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  1. We're really going to get a diagramist just like that? All gift wrapped with a bow on top? a claim like that hast to seem suspicious no matter what it is, but villagers have nothing to gain by claiming eliminator. Just very confusing. Anyway, I haven't been active very much because my internet shuts off at 10 now, so I don't have much time to post in thread anymore. My brother is also using the computer most of the time when I'm not at work, so My computer access is a bit dodgy, sorry about that. I guess there's no sense in not voting for Adavantos. Even though I somehow still think it's a trap.
  2. So, at this point it looks like hellscythe is being lynched (do we have a current tally? I've been wrong before) The whole thing is just one person's logic against another, since no one has any damning evidence (at least from my view), but this is the stage where we decide who can be trusted and who can't. If you're putting a lot of effort into getting someone lynched and they are actually telling the truth, that is really going to hurt you later. Just be careful; we're entering... MIDGAME (*spooky music*) Anyway, I personally think that PK is more suspicious, but I don't want to mess up the lynch, so I'll vote for Hellscythe. I'm going to try to get on in a few hours, but I might sleep through my alarm...
  3. It's been too long since I played, I'll join as Frank Au Faliu (not to be confused with Frank Fe Faliu or Frank Cu Faliu). Trying to track down his brother, Frank Cu Faliu and repair any damage he caused. Runs on the front lines and always makes a 'miraculous' recovery from his usually fatal wounds. And I just realized that au, as the symbol of gold, is also causes a gold misting to see an 'au' of themselves. It was a pun all along. "how many siblings do I have? One, two, three, four... A lot."
  4. Orlok, I wanted more discussion to make sure that we lynched the right person. The only reason I specifically called you out was because I trust alvron a hair more than you, and I wanted to get a conversation going. Looks like it worked. I may not have much hard evidence against you, but I have less against every other player. I realize that I still haven't voted yet, I was trying to make sure that we got some equal discussion first. Alvom's analysis makes me more suspicious of Alvron a lot more. At this point, I think there are still two corporates left (after Sart finishes dying), which means, after this cycle, we will hopefully have 3 miners and 2 corporates (one of which is dying), and then then next cycle will be 2:1(with the 1 in the process of dying), but that will only happen if we lynch the right two people. Rust, I hope there's only one. I'm going to, now officially, vote for Orlok.