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  1. Just booked my flight this morning since Southwest opened up their schedule through September. No going back now!
  2. So I just decided to sign up for the writing excuses retreat this September. I decided to get serious about my writing last year, so I'm really looking forward to getting advice from industry professionals like the WE team. Anyone else going?
  3. This exactly. I think it's easy to make the mistake of "movie must be the same as the book or it's horrible." There are plenty of cases where thsi is true, but the best adaptations are just that: adaptations where the spirit of the book is captured by the movie even if some things are changed for the sake of adapting it to a visual medium. I've been listening to a podcast by a Tolkien scholar talking about the LotR adaptations, and though he has some issues with the movies, he's always quick to point out that the films are NOT the books. They are a visual medium and by that simple switch, they have to be different than the books. The trick, as I said before, is remaining faithful to the source material in spirit and esssence. I don't think I would want Brandon as the screenwriter until he's had some experience doing screenwriting. Screenwriting - adapting an epic fantasy novel into a 2.5 hour movie - is probably not the best task for a novelist who routinely pounds out nearly 3,000 words a day.