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  1. Alright, confirming that I just think I'll be too busy to really give this one the attention it deserves. Good luck though, and I'd like to see how it goes.
  2. Well society tends to be decided by the majority, or the minority in power. I will admit that you have power, but I think that in this case the majority probably decides the policy. And it's 45 to 2 now.
  3. Considering signing up but I have a lot going on and don't want to end up going inactive. It looks really cool though, and I'll decide before the sign-ups end.
  4. Thanks Cole! No offense, but I do prioritize my own win condition above yours. I would be willing to trade an item you need, though, if you say some that you don't have yet.
  5. Well, since Drake already outed (curse you and your RP family for that, by the way,) yes, I am the Black Market Dealer. First off, I am so, so sorry to Ecthelion III and Alvron for taking your best items. No I won't give them back. My win condition is to have 5 items I didn't start the game with. I currently have 3. I'd ask who has rare items, but if I leave the city, I'm pretty sure any items I have go with me, so you won't want to lose your good items. I'll just have to try and trade for them anyway. Also yeah, that was me passing that on to you, Elenion. So I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused, but I do still want to win this game. I don't particularly care too much about whether the reckoners or epics win, and people dying actually hurts my condition, which is why I haven't voted yet this game. That's my current position, and I'll try to be more active. I'd slacked off for a while since I was waiting on the writeups to do some more RP stuff.
  6. Because a tachyon is a particle that moves faster than light, thus denoting possible time travel through Einstein's theory of relativity? My other guess is because it's a portmanteau of Tacked-On if you made him up on the spot. Or Talk-Yawn
  7. And here we go. A girl hurtled past Falchion and into the underground base, tumbling into a quick roll before ending up against a cupboard, her legs and arms sprawled out in a way that looked almost natural. “Sword-man. Knew we’d meet again, ya slontze.” Was she a precog and had actually known they would meet again? Or was it just a turn of phrase? He filed it away for later, just in case. “Seeing as you just accidentally saved my life, I suppose I don’t really want to kill you. So… Congratulations?” Ah. So this is what they called a tsundere. Good to know. “That’s very nice, whoever you are. Now get out of my way.” He dropped her into one of the safe houses a few blocks away, easy enough for her to stay at or escape as she felt she needed. Maybe he would go back and check up on her if he survived this. Then, rain lashing at his face and wind buffeting any loose bits of clothing, Falchion stepped out into the wind, fifty feet above the ground. “Hi guys! Falchion’s back!” His voice dropped, dead serious. “Now start running.” The mass of people looked upwards, noticing him, before a figure that he recognized as tin-man grabbed the arm of his partner and started running. Oh good, he always knew he was a smart one. The rest seemed content to gape upwards at him. No wait. They were looking at something past him. His gaze crawled up past his own height, settling on a woman who seemed to be hovering in air, long flowing robes flapping around her. A look of disdain on her face clear, looking down at everyone present as if they were ants already beneath her boot. A smile crawled onto Falchion’s face as he laughed out, a short barking sound. “Ah, Balelight I presume?” His one eye glared up, taking her silence as agreement. “I think you and me need to have some words.” An epic he didn’t recognize spoke up from behind the larger than life figure. “Our goddess has no need to speak to rabble like you! Bow down before-sssss” His voice cut off into a wet hissing sound as his detached head fell to the ground several feet away from it’s original position, quickly followed by the rest of his body. A mass of salt that had been keeping him and several other epics afloat disintegrated, particles streaming to the ground alongside screaming epics. Falchion kept smiling, having not moved an inch. “And here I was hoping you might have something interesting to say. No loss, though.” A claymore dropped into Falchion’s left hand while a small dagger was embraced by the right. “Your move, White Queen.” Yeah, I added a bunch of stuff here that wasn't exactly in the writeup or other RP stuff, but I needed some cannon fodder for Serious!Falchion to take out, and wanted some more lore stuff for Balelight in general. Still don't know what her abilities are, but we'll go with Falchion not knowing either. Your move, White Queen.
  8. Not really, besides the "everyone is neutral now" thing, but really nothing to single her out. Everyone in-thread seemed to go along with it without any qualms.
  9. And just checking, would one of the GMs be willing to do the RP for Balelight in-thread, if they're not too busy? The alternative is waiting for the next writeup to see how they react, which could make RPing tricky. Still working on next RP section.
  10. I love the fact that Robin starts talking tough against Balelight, but splits once he catches a hint of Falchion coming. Smart guy.
  11. Drat. I was hoping for some more info. I'll just have to make do, I suppose. Thanks for the heads-up though! Also I vote for hoping that Tachyon comes back and saves us all. Weighted eyelids flickered open to the sight of a cold metal floor, a rivet sticking up out of the metal not an inch from his eyes. Well eye now, Falchion mentally rescinded, the sensation of hot fluid cascading down his face and a sudden hollow feeling still all too fresh in his memory. Slowly his arms worked their way up before pressing palms flat against the floor and he started to climb to his feet. Then his right arm twitched violently, a spasm that almost bent the limb the wrong way as his body crashed down onto the injured arm, his clothing roughly grating the still oh so sensitive skin. He screamed, a sound that rasped past his raw vocal cords and ended in a heaving cough. He stayed there for a time, thinking it might be better to just stay down, wait for the pain to fade. Then he gritted his teeth and wrenched himself to his feet using his one good arm, fighting against the burning pain that still lingered. He wavered on his feet, but managed to stay standing. His left hand gripped his right arm, holding it tight through the occasional spasm or twitch, after-effects of being hit by sparking lightning. Oh look, a pun. Falchion half-shuffled, half-walked through a small kitchen and past a fake plastic throne complete with skeleton, his right leg still numb, but at least able to move properly. Inside a room dedicated to shelves and cupboards filled with everything from spare silverware to duct tape, he slumped down on a rolling desk and used his good arm to yank open a drawer, searching inside for a small brown bottle of pills. On the outside of the bottle was a hand-written label. "Do nut, eat. Dnger. Taek too for deth." Falchion considered for a moment, then downed 5 of the small brown pills. Almost immediately the burning ache in his arm began to fade and his leg seemed to recover slightly. It was only a stop-gap method, keeping his body running through almost anything for a few hours. Hopefully that would be enough. No more Mr. Nice Epic. Falchion strode more confidently to glass cabinet across the room and threw open the door, pulling out a item of black leather. "I knew this would come in handy," he mumbled to himself as he tightened the eye-patch securely around his head. "Take that you paranoid megalomaniac." Then he opened a portal and was gone. Sorry Paranoid King, but I kinda killed of your Reckoners RP character for Falchion's backstory. But hey, you've got a throne now.
  12. So as someone who's not as involved in the Reckoner's RP section of the site, could I get a rundown on Balelight? Including powers and how to defeat her? Also possible emotional weaknesses to exploit?
  13. I will confess I laughed when I read the write-up for Crimsn's death. I'm not sorry.