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  1. Well Brandon is not GRRM. I honestly do not think, that he would leave a series unfinished for 6 years. A gap of more than 3 years between Era 2 and 3 sounds realistic to me (although not wanted), however not within one Era.
  2. This thought is in my mind as well. The list of the planned books/series is growing every year. This makes the waiting for the conclusion of the Cosmere-cycle (Dragonsteel? 3th Mistborn trilogy?) longer and longer. I hope that he can manage to finish all of his series. To forge writing plans for 30(?) years is a definitely brave and risky decision (in a pure economic point of view). If we have these options, I agree with you. I don't think that Brandon will running out of ideas. If he writes a book, he will get new ideas for future books. Than by wrinting these future books he will get ideas for books after future books. This man is one of the most creative being on Earth concerning worldbuilding and magic.
  3. New infos guys:
  4. Yes there is:
  5. Is there any official (Q&A, interview) information that Surgebinder "Mistborns" do exist or do not (people who gain access to 3 or more or all surges) ?
  6. Concerning "minor" projects: - Progress bar, webpage: Shadows of Self, Calamity, Stormlight - Twitter: Shadows of Self, Calamity, Stormlight - Brand new interview: no hints to the books above but due to Brandon Rithmatist 2 comes after Firefight I'm a lidl bit confused... Concerning dominant projects: I understand that Brandon need to refresh himself with another worlds as well, but I have never thought that he will be working on three(!) projects beside Stormlight. The positive side: even with more minor projects Brandon is much more faster than GRRM
  7. Some news concerning future books: Source: What do you think? Disappointed? Glad?
  8. I hope that the print edition will be available on Bookdepository as well. No shipping cost is a valid argument for an European guy by choosing a retailer
  9. First of all: I havent found the appropriate topic and doesnt want to create a new one so I post it here: As I tried to load the newest "Around the Cosmere June 16th" article my antivirus alarmed me about a Malware (URL:Mal2) found here: "hxxp://" I hope that its just a script which is qualified by my program as a malware but I wanted to inform you.
  10. Brandon mentioned that there will be only a short gap between the two arcs. Assuming that the POV-characters mentioned above will have flashbacks, adn Taravangian is quiet old, the gap may be only a few years long.
  11. Oh, I was looking forward for a Navani and/or Adolin book as well. But you are right with the "same ground as Dalinar". When does he mentioned the Lift book and skipped the one with Navani? I somehow missed that interview/Q&A
  12. First of all, thanks for the answers I partly agree partly disagree with you. I like your idea "limited powers are easier to understand" but I dont think that the only way would be superpower-abilities. Its one way. If you simply want to have some kind of hard magic, think on some magic systems of role-playing games, such as Earthdawn. You can have a complex theory of magic, even clear defined rules AND you can have spells and traditional wizards as well. You have rules and limitations and they can be applied in case of hundreds of spells you not even know. So the reader can understand the basics in one book (no need for a 14-epic series , he does not need to know all the spells. But you are right, a world with limited magical abilities is in some way easier to understand. I think the point is: how the readery realize magic. In Perdido Street Station by Miéville an entire society is based on magic some way. There is a kind of magical industrial revolution with wizards using theumaturgic engines etc. So the magic has rules unless the wizards could not have used it for building complex devices. But the reader does not know the rules, everything is mystical. So its hard magic in-world, but soft magic as literary tool. Whats more: I think if Brandon had chosen to explain Surgebinding/Soulcasting in WoK it would be a typical hard magic stuff. However we still not understand it, and thatswhy it has a kind of soft magic feeling - a lot of things are mystical. For me hard magic is a tool or a kind of science. Hard magic is positivism - you can understand the world, you can understand magic. And a tool for the author concerning solving conflicts Soft magic is atmosphere, a tool for the author to create a world full of mystical wonder. And current -even dangerous - experimenting with spells you cannot understand I disagree. Partly. Traditional magic is not ability-like, is more or less based on spells. Superabilities are...well abilities you can use at will, that dont require specific knowledge only training. I think you can have magic that "ts explained with spiritual stuff" and is ability-like in the same time. Think on Soulcasting. In WoR as Shallan/Jasnah is experimenting in Shadesmar, I had the feeling I am in a world of platonic ideas where all terms are glassbeads. Stick, a ship, etc. Surgebinding is more or less ability like for me, however, Brandon created a mystical background with spren and Shadesmar. Hm..interesting idea. Im not a sociologist to understand literary trends as consequences of sociological trends...but as far as I know fantasy became popular as a kind of escapism-tool. To go away from reality, where things are somehow more simple (more black and white), and where is more "magic" than in our world.
  13. Are there any Surgebinders who can use all of the ten surges (like mistborns in case of Allomancy)?
  14. I like the version: one POV-character - one book better. And to the question which character will get an own book: I think the characters on this list can likely have an own book....except we already have 2 new faces on the list: Eshonai and Renarin