked up to the massive boat on the wharf. Journey turned to Affinity, giving her a raspy “you ready?” “Are you?” He nodded in response, then raised his voice, calling to the boat. “Ahoy the ship!”
  8. No. Not Shaor.
  9. Since people aren't guessing I'll give another hint. It is from a book written on Sel.
  10. I have but one upvote to give. FOR AUIR!!!
  11. Not Sazed or Vin. The next hint is that this character has never had a point of view from them. So that cuts out a lot of major characters like Kaladin or Shallan, but also some minor ones like the fisherman who finds Nightblood in Warbreaker.
  12. No. I'll give another hint after the next guess.
  13. Sorry, not Rashek. I'll give an early hint that it is Cosmere, so people don't guess from those books. I'll give another hint soon if it keeps going.
  14. Granted, you have to put up with me as I tag along. I wish for full Feruchemy in today's world and I am totally outfitted with all of the pure metalminds that I'd want.
  15. If we have no idea, and you prefer to shoot down every comment that comes up, why did you start this thread? Is it to get people's opinions, or just tell people how wrong they are over your position, while not knowing any more than the rest of us? I don't mean to attack, only to clarify. Has he ever said that there was no progress, none at all? People are selfish and lazy, especially in a nation like Hallandren. There can't be a ton of people who have enough Breath to Awaken, not a significant part of the population. Of those, some don't care about using the Breath for Awakening at all. Many just use it to extend life and health. A lot of the people who can buy the Breath, the wealthy, would much rather extend their own life rather than give away a fortune on someone who will be studying it and hoping to turn up a new Command. For a businessman, what is the point of making such an effort if for altruistic purposes to give to the general public? What is the need for a new way to do a menial task there could be a payoff, yes, but for these people they may not see it as worth jt. We have no idea at the percentage, but several people are probably not even interested in Awakening. Then we have the people who do Awaken, let's say some of them don't work on expanding the base of Awakening. They don't really even need to care about expanding it when they can just use what is already there. Laziness would dictate that they don't want to spend their time and effort when they can "let others do that." I'm not saying that all the people of Hallandren would have this selfish and lazy attitude, but this is a real world experience, not everybody cares to contribute to a higher cause. Then you have that small amount of people that are scholars and researchers. Many of them will find small breakthroughs and discover new Commands. Not as many as find them will share them for various reasons. Some include the need for payment and a potential lack of people to do so (not entirely likely, however most aren't going to want something for nothing), selfishness, and the desire to keep it with a small group to give them that potential advantage. Other reasons are likely present as well. Then you have people who are hunted by rivals, perhaps even some of the remaining Scholars, perhaps governments, their own or others for vsrious reasons. One factor that is a widely held belief is the fear of war. A widely held belief is that the Manywar was started by new Awakening Commands. If people see development, they can potentially ostrasize those researchers. I'm mostly talking about the common people. Think how much people hated Lirin in Way of Kings. He was doing things for people's benefits but because of superstition the common people avoid and dislike him. If that is the case for a researcher, it would be harder to get Breaths and continue to study. Once they found something, would they be likely to share it with those people, or even people with enough Breath that would affilitate with them? The real thing is, Brandon chooses not to focus on the unimportant. He doesn't go describing a meal course by course, dish by dish, to show us a society's culture. He can do that through other means, pieces at a time. An integral part of Warbreaker, and thus a thing he would talk about, is the Five Scholars and their research. If he were to go through the entire history of Nalthis in regards to Awakening it would be too extensive for his writing style. He chooses to say what he has said; that there have been small jumps, but nothing major. He doesn't need to specify why for the purpose of the story that he has told us so far, so he hasn't. Just because he chose not to talk about those little pieces that are in his head in this specific piece of the Nalthis story doesn't mean we won't see it in another book. If we need to know, we can just ask him at a signing. Looking at the first chapters of Way of Kings, Gavilar gives Szeth the black orb. It's a dying wish, obviously important, but not to what is happening during this piece of Roshar's story. We will find out later what it actually is and does. If it was important right this very second, even if it is super interesting and very integral to the plot that is shaping the world, he chose not to explain it. Trust in the creator. He always has a plan and he always has a reason. If it bothers you that much, go to a signing, or have someone go for you, and ask him about it.