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  1. Well he also plans to release the Elantris 10th anniversary version this year too.
  2. Buy. Buy so hard. And on that vein.... Alcatraz 5 will just be a giant rant from Alcatraz about book wait times, and cliffhangers and the like. It will take up the entire book, and then Book 6 will never come out
  3. .

    Someone get me a wood burner cause those are awesome! Seriously.
  4. Weeelllcoooooommmmeeeee! Have some Upvotes! And cookies! and theories! Ahem. Welcome to the forums.
  5. Oh screw it. Good ol' Cheez-it is joining. No one know's his real name; it's too embarrassing for him to tell anyone. EDIT: forget me. I don't have the time on my hands, now that I think about it. Sorry
  6. Hi!

    Hey! Welcome to the forums. You'll be able to find out a lot here, I hope.
  7. " Woo. Very dramatic. And nice."
  8. Granted. However the children and parent's of the world have you burned at the stake for what you did to their and thier children's, favorite shows. (Also, why?) I wish I could run faste
  9. Explosions do sound harmful to her health
  10. Well that was enjoyable! Nice job being awesom Hero/Kas. Great write ups and GM'ing. EDIT: Also, Pifferdoo, if you visit this thread, mind telling me why you didn't reveal to the other Players (specifically the Nightmares) that I was the bodyguard? You revealed that Joe was our good friend the Psychologist, so why not my role?
  11. "So what you're saying is, Winter is on the more ngative side of the emotion spectrum right now, and now is not the best time to ask her about the money she owes me. Also, has anyone attempted to discover what it is that the Shards want with her? That seems like it would be inportant to know, in case this happens again"
  12. Kelsier. (Becuase of his ego)
  13. On a scale of Elkohar-Raoden, how good a king are you today?
  14. I am not lying Your Majesty. I may take over the world through other means, though. If so feel free to punch me.